Different Qualities of a Successful Leader

The following sample essay talks about the various qualities of a successful leader. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

The main aim of writing this assignment is to list out various qualities of a successful leader. This topic also helps us in detecting various situations where a leader approaches in different ways to tackle the problems and solve them wisely.

However, I have made my own opinion by explaining one of the most important theory. I will explain different types of situations that happened in real-life where different types of leaders came forward to solve the situations.

Personal Leadership Management Profile

Leadership is one of the best traits that someone has. There are various types of leadership qualities. Each and everyone have their own style of leadership. Personal leadership is a capacity which helps us to establish a unique direction and destination for ourselves. It takes specific steps to achieve, attain in that direction to comprehend choice, courage and commitment.

There are various ways to approach leadership- the Hershey Blanchard Model, the Trait Theory and the Path-Goal Theory.

Trait Theory

A technique that used to examine man`s personality is called trait theory. It is also known as dispositional theory in psychology. In this theory mostly customary methods of operation, reflection, and sensation are measured by theorists. As a function this context traits are details of character that are constant over a long period of time.

1. Traits that I Have from The Theory

The three qualities that I have as an effective leader are strengths, role model and trust and integrity.

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Strengths: Strength is one of the best characteristic that I see in myself as a leader. I have capacity not only to see strengths of oneself but also to realize the powers of others. Mostly I focus on my strengths. I know most of the strong person have more weakness than strengths but mostly I outstand in those areas by compensate them.

Role Model: The second quality that I have is to be a role model. I am a person that everyone looks up and wants to be like. All time I carry myself even when someone is watching me or not. I think everyone see me in a leadership role. I always know how my words and gestures impact on others. I always choose my words and behavior with care.

Trust and Integrity: The third quality that I think I possess is trust and honesty. I know trust is the quality that ties all relationships collectively. Once my colleague was doing wrong calculation of data at that time I truthfully share my knowledge with the person and saved him from the anger of our boss and in this way I gain the trust of my co- worker because trust and integrity are most important traits of an effective leader.

2. The Tait That Not Belong to Trait Theory, but I Have

Listening is a quality that I feel does not belongs to trait theory, but I have. I am a good listener. Listening to others helps me to act as a good leader because after listening to everyone I always take a best decision. Once there was a discussion in our marketing class. On that time, I was leader of my group and my duty was to represent whole information in front of my class, but I was lack in knowledge about the topic. Then I listened to my group members carefully those were sharing their knowledge about topic and give presentation in class successfully. At that time, I realize that listening is also a good characteristic of an effective leader.

3. Self-Analysis

In accordance with the evaluation in my assignment I think I am a real leader. Because I have qualities like role model, strength, listening and trust and integrity which are traits of an effective leader. My friends also give complement to me that I always acts as role model for them as the way in which I work.

Situational, Transformational and Servant Leadership

1. Situational Leadership: As per my opinion situational leadership is a form of leadership in which an effective leader change himself according to situations. Leader may change his style to fulfil the needs of an organization. But this form of leadership is developed and studied by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey.

Transformational Leadership: My view about transformational leadership is very straight forward. For me in this leadership a leader encourages his employees to become creative at their workplaces for the future success.

Servant Leadership: In my opinion servant leadership is a form of leadership in which leader himself work for an organization instead of employees serve him. He always put the problems of worker first and help them to grow in their field.

2. Most Effective Approach

I think that situational leadership is more effective than transformational and servant leadership because in this leadership leader change according to the situation. He may transform himself or act as a servant to get high level of success.

3.Personal Experience

When I was working as a server in a restaurant in my home country at that time once my boss act as a servant leader. One day in the restaurant there was large number of customers come together for me to handle them at a same time was very difficult. At that day my boss smells my problem and came to help me in serving the customers. He acted as a servant on that day. That`s why I feel that my boss is a good example of servant leadership in my life.

Identification of a Leader

1. Negative Way: When it comes to talk about a leader who use his power in a wrong way then the only person who comes to my mind is the principle of my first school. He always used his power to make his own rules. When there was any hiring in the school of new teacher, he always gave that job to his relatives. He used his power in wrong way because he had the full authority to make decisions.

2. Positive Way: Here I would like to share my experience working with a leader who use his power in right way. Mr. john with whom I am working is a person who always use his authority to make workplace better. He listens the problems of his employees first before assigning them duty. For me he is the best example of an effective leader in my life.

Leadership Hypothesis

1. In the first situation the most appropriate leadership style according to the Hershey Blanchard Model is telling style. The reason for choosing this style is that the employee in this situation belongs to low maturity level because this employee is excited to do task, but the person is inexperienced.

2. In second situation the supportive leadership behavior is the best according to Path-Goal Model. Because the staff members become discouraged in the progress which they are making, and they want support in their job.

3. Achievement oriented behavior sets best in the third situation if I use Path-Goal Modal. This behavior is suitable because employee feel less confident and lack in challenge.

4. By using Hershey Blanchard Model, I think that selling is the most appropriate for this scenario because employee is not willing to do task and influence negatively to the other staff members. The employee readiness in this level is at moderate level.

5. Delegating style is the most appropriate one this situation according to Hershey Blanchard Model. Because the followers are of high maturity, good interrelation and are capable.

My Personal Management Profile

1. After doing this Leadership Management Profile Assignment I learn a lot about an effective leadership. In future as a potential leader I like to give my group full freedom to do their task. If someone feel less confidence in doing work, I would like to boost his or her confidence by becoming supportive leader so that one can get success in life. Also, I will transform myself according to the situations to provide friendly atmosphere to my group members. Moreover, I will adopt servant leadership to serve my team. The most important thing that I will adopt in my life is trait theory. Trait theory is full of features which are helpful in leadership. The characteristic which I feel most important is flexibility. By doing so I will adjust myself according to the change. Form this theory I learn that strong leader always accepts their mistakes and never blame others for mistakes and stand by their success. Emotional stability is required in leaders and I am keen to develop this quality in me so that I will become emotional strong in my life to face different situations. Thus, these are the key qualities that I learn from this assignment.

2. Critical Reflection- As we know that critical reflection is a process in which we learn analyzing, observing and through our past experiences. Here I would like to give real life example of critical reflection. Through critical reflection I learn from my last discussion board that in that discussion I was not able to justify my response that`s why I got low grades. We know that this critical reflection plays imperative role in leader`s personal and professional life.

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Different Qualities of a Successful Leader
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