La Logica Della Lampara By Cristina Cassar Scalia Review

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With a supposed idyll of this crime starts from the heart of Catania: Two friends bob in a November night on the sea front of Aci Castello in their boat and fishing patient with the lampara , a lantern aboard, whose bright light attracts the fish, so the men just waiting for time until their network fills by itself. Because they notice how balanced a heavy suitcase out of his car on the banks of a man who heaves to the black cliffs and drives away again with no load.

What did he probably disposed of in the suitcase? After breakfast, they want to tell their good friend ispettore Carmelo Spanò in the Squadra Mobile about the incident.

DC goes on to service beginning next morning vicequestore Giovanna ( “Vanina”) Guarrasi, Spanos superior, one an anonymous call. A frightened-looking female voice will say that in a villetta A young woman was killed by the sea. Street and house number provides the caller with the same.

By afternoon, investigators for site visits at the cliff and into the house and another phone call the nameless caller have the right clear stand of a murder case created. With a boisterous party rich people in the villetta was the young lawyer Lorenza Iannino murdered, packed her body in a large suitcase and dumped at sea. strongly suspected of fact, the prominent employers of the victim, the lawyer Elvio Ussaro who has his finger throughout the game where there is to get something in the city. His reputation is very bad: women he considers prey themselves as a kind of God and all the staff and friends as ministering spirits

On the way to a rapid reconnaissance, there are only a few huge hook.

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The corpse of the victim can not be found. The case contains nothing but a large blood stains and a cell phone. Nowhere a missing persons report has been filed for the young woman. Ussaro is adamant his innocence. And besides, Vanina plagued again and again the vague feeling that she had something overlooked.

What follows is laborious research work for the police team under Vanina line. Forensics on the premises of villetta and on the small street in front of it, identifying and questioning the party guests, analysis of the cell phone out of the case, search for relatives of Lorenza, finding a corpse in the sea off the cliffs. Piece by piece always new details to light, bring new people and perspectives into play – and just keep throwing new puzzles. It turns out that the party with champagne, women, and all that still belongs to that, was organized by Elvio Ussaro over that he initiated in chat group “Serate tra amici”. However, almost all the guests have left the party at any given time fled.

The only one who really has everything under control and modify the initial hypothesis according to the new findings need is Vanina, the agile protagonist of this thriller. It comes from Palermo, where they had to watch helplessly as a fourteen-year-old, like three Mafiosi her father, also a policeman, bloody slaughtering, and where to draw complicated tender bonds with a judge. She is a strong, fun-loving personality that gets along well with everyone and is not afraid of big shots. Depending on requirements, it can witted, spitzzüngig or diplomatically communicate. eats to her (occasional) chagrin and smokes it too much. Her attractive passion. She collects old Sicilian black and white films.

With their duty Catania still fremdelt a little. This sometimes leads to teasing in parochial employee and acquaintances. The author Cristina Cassar Scalia (born 1977 in Noto) seems the lively student town, where she works as ENT doctor to estimate, because their distance and location descriptions they designed so precise that we could understand on Google Maps easily.

This crime novel is literary slow food. Because on Action waiting in vain. Rather, the action sticks to the heels of the squadra mobile and leaves no step, no conversation, no phone call, no preliminary hypothesis. So one always remains on the level of knowledge the police and can mitraten nice leisurely, if anyone has figured out something new in the team and gives a lecture. Not only the murder case poses puzzles and surprises, even Vanina guards regularly little secrets, because it tends to go it alone, they announced even quite unabashedly. Then she lets her employees but on the sidelines. Or she gives them orders without disclosing what the measure for now is or should be followed respected.

Nevertheless, the team is the squadra mobile nearly one heart and one soul. Ispettore Spanò is Vanina dearest and fähigster man, ispettrice Marta Bonizzoli her confidante (although it is Northern Italian, vegan and motorcyclist). The corpulent Tito Macchia, ” Gran Capo ” Homicide (and Marta’s secret friend) can Vanina and their intuitions trusting free hand. As revealed in the entire crime fiction the coroner Adriano Cali is a chap, and the collaboration with the immensely important sovrintendente capo della scientifica Pappalardo is tense given its permanent overwork. Good thing Biagio Patanè other hand, is a pensioner. The commissario in pensione is involved in the case by chance and proves to be very helpful.

So this is a fun holiday reading should not expect, even linguistic. In some scenes we speak a little Sicilian dialect, which can be guessed quite well (as long as a nice introduction to Camilleri’s Montalbano novels Commissario Montalbano: overview of all mystery novels to books Rezensionen”.

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