Learning a Lesson on the Source of Money and the Need to Save It

As a child, I learned that money doesn’t grow on trees. I learned that there are only a few ways we can get money; find it, win it, receive it as a gift, or earn it. It is very rare to find money randomly on the ground. I have personally never found any dollar bills on the ground, but I have found coins. It’s not common for people to find anything other than coins on the floor, but some people get really lucky and find dollar bills when walking When I was younger, I would get money for my birthdays and I would get so excited I wanted to keep it and didn‘t want to spend it As I got older, I never wanted anything other than money as a gift I wanted to be able to get something I liked and could pick out myself.

I’m not good with saving money, so when I had it I wouldn’t save it, I would go right out and spend it I‘ve never really worked for my money I’ve never had a job before so I‘m not used to earning my money, I’m only used to basically getting it handed to me.

The only time I have earned my money was when I was asked to do a chore My mom would give me like five to ten bucks for cleaning out our pool or vacuuming, but that was only when she felt like it I needed to be taught that money doesn’t grow on trees because I would never save my money I barely ever had money to begin with, and I still barely have money, so when I do have it, I automatically go right to spending it.

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I didn‘t really get the concept about money not growing on trees, until about eight grade when my mom got sick and we didn’t get the same income as we used to. That really showed me that I needed to save my money because just because I want something doesn’t mean I need to go and waste my money on it. It opened my eyes as to how hard it is, when we have no money but we want things, That’s why I think we all should be taught the concept of money not growing on trees because it helped me out and it would really help people learn to save and cherish every cent they have.

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