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Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill to influence and lead a group or an organization towards achieving a company goal. There are six leaders in Facebook Inc, which are Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, David Wehner, Mike Schroepfer, and Chris Cox. The top leader is Mark Zuckerberg, he is the founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook. The overall direction and product strategy of Facebook are decided by him. Facebook has led the social networking position behind his outstanding leadership.

Mark’s leadership capabilities are including a focus on impact, moving fast, bold, open mind, and building social value. He has strong communication and management skills, openness to change, and creative and innovative thinking.

The fast core value of Mark enables Facebook to build more things faster and improve rapidly. He sees where is Facebook’s direction and set the strategy to achieve goals. When he realizes the opportunity, he propensity to take action. For instance, Mark realizes the importance of facilitating the integration of external applications in 2017 and he allows outside programmers access to the Facebook source code.

After that, games and other applications were created on the Facebook network within a few weeks, leading to the quantity of new Facebook signup increasing rapidly. This leadership characteristic had improved company speed rapidly.

Mark encourages an open environment is one of his greatest strengths as an effective leader as well. He focuses on group relationships and highly encouraged employees to share individual constructive criticism and the company’s mistake.

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Mark always wants to turn mistakes into opportunities not only for company growth but also to empower his employees. He always plays a positive example, by being a passion about work and motivated to learn new things. Mark is very good at motivating employees through his passion for online communication and his aggression toward improving and innovating.

As an effective leader, Mark builds a foundation of trust in Facebook. He always exhibits integrity and ethics, he acts in line with how he speaks. All departments recognize his leadership abilities and follow his decision. Mark conducts weekly planning meetings to review their working progress in the right direction and supervise the completion of their tasks. Mark is creating a close relationship between executives and employees to build trust. For instance, his room is not similar to other CEO in a private room, his room is separate with a glass wall only. He wants his employees to feel like equals.

Besides, Mark cares about Employee Well-Being, he places his attention on the needs and desires of employees to improve their performance and loyalty to the company. Accordingly, Facebook provides a wide variety of amenities and perks to employees such as meals and snacks, an onsite chiropractor, a doctor, and a physical therapist. Employees can de-stress and feel more comfortable in this kind of working environment. Employees also can get a laptop, smartphone, and access to all the latest accessories. Besides, there are no penalized for employees who make a mistake. Since Mark capitalizes on mistakes and views them as opportunities for growth within the company. He focuses on individualized consideration, offering advice and assistance to employees. Mark inspires employees to develop existing and new skills as well. Employees can select their working project, and set their work schedule so that employees will be more aggressive and willing to contribute to the company.

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