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Lab Reports Essay Examples

This is a chemistry lab report on an Acid-Base Titration

The KIP solution will be poured in a flask along with a ewe drops of one of three indicators we will be evaluating. The Noah solution will be poured into a burette (with volume markers) and will be used as the iterant. The strong base will be added slowly to the acidic solution, gradually neutralizing…

Lab Report on milk co-motion.

When detergent is added to milk and the food color, the non-polar ends of the soap molecules attracts towards the non-polar fat of milk, and the interaction of the detergent with the fat in milk exults the food color to swirl around. Whenever the detergent touches the milk, it breaks up the drops of fat,…

Lab report on a fischer esterfication

Background: A Fischer Stratification is the formation of an ester and water from alcohol and an acid. More specifically it is a necrophilia call substitution reaction carried out under acidic conditions. Carboxylic acids alone are not reactive enough to be attacked by neutral alcohols, but they can be made much more reactive in the presence…



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College lab report on enzymes

The enzyme has a three-dimensional structure that is specific for the acceptance of a unique like enzyme and when fused together they form a new complex product. The enzyme then returns to its original state, upon which time recycles this process of fusion with its specific substrate. The experiment was to observe what occurs when…

Enzyme Kinetics Lab Report

Analyzing absorbency of the solutions with spectrophotometers will determine the reaction rate. To test the optimal pH, the starch and a buffer were combined at a specific pH level and tested the absorbency of a solution at various times. To resolve the reaction rate of a solution at various temperatures, the solution was put into…

Domino Effect Lab Report

Then the dominoes were tipped over, the time was recorded and laced on the data sheet. For the first trial (0. 5 CM) the length of all the dominoes were 29. 1 CM. It took . 32 seconds for the tow to fall, the average speed was 90. 9 CM/s. For the second trial (1….

A lab report of forces being in equilibrium.

The purpose of this lab was to understand equilibrium. To do this, you must find the equilibrate of the resultant of three vectors, both mathematically and graphically and test the results. Procedure: A) Put the weights necessary for each of the vector forces on each hook. B) Set the wheels of the force table at…

Lab Report: The Stroop Effect.

The ‘Strop Effect’ suggested that the word meanings were extracted when the participants were not attempting to process it. The original ‘Strop Effect’ was illustrated using color. Flowers et al. Developed another version of the ‘Strop Effect’ in 1979. Instead of using color the new version was illustrated using numbers. The task was to say…

Lab Report: Physical and Chemical Changes

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sugar, Sand, and Magnesium. Place small samples of each in the appropriate dishes. 2. Examine each sample with a magnifying glass and magnet and record your observations in the data table. 3. Put small samples of each substance in a test tube along with 3 ml of water to determine their…

Pill Bug Lab Report

Materials -Twelve sow bugs -Bisected grapes -Chunks of potato -Decaying leaves -Pinch of sow bug food -Choice tray (with cover) -Five pieces of moist filter paper -Four small rocks Procedure 1. Place moist filter paper in choice tray (one in each section 2. Place each of the experimental food sources in the outer four sections…

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