Legal Aspects Related to Prostitution in India

Prostitution is to obtain material rewards (money, gifts), in exchange for a price or a cost of acceptance of the contract with the object of sex is not fixed. Simple understanding is to charge sexual behaviour. Traditionally, this has involved some kind of direct physical contact. However, with the revolution in electronic technology and the popularity of the Internet, new forms of prostitution have emerged: from ‘Phone Sex’ to interactive visual contact via the Internet and mobile phones, thus changing the traditional perception of the occurrence of substantive sexual contact as a criterion.

Prostitution is prevalent in Japan, Thailand, India and other countries. Prostitution activities can be divided into prostitutes and male prostitutes. Prostitution is one of the earliest professions in the world. Prostitutes refer to women who have received professional training and have professional service skills to engage in erotic services and belong to the entertainment industry. A prostitute is a woman who accepts money from a man and gives him sexual satisfaction.

In the industry, its professional status is higher than that of ‘whoring’, because its professional quality and artistic level are higher than that of only selling ‘whoring’, so the fee is higher than that of ‘whoring’.

The Law Protects Women Unfairly As a code of conduct, law provides people with a certain mode of behaviour, which can guide them to do this, must do this or must not do this, and thus has an impact on the behaviour of the actor himself. However, laws in some places do not protect well of women, resulting in the inferior status of women in the region, being bullied by others and failing to get the protection of laws.

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That is India. India is a country that has a very strong preference for boys. They think girls are wasted money. They don’t want to have daughters. Girls who survive, if they live in poor families, are more likely to be sold by their parents to prostitution groups. The girls were forced into prostitution. Because Indian laws protects to women unfairly, many Indian girls lead extremely difficult lives. Prostitution is legal in India. Soliciting customers in public places or owning or operating brothels, hotel prostitution, child prostitution, pimping and a series of other related activities are illegal. Indian law is vague about prostitution itself. Under Indian law, prostitutes are allowed to do their jobs in private but are not legally allowed to solicit customers in public. However, some articles have mentioned that prostitution is illegal in India. Indian law does not call the sale of one’s sexual services ‘prostitution’. Clients may be punished for having sex near a public place. Organized prostitution such as brothels, prostitution syndicates, pimps, etc., is illegal. As long as individuals voluntarily engage in prostitution, women can use their bodies for material gain, while no Indian law recognizes male prostitution. Sex workers are not protected by normal Labour laws. Over the years, as the threat of HIV/AIDS has grown, India has increasingly demanded that prostitution be legalized to prevent middlemen from exploiting sex workers and their children.

Nowadays, the importance of money has been deeply imprinted on people’s minds. People can always solve the problem of money, and can sell anything, including pure body. Many unskilled people or people who enjoy easy work and then earn a high income tend to look for easy and rewarding work, so they choose to be a prostitute. These people are often raised without formal education; do not understand why it is important to protect their body. There are also some people who are in the rebellious stage and believe that everything should be tried. However, in their mind, being a sex worker cannot only earn extra income, but also experience the fun of it. Therefore, they all step into this industry, and it is difficult to get out of it at the end. Some people fall in love with the feeling to having sex with someone they’ve tried before. Over time, these people will often fall into the state of unable to extricate them, often eager to have sex with others. In order to satisfy this physical need, these people who can’t control their desires will step into this industry and make physical transactions to satisfy themselves. One of the biggest reasons people enter the business of carnal trading is that they are treated inhumanly when they are young, such as rape and kidnapping.

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