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Law Enforcement Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

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Deficiencies of the Prevailing Labour Law in Sri Lanka

DEFICIENCIES OF THE PREVAILING LABOUR LAW SYSTEM IN SRI LANKA BACKGROUND FOR THE STUDY 1. 1. Employment Employment is a An act of employing State of being employed The work in which one is engaged; occupation. An activity to which one devotes time The percentage or number of people gainfully employed: “a vicious spiral of…

Administrative Law

LAW 443 ADMINISTRATIVE LAW I NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA SCHOOL OF LAW COURSE CODE: Law 443 COURSE TITLE: Administrative Law I 1 LAW 443 ADMINISTRATIVE LAW I Course Code: Course Title: Course Developer/Writer: Administrative Law I Law 443 Simeon Igbinedion, LL. B. , LL. M. , B. L. , PH. D. , Faculty of…

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: The historical development of police agencies Within North America, local law enforcement agencies have a core function of enforcement of laws. The history of police agencies dates back to the earlier Roman civilizations that were created solely for protecting the rulers from assassination and other threats. Much later…

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Mid-Term Exam Remedial Law

Mid-Term Exam 1. Distinguish Cause of action from action SUGGESTED ANSWER: A CAUSE OF ACTION is an act or omission of one party in violation of the legal right or rights of the other (Maao Sugar Central vs. Barrios, 79 Phil. 606; Sec. 2 of new Rule 2), causing damage to another. An ACTION is…

Commercial Law Case Briefs

Gajanan Moreshwar Parelkar v Moreshwar Madan Mantri (Indemnity) (Plaintiff, at the request of the defendant, executed two mortgages in favour of Mohandas. Defendant wrote a letter promising to indemnify the plaintiff against any suits by the mortgagee, along with executing a third mortgage in place of the previous two. Plaintiff prays that the defendant obtains…

What is crime? Crime is the violation of laws enacted by society

What is crime? “Crime is the violation of laws enacted by society.” Crime is a form of deviance. As a child sitting on the dining room table for dinner would be considered deviant. Deviance consist of anything from answering your phone during a lecture to murdering a person. To be “deviant” is any transgression of…

Curfew Laws

Summary:   The enacting of teenage curfew laws in American cities such as Dallas, Texas is a good idea. Such laws can decrease the juvenile crime rate and provide an opportunity for teens who are at risk to become delinquents to receive needed help. Over the past several years, One reason I believe that teenager…

Chapters 4 5 and 6 inform the reader of the folly of

Chapters 4, 5 and 6 inform the reader of the folly of the human bias. Its as if we are so blind to our own faults that ignorance is bliss. As already mentioned, the human brain is afflicted by both relativity thinking and anchoring in terms of rational thoughts. ‘Free things’ occur in two different…

The Cambridge online dictionary describes wrong as not correct

The Cambridge online dictionary describes wrong as “not correct”. A rather simplistic explanation when viewed in terms of law enforcement and the potential for devastation including loss of life of officers and civilians when law enforcement goes “wrong”. In this essay, the author will discuss case studies as identified by Patrick O’ Hara the author…

strategies are bordered around a sequential approach Focus is

strategies are bordered around a sequential approach. Focus is chiefly on the termination of war followed by the introduction of reforms intended at increasing participation. On the other hand with the end of war peace took a back seat in the political agendas which had turned towards normal problems. Post-war protests in opposition to the…


The US Justice has played a vital part in keeping the peace within communities and has done its job maintaining the law and order within the country. However, the rates for wrongful convictions are surprisingly high. According to research done by Samuel Gross, professor of law at the University of Michigan, in a fifteen-year study…

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