Leaden silence by Patrick Fogli and Ferruccio Pinotti Review

Adriano and his daughter Elena are working as journalists for a major Italian newspaper. Since the 80s they pursue social development of their country, and they rocked again and again how highly political and religious, business and finance, police and intelligence services, Mafia and Masonic lodges are intertwined. Affected sections of the population, some areas of the country live in fear and terror. Only few brave people, such as the world’s safe-known prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, there have dared to fight against criminal rope and machinations take.

Believed to be the largest trial of its kind among the leaders of the Cosa Nostra were 1986 more than 400 accused criminals. After 1992, the final judgments had been spoken, it was believed that the “Hydra” was weakened. But even then could their new heads had grown, leaving them with brute force to fight back. That same year, Falcone and Borsellino with TNT bombs were blown up Also the Italian population should the omnipotence of certain groups get to feel that even does not stop in front of the cultural heritage of their homeland.

Bombs hit the Uffizi as well as churches in Rome and the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan. The investigations are still continuing. While offenders are repeatedly arrested, expressing their commitment to their deeds, but these successes are just drops in the ocean. On top of that, the question remains whether these pentiti (repentant Confessor) perhaps only pawns are – who are the real power brokers Meanwhile, the giant network sneaks by the public largely unnoticed from? Illegality.

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Through clever use of modern global economic structures it has established itself as a sort of giant anonymous group in everyday legality not only of Italy, but Europe and the world. You put the abundant and from dubious sources, newly inflowing money every day in factories, load centers, corporate investments, real estate … It can never succeed – it seems – to limit these effects, let alone eliminate because In. laborious detailed work have brought together the authors Patrick Fogli and Ferruccio Pinotti real events of the last thirty years (mid-2010) and analyzed in order to bring them now in a fictional novel to light. In the original, she titled it “Mit a purchase through this link to support

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