LeBron James' Best Friend

The NBA is the professional sports league in which the players are the closest outside of the game. Along with this, even on the court, players have become much more buddy buddy with each other than they were in previous generations. With that being said, we will be covering 2 NBA players who are best friends.

LeBron James (Lee-Braun James) and Chris Paul

The friendship that we will cover is the long-lasting friendship we have seen between LeBron James and Chris Paul.

James despite being drafted two years before Paul is the same age as Paul, making it much easier to relate to life events and childhood memories as they both happened around the same time for the two. It is easy to see why James and Paul formed a friendship. Both early in their careers were arguably the best players at their position, however, their teams saw almost no serious success besides James making the Finals with the Cavaliers in 2007 but never meeting their ultimate goal.

Paul and James have always been close, however, it became official and clear to all the friend group that was being formed when LeBron, Chris, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and their families all took a vacation together. The complimenting skill sets along with the two being such good friends has led to rumors for years that Paul would be traded to whatever team LeBron was playing for so the two could team up together.

Also, during LeBron’s most recent decision in free agency, Paul’s team the Houston Rockets were the odds on favorites to be James’s landing destination, however, he would end up on the team he currently plays for, the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Throughout their careers, James and Paul have played on all-star teams together with the recent implementation of there being a draft instead of dividing the teams by conferences. Paul’s overachieving in this year’s all-star game was one of the biggest reasons why Team LeBron narrowly won by only a single point. The final and possibly best proof to show just how close the two are, comes when looking at James’s eldest son LeBron James Jr. After he was born, James named Paul to be the child’s Godfather which is one of the highest and most important honors you can give a child. On top of this, Paul has made it to some of Bronny’s games and tournaments and has even worked with the young guard which could possibly be why Bronny is such a skilled playmaker at his age.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the NBA is no longer the league that is built upon long-lasting rivalries that would lead to constant fistfights, for better or worse, it is a league built upon friendships and star players teaming up with their friends to form super teams. As we saw friendships in the NBA can be formed anywhere whether it be making friends through the drafting process, being traded, or all-star games, there are endless ways that NBA players can find fellow friends in the league.

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