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Lab Reports Essay Examples

Bio Lab Report

Second important reason is that transpiration process helps to ‘cool’ the plants. Transpiration rate depends on 2 issues, first is the gradient in humidity trot the leaps internal air spaces to the outside air and the diffusion resistance provided by the stomata pores. One way to measure the rate of transpiration in plants is by…

Spaghetti Hydration Lab Report

Altering the Time in Which Spaghetti is Hydrated in Boiling Water and Observing the Mass Increase Introduction Mass is defined as a body with a particular amount of matter contained within it. The mass off particular object is always stationary, but due to the gravitational pull on different surfaces, the weight of an object may…

The Impact of Culture on Ecological Footprint: An Experiment

Recycled * Not recycled Background: My task was to collect the ecological footprint of a group of students between 1 7 ND 18 years old then calculate it with an online ecological footprint calculator after the students answer a selection of questions on the questionnaire I gave out which helps identify the ecological footprint of…



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Ap Biology Lab Report

Diffusion and Osmosis Through Dialysis tubing We did this experiment to test the diffusion of different substances through dialysis tubing. We used what eve knew about diffusion to make predictions on what we thought the mass of the dialysis tubing to be after submerging them for 30 miss and we knew that diffuse occurs from…

Density Pre Lab Report

Different techniques will be used to determine these densities and one in particular is mixing the liquids in different reapportions to compare the accuracy and precision of your calculated densities to the initial in text values, The reactions being used in this experiment are the liquids and solids. The following is a brief chronological listing…

Electrochemisty Lab Report

Reverse ring to original spots Observations Q-vita did you observe when you hooked up the nickel strips to the battery? A- the copper from the solution coated one of the nickel strips Q-what happened when you reversed the flow of electricity? A-the copper from one strip was removed and then the other nickel strip got…

Two Shaft Gas Turbine Lab Report

It has isentropic processes occur that upon investigation describes the Carrot cycle. It can be shown that it is the most efficient cycle for converting a given amount of Herman energy into work, or conversely, creating a temperature difference by doing a given amount of work. Calculations were done for the air compressor, combustion chamber…

Closed Growth Curve Lab Report

Microbiology (Lab Report) Closed system growth curve Closed System Growth Curve Lab Report PURPOSE Bacteria grown in a closed system show a specific growth pattern called the growth curve which consists of four phases. The lag phase, which is a period of slow growth; exponential phase, period Of maximum growth; stationary phase, where nutrients become…

Lab Report: the Identification of Acids and Bases

An acidic solution has a pH below 7. Acids can be strong acids which unionize completely in aqueous solution or weak acids which unionize partially, A base is a substance that combines with acids to form salts; a substance that dissociates to give hydroxide ions in aqueous solutions; a substance whose molecule or ion can…

Damped Harmonic Motion Lab Report

The graphs created were transferred into Igor Pro, where a non-linear fit was created, From this fit, the damping constant tooth object’s motion was given, and the effect to air resistance on the object was determined. A relationship was discovered between the objects area and the detect air resistance had. The results showed that with…

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