La leggenda del morto contento by Andrea Vitali Review

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Is quite simple: Despite the menacing storm, which over passes over the mountains, Francesco Gorgia and Emilio solve Spanzen, two-spirited tuned young men mooring their boat to sail across to barely three kilometers from the western shore of Lake Como.

There, they speculate, awaiting their exciting erotic adventures. Unfortunately, the storm captures the little boat and let it capsize. The body of Francesco snatches the rescue team once the raging elements; however, that of Emilio remains for a while lost ( ” disperso “) …

What this misfortune could give pleasure to read for 238 pages?

first there are the people with whom Vitali populated his book: the year is 1843, and we are in the town of Bellano on the eastern shore of the upper part of Lake Como. This is still not an expensive tourist pavement with highway access to Milan and Switzerland, but remote hinterland, dull Bergödnis & nbsp; ( ” quella latrina di paese “), desiring to be transferred from the people with ambitions as soon as possible.

Here dwell richly owls, most selfish, envious, contemptuous, brash and clumsy, but especially women ( ” comare “), all of which are dominated by their husbands and conduct, if not maltreat or, if widowed or remained a virgin, watching maliciously, spitzzüngig examine and influence refined, what’s going on in the village. In this panopticon sweet and sour caricatures there are – if at all – only one popular figure, and that’s scary, laconic Schneider Lepido Bernasconi. The further fate of this poor Klobuk will be determined by the fate that he was the only eyewitness of the deposition maneuver … of course

The threads attract other: There is primarily the family Gorgia that for centuries all what promises profit and influence, has bought and profitably managed; Giangenesio Gorgia, Francesco’s father, holds all the reins ( ” gente che se ne andava in giro con la Sacca dei diritti davanti e quella dei Doveri a penzoloni, dietro, sulla schiena “).

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Even the representatives of the authorities came to be just. To them, however, is not difficult, because their everyday decisions and inflated documents result in any case from a very flexible concept of law and order, designed senior by extremely personal benefits are considered as: power, career, leisure, good food and drink, health, participation desires of the wives …

as a show that Giangenesio Gorgia unacceptable the death of his son and heir and sole heir as an accident, but a culprit condemned plans to see a whole series of positions of responsibility have to think twice as they meet this requirement and by the way can promote their own interests: Cecco Ribaldi ( ” il Baldi “), responsible for everything that has to do with water and exercise on the lake; Geronzio Manichetta, the fussy village policeman; Alceste Sacaraffia, magistrate ( ” pretore “) with active inspiring wife; Gian Giacomo Feneroli, mayor / mayor ( ” podestà “), plagued by gout and confined to bed (if it fits), of hearty food dreaming (permanent); the doctor, the village priest, and many others. From the world modernizing forces of time (trade, mining, railways, investments …), and from the cities of experts to be courted (such as l’ingegner Kaspar Spanzen).

for this cut and thrust in a confined space crystallize shortcomings of humanity and justice out to shake his head in disbelief, but also leave smile, much like the good old bourgeois realists Gottfried Keller.

second inspires me Andrea Vitalis Fabulierfreude – even reminding a little of the love of the realists to make a more specific wording to detail and refinement and ironic approach. Vitali tinkering, if necessary, long Satzschachtelungen with speculating, deliberating, made precise insertions in the style of the 19th century, and who wants to look up any unfamiliar vocabulary, need for more than a compact dictionary: ” il magnano ” ( de Mauro definition: artigiano che esegue piccoli lavori in ferro battuto ), ” il Cerusico ” ( chi esegue piccole operazioni Chirurgiche, come Salassi, estrazioni di denti e sim., in a base semplice esperienza manuale ), ” il giannizzero ” ( chi è all dipendenze di una persona importante e ne esegue ogni comando ) .. . Let’s rather the same, and just enjoy -. the most opens up entirely out of context

third impress the descriptions of the landscape, the lake, the weather and their – often hostile – impact on people ” la breva ” ( vento periodico dei laghi lombardi, che dalle valli Soffia verso i monti ), “< em> il Favonio “( vento caldo di ponente ),” la bufera “( forte vento a raffiche, con neve, pioggia o Grandine < / em> … Not only il Baldi (place) by profession) and Lepidus (the solace) Watch the theater in the sky where clouds turn into aggressive dogs, and on the lake, where ” un concerto di fischi, ululi, spruzzi e onde old un metro ” rages. People are the extremes – oppressive humidity in summer, freezing cold in winter; blazing midday sun on the lake, black night in narrow streets and mountain valleys – helpless. No wonder some people smiles when he is allowed to leave the area behind it, and if it is at the cost of his life …

Andrea Vitali, born in 1956 in Bellano and today worked as a doctor there, is read in Italy a lot and has been awarded many times. In German so far only three of his twenty-five books have been published: They deal with grumpy ladies like With a purchase through this link to support my offer – thank you!”

“La leggenda del morto contento” (The Legend of the happy dead) is Vitalis latest novel (published in March 2011) and not in German available.

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