La setta degli Angeli by Andrea Camilleri Review

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In Sicilian archives must Andrea Camilleri with expert knowledge. Anyway, he discovered there have been reports of events that – if they provide a link to the present – inspire his imagination and stimulate the implementation in a new novel. “La setta degli Angeli” goes back to such a case.

In 1901, a socially committed lawyer and journalist came a secret society of priests to track down the women sexually abused taking advantage of their position of trust in his home town. The case caused a sensation throughout Italy.

But what Camilleri moves to the center of its processing, is not primarily the morally reprehensible actions of the clergy, but how the truth has been twisted in retrospect: the first as a brave hero celebrated investigative attorney ended namely as a defendant, as the cause of all evil . How was that possible? His work brought unveiling the victims doubled damage. After the abuse the women suffered now public disgrace; their prospects of finding a worthy partner, were gone.

As soon the whole village was advised sweeping into disrepute, more and more voices have been raised that but actually wear on the plight of the Enlightenment guilt – after all it was he who had hung everything out loud And … thus the direction of the charges, attacks and convictions swung around; a witch hunt began – against the valiant lawyer Matteo Teresi. He was excommunicated, they accused him of mafia connections, he fell into total isolation, no one sided with him; at the end, he emigrated to America.

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According to Camilleri, the incident suggests the fatal conclusion of citizens should kindly his own business to worry, to just not interfere in other people’s lives and certainly not the same with the finger at others show, because that will backfire on him. And this “teaching” it is still in force today: silence about abuses many believe is better to hang a person or organization a bad name, even if they have committed crimes or acted shamefully

The historic case. provides Camilleri in his afterword ago, covers his references to our time and explains how he has the historical facts creatively changed and supplemented.

he sketches a rural town of 7,000 inhabitants with landowners, lower gentry, dignitaries, artisans, peasants, have-nots, to eight churches, each, has with campanile and campane their bells on earthquake same potency. Center of higher social life is the saluni ( salone ) in Circolo , where the fine gentlemen discuss, quarrel, giving platitudes and where all have rivalries and intrigues her home.

In this circle would also like Matteo Teresi, ” Don Quixote ” reading attorney and editor of a newspaper, are added. But his request is blocked. He does not have the right attitude. Not only it is the political left and is committed to poor people, but ” si irride al sacramento del matrimonio e alla Verginità delle Fanciulle ” as parish priest Don Alessio Terranova down from the pulpit leads the field.

rise as rumors that cholera had broken out, jeopardizing quickly hysteria and looting of public policy. Thanks to the Church’s Herald soon, everyone knows who made the news in the world: Teresi, who is with the devil in league

But the sincere, incorruptible capitano Eugenio Montagnet attacks. decided by the matter investigated dutifully relieved Teresi and sets the priest’s role as a rabble-rouser in the right light

and now we follow Teresis and Monday Nets thrilling investigation of the true disease. the nefarious “ sect of angels <". The priests celebrated secret fairs and led this young women in a sexual practices, so that they would better wives and be their salvation sure. As four women in this way were pregnant, the district doctor diagnosed a contagious disease - and thus came the avalanche of cholera rumors going

Lying mesh is exposed, the hypocrites are exposed, the town falls into turmoil. , Teresi, the idealist who wanted to change things ironically just done this – and this itself it can never forgive the powerful. The real culprits find ways how they get away with it; have to bleed the poor devils.

commits One of the desecrated women in their distress suicide and also one of the priest then takes his own life, one goes in the Circolo quickly to business as usual .! ” La carni è debboli ” ” santità e amuri terreno possono benissimo stari ‘nzemmula ” ( insieme )

“La setta degli angeli” is a veritable, exciting detective story, but seasoned with Camilleri’s usual irony and fearless, but not taboo-breaking sarcasm Camilleri (the self not religious), for example, shows sincere respect for believers and religion – his book rides not on the global wave of cheap priest-bashing

There is also a real “Camilleri”. a Sicilian “genre picture” as we like to enjoy it again and again. On a rotating stage with rural salons, sacristies and courtrooms an entire troupe of colorful characters plays a multitude of small episodes and dialogues – comedic, grotesque, surrealistic, bitter, but especially tragicomic. The ensemble portrays inimitable way sicilianità , but beyond even universal humanity.

The Sicilian dialect is for a constituent element. Yes, it complicates us and the Italians beyond the Stretto di Messina to get started. As follows is a strange “defaced” vocabulary of the other, but after a few pages you get used to reading on the type of Iceland-hopping and detects, tracks or guessed quite what happens, what the narrator or wants to convey the character – and with what color. Take heart! Here is a small sample of text (the beginning) as amuse gueule

“Se i signori soci vogliono prestare un momento d’attenzione” fici don Liborio Spartà , presidenti del circolo “Onore & amp; Famiglia”, “vorrei aprire l’urna e procedere al conteggio delle palline” Nel saloni, il chiacchiarìo tra i soci s’astutò a picca a picca fino a un relativo silenzio.. Relativo pirchì don Anselmo Buttafava si era come al solito addrummisciuto supra alla pultruna addamascata nella quali s’assittava since trent’anni e passa e runfuliava accussì Forti che i vitra del balcuni che Aviva davanti trimoliavano a leggio. Macari Quanno, ‘na decina d’anni avanti, avivano cangiato tutto il mobilio del circolo, quella pultruna avivano dovuto lassarla a esclusivo uso e consumo di don Anselmo, non c’era stato verso . …

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