Studies have shown that law usage officers’ execution may be conversely influenced when officer’s experience deferred strain. It has been illuminating that it is with widened strain that a man gets to the third stage in the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), which was named “exhaustion,” where push related helpful issues develop. The issue of the effect of weight on female law approval officers should have additional thought since the dimension of female officers in various law necessity workplaces has perpetually extended.

In this manner, steady and fit law approval workplaces would benefit by a further organized power. For instance, accomplished finishes that while there was no differentiation among male and female officers in performing watch work, female officers seemed to defuse possibly horrible conditions and made less catches. The dimension of progressive association has quantifiably tremendous impact on both male and female officer’s somatization and apprehension, and male officer’s distress. In addition, the dimension of system associations has quantifiably enormous impact on somatization, uneasiness, and despairing for male officers, anyway just on anxiety and bitterness for female officers.

The effects of task character and self-administration on different extents of business-related weights differentiate between the two sexual introduction get-togethers. Disclosures of the present examination reinforce past police weight composing when all is said in done. Proposals, requirements, and direction for future research are discussed.

Literature review

Gender has assumed a basic job for pressure considers over a few controls. Stress inquire about applying the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), a clinically planned review instruments to evaluate manifestations of psychopathology and an expansive scope of mental issues, reliably shown that, by and large, females encounter higher degrees of physical and mental worry than their male partners.

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Many researchers utilizing the BSI have demonstrated that, in the United States, female and male personnel retain distinctive conceptualizations of, and attitudinal responses to, stress (Taylor et al., 2000). It is contended that females are more inclined to reveal a tend-and-befriend response when compared to males who are better with a fight-or-flight reaction (Taylor et al., 2000). Possibly, the gender incongruities arranged in the perspectives of, and attitudinal responses to, worry among female and male workers in non-police-related callings could likewise be found among female and male law requirement officers. According to Haarr and Morash (1999), in 24 departments in the United States, female police officers in highly stressed groups cope with their stress by escaping and keeping written records more than male. The primary source of stress discovered in law enforcement tasks relates to the distinctive work atmosphere of law enforcement officers. As expected, the death of a teammate and having to shoot a person in the line of duty are the top-rated stressors recognized by police officers (Violanti and Aron, 1994). In general, flighty and savage events related with law requirement capacities are regularly viewed as the fundamental wellsprings of both physical and mental worry among the police. An overview of the preceding studies on stress exposes that recurring and long-term police officer stress can lead to burnout, diminished motivation and, eventually, resignation from their law enforcement job (Kim, 2014; Violanti and Aron, 1993)


3.1. Data:

The present research uses data obtained by a survey questionnaire from an extremely centralized Korean National Police Agency which consists of over 100,000 sworn police officers. According to the Korea National Police Agency (2014), as of December 31, 2013, KNPA has 105,357 sworn officers; there are 97,256 male officers (92.2%) and 8101 female 168 J.L. Kim et al. / International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 44 (2016) 163e182 officers (7.8%). For the current empirical study, a survey questionnaire composed of five sections was created using existing survey instruments. A total of 1184 survey instruments were distributed during November 26, 2013 and January 14, 2014 (seven weeks) to sworn police officers via online (585) or research cooperators (599). The survey included questions about symptoms of physical and psychological stress and certain potential stressors, perceptions of present levels of stress, and health outcomes regarding stress; as 588 police officers sent back the questionnaire, the response rate was slightly lower than 50% (49.7%).

3.2. Symptoms of stress:

The first research question asks whether female and male KNPA police officers report differing symptoms of stress. Like He et al. (2002), the current study relies on indicators of stress symptoms, with slight modifications, derived from the brief symptom inventory (BSI). The BSI is a short form of the Symptom Check List 90 (Derogatis and Melisaratos, 1983). The original BSI tool consists of 53 items that measure nine aspects of physical and psychological signs of stress. Each item is graded with a five-point scale ranging from not at all (0) to extremely troublesome (4). The BSI was designed in 1975 to evaluate the psychological signal patterns of residents, clinical, and psychiatric clients (Derogatis and Melisaratos, 1983). Studies have validated the measurement properties of the BSI (Derogatis and Spencer, 1982; Endermann, 2005; Hayes, 1997; Kellett et al., 2003). With a purpose of comparison in different settings, i.e., the United States and South Korea, this study adopted the same three indicators with the He et al.’s (2002) study. The first aspect is somatization, a dimension that mirrors psychological stress due to the perception of physical malfunction. Symptoms generally concentrate on cardiac, digestive, and respiratory systems, along with other systems with substantial autonomic mediation. Pains, aches, and discomfort in the muscular tissues are usually consistent symptoms of stress. The second aspect is anxiety, a psychological dimension in which common symptoms including nervousness, restless, and panic disorders are manifested. The third aspect is depression, a psychological dimension that mirrors a wide array of the components making up the medical depressive symptoms. The survey questionnaire for each symptom is in Appendix 1.

3.3. Independent variables:

The second research question asks whether the sources of perceived stress are different for female and male officers. This study specifically explores sources of perceived stress related to police job characteristics, the organizational environment, and the external environment (For J.L. Kim et al. / International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 44 (2016) 163e182 169 composite index construction, see Appendix 1). Five factors are utilized to quantify police work qualities. Ability assortment is a proportion of the degree to which work errands request various aptitudes (e.g., the utilization of an assortment of different aptitudes and gifts of the person). Second, errand character is a proportion of how much an assignment requests finishing an “entire” and unmistakable segment of work, for example, doing an undertaking from start to finish with a discernible outcome. Third, undertaking centrality estimates how much an assignment conveys a significant effect on individuals, paying little heed to whether those individuals are near an organization or not. Fourth, self-sufficiency is using to decide the sum to which the assignment gives calculable caution, confidence, and adaptability for the person in planning the errand and in choosing the methodology to be utilized in embraced it. At last, work criticism is an evaluation of how much the activity exercises doing expected by the activity offers people obvious and coordinate data concerning the viability and effectiveness of their exhibitions. The police organizational environment is measured with a bureaucracy index (Zhao et al., 2002).

3.4. Control variables:

Five demographic characteristics are used as control variables: marital status, educational status, work environment (urban vs. suburban/rural), rank (supervisor vs. non-supervisor), and years of service. Preceding research indicates that police officers working in different settings (rural, suburban, and urban area) have different working conditions and these different working environments affect their behaviors and attitudes (Morash et al., 2006; Weisheit et al., 1994). In addition, the position of police officers and length of law enforcement service are significant work-related attributes connected with being exposed to stress triggers and the experience of their repercussions (He et al., 2002).

Data Collection

The outcomes present that female cops encounter measurably critical lifted degrees of worry in two of the three lists evaluating physical and mental pressure. The midpoints of somatization and tension for female cops (.71, .75) are correspondingly more noteworthy than those of their male partners (.58, .64), individually. By the by, no factually huge contrast for sadness was distinguished among female and male cops. Measurably noteworthy contrasts were seen among female and male cops in two proportions of employment attributes from the five arrangements of free factors. Male cops were seen to have encountered more occupation related self-rule (4.50) and prone to state higher degrees of employment criticism (4.39) contrasted with their female partners (3.92, 4.08), separately. However, there were no factually critical contrasts distinguished among female and male cops in the methods for aptitude assortment, assignment personality, errand essentialness, nor from the organization level and network relationship. The revelations in this examination recommend that female cops have measurably critical higher degrees of somatization and hardly factually huge higher degrees of tension in contrast with the guys.

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