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Learning is provoked and occurs in specific situations at a Paper

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Learning is provoked and occurs in specific situations, at a specific moment or when a specific problem needs to be solved. Childcare workers help children to learn by providing learning environments and atmospheres, which promote Learning. Children are held back in their learning if they are not allowed to develop. There are many different theories on how people learn and it is important to think about individual differences among learners. Our aim should be to work towards including activities that have a variety of interests for all learners. Burn’s(1995) described learning asa relatively permanent change in behaviour, with behaviour including both observable activity and internal processes such as thinking, attitude and emotion

Learning Styles- It is critical that we understand that each child has a unique learning style and each requires different approaches and techniques. Traditionsl educational approaches did not focus on childrens specific behaviour or their particular skills or weaknesses. In order to enable children to reach they’re full potential and in recognising visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. These general categories have unique features that can change depending on environment factors, e,g. upbrinign and relationship with other people

Visual- From an early age a child acquires valuable information about his surroundings through his eyes, students of this style are drawn to painting, crafts and other arts- they also have a wonderful sence of imagination and are known to be creative.

Activity- Waffle snowman . kids love painting activities but instead of using a paintbrush for this activity use a frozen waffle out of the freezer to use for printing your snowman waffle , dip the circle shaped waffle into some white paint and stamp it on the page 3 times to make a waffle shaped snowman , children can also use some black paper cut outs to decorate the snow man with a hat , scarf and some belly buttons.

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Auditary- For some children the sence of sound allows them to gather large volumes of information. A child is most probable an auditory leraner if he/she is good at listening to instructions. They excel in gaining knowledge from conversation. Liastening requires more concentration than seeing and children of this learning style are usually more attentive. Their memory capacity exceeds that of a visual learner.

Activity- After school kids will love this activity , “I went to the shop” . have all the kids sitting in a circle or around a table as the will need to be close to pay attention . each child will say I went to the shop and bought (subject of their choice) and then continue to the next person remembering what each person bought at the shop and adding there own as it goes on, so say child 1 said I went to the shop and bought a bottle of coke it would then go on to the next person saying I went to the shop and bough a bottle of coke and an ice cream and then on to the next child . the memory game would carry on until they forget an item someone bought at the shop and they would be out of the game and would carry on until there is 1 winner of the memory game.

Kinaesthetic- A child who has a Kinaesthetic learning style cannot just sit still and wait for information to be given. They like to find out things for themselves. Kinaesthetic learners have a natural curiosity, which drives them to making new discoveries. It can be difficult to limit their movement and they can be perceived as being rowdy.

Activity- An outdoor activity No Peeking Simon Says- Play Simon Says outside in the play area . This version requires kids to keep their eyes closed when they perform the actions. As they play, ask them questions. You might ask them to touch their nose for “true” facts or to touch their shoulders for “false” facts. Get creative with movement and learning with this one

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