Let the games begin by Niccolò Ammaniti Review

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A terrifying horde are they that Beasts of Abaddon – prescribed with skin and hair evil, and none other than Satan is their idol. Too bad that only four left in their league. The others are all defected, jumped to the competition. Now Saverio Moneta has the leader, a huge identity and marketing problems in the neck, because big state he can with his two brothers and a -schwester not hold: one is ailing, the other weighs quite a bit, and not good for Silvietta much more than the joint turning and coffee gossip.

In addition, all four have to deal with problems of the “real” world – Saverio for example press a wife together with their father and his furniture factory. There’s barely time and leisure for secret work in the service of Lucifer. Should he perhaps better accept the job offer of the rival Kurtz Minetti and regional manager of the Children of the Apocalypse for Central Italy? No – prefer to end up with their own little band a huge coup and thus himself as the biggest in the market … well, what: blow up? murder? bombs? Butcher? burn? …

A suitable stage with guaranteed maximum media attention opens up, funk than Sasà Chiatti, real estate mogul and bon vivant and immensely rich in money and influence, a dilapidated old park together with Villa in the heart of Rome to a private amusement park and to stage for the inauguration of a megalomaniac VIP party plans …

Niccolò Ammanitis fifth novel (2009 appeared) is no less amusing than his second, “away from here” from 1999, with whom he shares a similar plot structure: a few chaotic assessed themselves and their possibilities grossly underestimated petty bourgeois male contact times to finally accomplish really great news in the head, now; but after they have brought a couple of balls rolling, they lose all control, muddle through somehow; a carver, a mishap chasing the next, until finally all face a gigantic shambles

Actually, you would have to shake my head at those types -.

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if one took them seriously. But she draws Ammaniti light hand, completely out of their strange world view out plus inimitably vivid in one, details ebullient narrative style. Since we are left no rest to breathe, the plump full story tumbles down the slope to burst at a wall.

But here Ammaniti has set out to dismantle even certain social management circles of his country satirical. Of course, you will think of Silvio Berlusconi’s lifestyle and accompanying armada; of course, are caricatures presents questionable celebrities from the gossip TV, sports and cultural life. Thus, the second protagonist next Saverio Moneta is a hochstaplerischer novelist named Fabrizio Ciba surfing still effectively on the shaft of his former success, but in reality is quite burned out and internally hollow. Through him we find access to circles that Saverio Moneta remain closed.

While Ammanitis linguistic and narrative skill of the previous books has remained at the level and quite (thanks to the translation by Ulrich Hartmann and Petra Kaiser brought) a pure reading pleasure, the pleasure of an unsatisfactory plot structure and the exaggeration will end up affecting the excessive grotesque. With all due respect for satirical exaggeration and Ammanitis tendency to trash and Pulp Fiction go, he finally just as the horses by including Beasts of Abaddon .

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