La Giustizia Di Pulcinella By Massimo Torre Review

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Sanità – this is an unassuming rione in Naples. see no reason herumzustromern in this quarter tourists. Here happen here, where the common people keep to themselves, things that attract worldwide attention.

A single man who calls himself Pulcinella and hides his true identity, has been able to place (which tells of the first volume of the series of novels), the Camorra -Boss Clemente Sparaco ridicule admit then kill and his Compagneria the inhuman trade. Thus the unknown has freed the city from anxiety and lethargy and residents hope, freedom and dignity returned.

With the peace their pride grows on what has been achieved and their courage to stand up against new attacks, violence and crime. On a web page can denounce and corruption and failings of state institutions in fighting crime they both more Mafia activities. Volunteer experts support Pulcinella ‘s campaign for justice. Serenity pulls back on the quality of life increases, entrepreneurial initiatives to flourish.

But Pulcinella has created a powerful enemy.

In the second volume we learn how to unite the hitherto rival Camorra -Clans to track him down and eliminate them. But they themselves are just tools of a few families who pull the strings for centuries in secret in order to increase ruthless power and wealth. They have joined together internationally in an ancient, arch-conservative Club , where a national Primo Responsabile sets the tone. In a spectacular bloody act has Pulcinella , which has now taken root in the vast labyrinth of the Neapolitan subsoil ( Napoli sotterranea ) directed the Chairman-in.

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in the prologue of the third volume this history is very closely recapitulates the jester, the avenger and protector before it becomes clear that for Pulcinella much remains to be done. For the hydra of crime grow many heads. The young Ciro Sparaco just to escape from the hell of prison, is eager to take up his father’s legacy. The power-hungry Rossella Spina, who has just at the head of the clan of the Arrevotati fought, senses her chance to durchzustarten top. Costanzo Filangieri de Candida, Bishop of Naples wants to succeed his murdered cousin as Primo Responsabile del Club in Italy, absolutely. And finally makes another stranger who calls himself ” Il Muto di Portici ” career as a serial killer. He always kills in a twin, separated the two bodies, arranged their parts to a mysterious symbol and declared it as ” agnelli sacrificati al dio Pulcinella.”

This is the Pulcinella – celebrated benefactors and sought heavy criminal – in the middle of an explosive chessboard full of players with opaque ambitions. Many alleged sympathizer meditates in truth revenge. Many politicians and senior police officers are to be allies for justice, but wants to secretly leave without a fight career and sinecures. Even the Italian government is a jealous opponent, he will not stand as incompetent and helpless in the eyes of European partners. Basically everybody against everybody. In the chaos of this opaque relations full of deadly dangers of the stimuli, this thriller.

But above all fascinated by the unusual protagonist of the series, a complex literary hybrid. On the one hand he is a kind of Spiderman on the American comic pattern, but he accomplishes his super heroic deeds without magical powers only thanks to their own skills: a gifted programmers and hackers, a cunning strategist and also a toned martial artist and acrobat who effortlessly over the roofs of the palazzi running, climbing facades and foreign apartments like enters through the open window. Not even the most secret Vatican archives remain closed to him.

On the other hand, it takes the form of a traditional, extremely popular in Southern Italy figure. Since the 16th century Pulcinella drives (Neapolitan: Pulecenella ), often nicknamed Cetrulo (Neapolitan for cetriolo (cucumber), about “simpleton simpleton”) which be amusing confusing mischief in the commedia dell’arte on traveling theaters and puppet shows. What makes him so popular – Goethe admired him – is his enigmatic, contradictory character, the cheerful audacity with which he exposes the powerful, and his skill is all mess smiling to unwind. Since time immemorial also the Neapolitans enjoy sees as just such a vital art of living. Massimo Torre has this character (whose name, incidentally, from the one extravagant farmers or actor may be derived of the 17th century called Puccio D’Aniello) revitalized and contemporary profile.

As the American super heroes leads Torres protagonist a double life. If he is in his mission undercover way, he acts by his stage name, carries the distinctive clothing and a black mask with pointed beaked nose, umtänzelt his opponent to them or to confuse him, suggests flips, bounces as if there were no gravity, speaks Neapolitan dialect and gladly indulges in spontaneously invented Filastrocche , rhyme rich sprachakrobatischen wordplay reminiscent of rap and in which meaning and meaninglessness keep irritating way the scales.

Puccio- Pulcinella would not be a Neapolitan, unless he also was full of emotions. He is madly in love with the Beautiful Pink Bell Ella whose family was ruined by the Camorra . Unfortunately, he is not alone. Ciro would like to bring them into his possession, and even the obscure silent series butcher has his eye on them. Understood that she gets into great danger.

As befits the superhero genre, the author spares no gruesome murders, drastic and incredible: Easiest Jobs takes a docile Gorilla, Pulcinella installed a vast network of cameras and Trojans as well as an underground HiTech headquarters. In contrast, the worldview comes with the basic colors of black and white, and that the “justice” and the methods to enforce them, a wide field is, is nevertheless indicated.

An omniscient narrator prepares all this solid quite dry and straight to. As he explains in time everything yourself what you know needs, the voltage curve remains flat, but the events themselves provide plenty of amused astonishment, surprise and horror. The parthenopeische local color is designed with all the senses (for example, ” la pasta fritta … un’invenzione di nonna Pina “). In short, a charming, entertaining crossover between classic shocker comic and best Neapolitan literary traditions. Massimo Torre, born in 1958 in Naples and screenwriter for film and television, has published so far three “Pulcinella” novels, and with Certainly he can followed by others.


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