Lack of Sleep Is One of the Problems of Excessive Sitting in Front of the Screen

Technology has advanced over the years. People have spent a great amount of time working on technology for the improved and cure many things with physical and mental health. But, it has worsened the health of many people also. Also, Excessive time on screen can damage someone’s health dramatically. Three effects of excessive screen time include lack of sleep, grades declining, and people’s eyesight deteriorating.

Screen time can keep people from falling asleep. There is a light that is radiated from the screens that can affect melatonin production.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that our bodies make it helps control the body’s day and night cycle. Melatonin levels are low during the day and high during the night. The melatonin surge is produced by the contraction of the light. There is a blue light that is emitted from the screen makes the brain thinks it is still daytime even though it is dark outside this then leads up to insomnia or sleep deprivation.

Also, it has been proven that the blue light that is emitted from people’s screens tend to make people more alert at night which makes it harder to sleep. This has shortened the number of minutes people are usually sleeping, so groggy and exhausted in the morning. Data has also shown that teenagers that had more than 3.5 more hours of screen time were more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation than teenagers who only spend two hours of screen time.

Excessive screen time can diminish the grades of young students.

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There have been many tests to prove that excessive screen time can worsen your grades. According to, “Researchers in the UK have found in a new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, that 14-year-olds who spend an extra hour per day watching TV, using the Internet, or playing computer games tend to have poorer grades on a test known as the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), which they take at age 16.” Results have shown from Cambridge University out of 845 teens that every extra hour on screen decreased their scores equal to two grades. Studies show that every hour a kid does not spend time on the screen, improved their grades by 23 points. Many teenagers that watch adult movies and shows are 60% more likely lower their grades lowered. The grades are lowered by the adult shows or movies is because it includes violence. Also, when kids spend time watching TV, which is supposed to be time used for homework, makes them staying up late to finish it and also decreases their sleep.

The last way excessive screen time can harm people is by eyesight. Nearsightedness is when objects from far away appear to be blurry. It has been shown that many myopia also knows as nearsightedness risen over the last couple of decades. Since people put the screen so close to their face, it has caused nearsightedness. It can strain the eye and also fasten the progress of myopia. Electronics produces a blue light which can enter the child’s eye and make the child more prone to eye problems. This can cause something called computer vision syndrome. As stated in “Computer vision syndrome is the visual discomfort you or your kids experience after watching TV or using your gadgets for an extended time.”

An absence of slumber, grades shrinking, and people’s eyesight decaying is caused by unreasonable amounts of screen time. Although many people use screens for work or homework it can still harm them. This leads people to many other health issues that might be worse. There is one to solve all these problems. People could have a limit of screen time to lower the many risks.

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