The following example essay on “Legalzing Drugs” looks at the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, just as any type of discussion about legalizing cannabis is fraught with controversy.

Today we live amongst crimes, and people being addicted to drugs, in which it is related to crimes in various ways. People take advantage of their ability of receiving perceptions and in terms selling it to someone else for their personal or recreational use. Legalizing drugs such as, marijuana also known as cannabis can be a huge help for anyone that is in poverty due to the medical assistants that people need.

For a couple of years Marijuana has been used both medically and for spiritual use, and it is used to relive stress, cure disease, alleviating nausea, and reduce pain.

However, this drug is classified by the United States Federal law as an illegal drug. In this essay I will talk about the pros and the cons of legalizing drugs, and I will also argue why I agree with why certain drugs should be legalized.

In my conclusion I will conclude a summary of my point of my argument in this paper.

There has been a debate in society whether should drugs be legalized or not, and even on todays news as time passes it has been a disturbance to the people. There is a way to approach the issue of the debate through a moral standpoint based on the code of ethics making right and wrong decisions; there are a few good ideas about marijuana, and utilitarianism is a classical theory that argues about given a set of choices and for you to make morally right and wrong decisions determined by result of the action.

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There can also be bad ideas about it when people abuse it and use it otherwise. Supporters who agree with the legalization argued amongst marijuana or cannabis pure say, because it can be important for medical reasoning. Marijuana is commonly used by teens, and adults for socializing, feeling high, or even trying to get away from depression. Although marijuana is an illegal drug it does not stop a generous amount of people from purchasing it and using it amongst themselves for pleasure, or even reselling it.

Marijuana can have side affects to the natural functions of the brain such as, memory lost, having the ability to learn, and even problem solving; allowing it to be illegal causes no difference in it being legal, because people will still get a hold of it. Usually the people who grows the products, purchase and resell the products, and use illegal drugs are the ones who most likely will break the law, and will commit crimes like robberies, rape, and murder. Cigarettes and alcohol can also be related to drug use, because they all have similar negative effects that put an impact on society.

There are a few pros and cons about legalizing drugs, because it can affect the economy in a positive and negative way. Marijuana could be a dangerous drug that could get addictive, or it could be a helpful medication that could be a treatment for people with cancer, a pain reliever, prevent vomiting, and so much more. If marijuana was legalized it could help save lives, help the ones in poverty, and help the economy grow.

Marijuana is meant to put an impact on the nervous system causing the persons body to be fully relaxed, and it is a drug that can potentially balance someones whole body. Legalizing drugs would prevent the crowding in the federal prisons and local jails and could possibly allow an opportunity for redemption of those people who are not guilty; that has been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Our government is spending millions of dollars for the housing of inmates, but that money could be put aside to better out country.

However, the drug could have its cons amongst society. First the drug could facilitate short term memory, such as trying to complete a simple task can be challenging for someone. Also, drug abuse could be dangerous amongst others for example students who are drug users could make studying and learning difficult, athletes would have a hard time based on their energy, movement, balance, timing, and coordination, safe driving will be interfered with drugs because the user would not have full alertness, and easily distracted.

Marijuana and or tobacco use can contract lung diseases. Drug use can cause paranoia, anxiety, panic, and short-term effects involving problem solving, timing, high blood pressure, low oxygen, and increased heart rate. It can also affect the immune system by having the ability to fight away infections, diseases, and even cancer. Someone who addicted to drugs can also experience depression like losing a loved one, losing a job, having low self-esteem, or their confidence level could be low.

There are so many problems and pros and cons as to why people get so addicted to drugs, and as to why it is so hard for them to get off the drugs. Lastly, there are women who are pregnant that uses drugs, and that could cause a miscarriage, a premature baby, losing out the proper supply of oxygen allowing the baby to grow, developmental delays, and behavioral and learning problems.

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