How Do I Understand Leadership?

The following sample essay on “How do I lead?” discusses the importance of developing the ability to lead. It also highlights the importance of a good education for a better future.

Leadership has been an ever-evolving concept for me. As a child I used to understand leadership just as influencing people to do what you like them to do. And, today, I understand it as setting the example for yourself first by continually learning and growing yourself and bringing up value to others as well.

I believe, building upon self-leadership is important because only when you can lead yourself is when you can lead others.

Well, the ability to lead comes natural for some while it must be learned from the square one by others. Much of who I am today can be attributed to my first management team i.e. my family. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family who not only shaped my character but also taught me great values in life.

Looking back as the youngest child in the family, I was both pampered as well as annoyed as a naive target for my older siblings’ pranks. Overtime, this taught me to make judicious judgement and not fall a victim of pranks. Growing up in a middleclass family, my parents raised me in a strict budget.

They knew how to economize, often making crucial sacrifices on necessary items such as buying new furniture for home or trying to save enough funds to pay our education and household bills.

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And, this taught me how to spend money prudently, which is an exploitable leadership talent. This skill is helping me a lot while Im staying here in USA far from my home country, all alone, for my higher studies. As a youngest child, I often received a lot of hand-me-downs while my sibling got the new clothes, shoes and toys. With this, I learned compromise and being happy with whatever I have but this is contextual. It doesnt mean that I dont aspire to achieve more in life.

Another important asset in my life is education. My family always emphasized how education was the path for a better life. My determination combined with the essence of education was noteable as a teenager because work and education became a means to circumvent a debilitated life and make a better future for myself.

As a result, I hold in a very high regard to every job experience, from my work as a waitress at the nearby restaurant when I was a teenager to the internships in my undergraduate program. I cherish every educational experience, and I continue to cherish every work and leadership experience. Every single learning and experience serve as a chapter in my book of knowledge I can refer to in future leadership roles.

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How Do I Understand Leadership?
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