Legios of the Adeptus Titanicus

Adeptus Titanicus is a proud war game legacy dating back to 1988. It was the very first to introduce the idea of Epic gaming system. With the help of Forge World’s longest serving employee who is currently the head of the studio Tony Cottrell, Adeptus Titanicus was birthed and set during the Horus Heresy.

Let’s take a quick glimpse to the onset of the Adeptus Titanicus. Its original came as a boxed war game back in the 1980s probably when or before the enthusiastic gamers of today were born.

Either way, the game drastically changed on over the years into the epic game system.

Just before the birth of the most hyped “beetle-back”, the game design went through a lot of looping. The plastic design was beautifully versatile and could be customized, something you can still do at this very present age with the most recent iteration.

Adeptus Titanicus is an easy to learn and play game. You take control of the Imperial Battle Titans while your co-player stands in charge of the Chaos Titans to wage a fierce war.

Its design is a modular that allows one to adapt the armaments depending on the battle you pick to fight.

The Story Behind Battle

The Adeptus Titanicus war as mentioned earlier begun in 1988 as a battle between the Imperial Titans and Chaos Titans set in Warhammer 40,000 Game’s Workshop. This is the fiercest war where Titans fight for man’s fate.

We all know that in every battle, there is a story behind it that sparked the war.

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The Titans are not wielding their powerful machines and annihilating each other for the love of it.

However, there is a dramatic secret lore that intertwines each Titan Legion to a Space Marine Legion. Bottom line is, in their fighting history, these legions have fought before alongside each other before they joined forces.

We cannot dwell much on these allies as we are trying to trace the roadmap of this everlasting battle. This takes us to The Horus Heresy which is indicated as the significant phase of this vehement conflict at Warhammer 40,000.

The civil conflict is as a result of Chaos plan to overthrow the Imperium’s leader, the Emperor. Chaos stirs and promotes warfare in the ever growing man’s Imperium. The emperor in retaliation genetically engeneered a legion which along the way devided itself into traitor and loyalist factions. This war of ages has been the epicenter of the game’s relentless atmosphere since.

Adeptus Titanicus Rules

First things first, before you begin to play, you have to understand that each of the Titans legions has its own unique history. Weapons from back in the days were also a bit different but there is still some hope of some past classic variants coming back in the near future. Some of the universal rules are data cards based on weapons combinations with personalized names.

The Warlord Titan kit was made into more aggressive variants with the most notable being Chaos Banelord Titan whose machine spirit is devoted to God Khorne.

The Lucious Pattern Warlord Titan is a model that served with sterling performance for many, many years. This all-new model with all new design retired alongside the epic game system which Adeptus Titanicus birthed more than 2 decades ago.

All these bring us back to a whole brand-new world of Adeptus Titanicus which allows you to wage war between mechanical behemoths.

Legios of Adeptus Titanicus and Color Schemes

Just like in any other battle ground where warriors are distinguished by their armor, each Titan Legion has its own unique heraldry and color scheme. Each Legion also has unique personality and traits forged and horned over decades of war.

If you want to play your legion of choice in a unique way, the traits can be harnessed to allow you to use unique combinations of Titans. Additional equipment for your war engines and different ways to engage your foes can also be allowed.

A comprehensive list for Adeptus Titanicus colour scheme does not exist. However, how to go about the painting absolutely relies on ones preference and taste. It is to be noted that ntheir is a long list of Legions and we have picked just but a few to cover.

Traitor Titans

These are Titans that have abandoned the Impirium and joined the Chaos Titans. These Titans have been corrupted by Gods of fierce hatred. They operate the most dreaded warmachines and their origin is traced back to the Horus Heresy when they sided with Warmaster Horus against the Emperor. The crews and princeps of Chaos Titans have long been merged with warmachines. Their souls and bodies have been long offered to the Gods of Chaos during the battle.

The once proud Titans warmachines have been corrupted due to Daemon possession. Their hatred for Mechanicum has driven them to sink deep into even greater destruction.

Imperial Titans

These colossal mechanical war machines are humanoid shaped. Some of them are giants that goes upto a hundred feet in height. Their mere presence inspires terror and only other titans can equal their strength and reign of terror.

They are merely controlled through a thought by a human pilot linked to the machine. Their first line of defence are void shields which absorb any incoming damage until they are overloaded.

Legio Gryphonicus

Aka War Griffons, this Legion with an illustrious history has fought many battles against the Traitor Legions since Horus Heresy. They were birthed during the age of strife where they garnered many battle honours. They remained loyal and true to the Emperor when the Horus Heresy broke out.

These prideful glory thirsty legions are known to constantly seek prestige in battle. However despite their evil traits, these legions do not fall into the ensnaring chaos. Their pride and lustful glory are however turned against the legions who have ignored their pledge. Their colour scheme is a dappled grey with yellow.

Legio Tempestus

These loyalists from Mars have served mankind since the Great Crusade. For this legio, how they meet with their death is as important as anything that happen in their lives. One of the longest rolls belongs to this legion but that did not stop them from turning traitors after serving for many decades with the very Horus.

However, the force left behind on Mars chose loyalty and offered themselves as sacrifices during Mechanicum civil war. For this, they found glory in death thus upholding the honorable tradition of their legion.

Legio Tempestus have a very interesting colour scheme of cobalt blue and silver, a very wooing colour yet not overly flashy.

Legio Astorum

Famously known as the Warp runners, this Legion is based on Forgeworld Lucius. Havinm been active since the Great Crusade, they fought on the Loyalist side in the Horus Heresy era.

Their god-machines are the only ones that can be teleported right into the battle field. This aspect of teleportation is their forte and an envy to the other legions.

These Warp Runners have always spotted a deep blue livery and yellow heads.This colour was not, however, originally found in the Adeptus-Titanicus era. It used to be a bold flame pattern which has otherwise been more absent in the modern Forge World models.

Legio Excruciatus

The Legios cololur is a red with gold decorations. This once loyalist Titan turned to traitor to serve Chaos has very sparse informnation to it. At present, the existence is vague and contradicting.

The Legio shamefacedly betrayed the imperium of man denouncing its pledges to the Emperor to join the infamous Titans. Legio Excruciatus were so relentless in their ruinous quest that they ended up undoing the excellent work they had done in Eydolim during their service to the Emperor.

Legio Audax

This traitor Legion of the Dark Mechanicum followed the path that Legio Excruciatus went by betraying its oaths to the Emperor and the Imperium of man at large.

Famously known as the Ember Wolves, they allied with a Space Marine Legion Known as the World Eaters during the Great Crusade.

As a result of the lliance, the Legion benefitted with supply and maintenance services from Redjak Mechanicum. The World-Eaters Space Marines also equipped them with Ursus Claw System for boarding combats. Their unique colours of dark red trimmed with iron are spontaneously decorated with embers and cracked lava designs.

Legio Interfector

This Legion of young Traitor Titans were used to be formerly referred to as the Lords of Valour. They were raised from Forge World during the initial phase of the Great Crusade. These self-liberated Legion added triumph to their war barners through their sheer honour and bravery.

These Murder Lords are decorated with dark red colours in bronze. Madness overtook them during the Horus Heresy forcing the Horus to cleanse its princeps.

Legios Mortis

Also fondly known as the Dead’s Head, this Legio chose coalition with the Warmaster Horus against the Imperium of man and its Emperor. It is said that even long before the rise of the Warmaster Heressy, the Legio had always been known as being cold and calculating. Their vocal song “Life Denied” drove them to irresistible acts of destruction each kill rousing a fresh cacophony.

The Legio Mortis was raised during the Age of Strife before the rise of Imperium of man. This took place during the conquest of Mars but there is really little of it written in the lore. Before the Horus Heresy, the Legios Mortis colours were a mixture of black, red, silver and gold. However, over the years, they have been corrupted into Nurgle followers.


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Legios of the Adeptus Titanicus
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