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Le indagini di Dante | Dante and the mosaic of the death of Giulio Leoni Review Paper

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A good idea: Dante Alighieri highly even in Florence on the trail of contemporary crime to set. This is not blasphemy, as the founding father of Italian language and culture and quintessential Laureate was not a aloof poet and philosopher in an ivory tower, but mixed vigorously with the rough current events around 1300. In the cities rival bourgeois families bitter disputes (delivered in Florence Cerchi and Donati on the part of the Guelphs and Ghibellines), and between the emerging cities (Florence, Siena, Pisa …) raged again brutal battles for supremacy and the impact on smaller but prosperous cities such as San Gimignano. Another strong player on the field was Pope Boniface VIII., Who secured his temporal power over the extensive Papal States and wanted to expand.

In these turbulent scenes acted Dante in Florence as Capitano del Popolo ( “city captain”), a member of various boards and as a diplomatic envoy and mediator. When Charles of Valois 1301 Florence for the Pope took, it was over with political Dante functions. He was not only deprived of all offices and covered with a fine, but sentenced to death by burning. But he had long since fled into exile.

If that is not the substances are from which one makes historical thriller and the reader simultaneously conveys valuable insight into the story! For this, the poetic license are no limits, because too much is not occupied on the life of this great man.

But Giulio Leoni ignores the long downfield. In “I delitti del mosaico” ( ” Dante and the mosaic of death < " Giulio Leoni:" Dante and the mosaic of death "at"

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If Dante wanders through the city, old ruins, monasteries, meet in basements and gardens outside the city walls, eats with his colleagues in pubs, palazzi and drinks and chats when he wisely determined and all criminals is on the ropes as they refined they may have committed, then Giulio Leoni creates a very nice medieval mood, but the dialogue is just as shallow as the action.

The presented inexpensive anthology brings together four Dante thrillers: “I delitti del mosaico” – “I delitti della medusa” – “I delitti della luce” – “La crociata delle tenebre” Some have been translated into German. but the issues are out of print. the internet, however, repeatedly antiquarian or used copies.

Conclusion: Passable entertainment in not everyday ambience, but shame about the missed opportunities


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