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Kammies_VAF_216008114 Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Early Childhood Education

Using a educational game to enhance basic education skills of preschoolers.

Vicky Amos Francois Kammies 216008114


Internet Communication Technology in South African education is still at a low percentage due to various challenges the country faces(Keshnee Padayachee,2017).The brain grows more at the ages between 0 and 5 years old(Veeraporn Siddo & Dainah Binla& Kanokwan Jaineawnaekuson & Orapan Yommana,2016).

Is this research a educational game(EG),which is a game designed with an educational purpose is used to enhance preschoolers educational skills.The research will be done on selective Early Childhood Education(ECE) schools in Bayswater,Bloemfontein.

Problem Statement

Choosing the right EG in ECE can be a very difficult process(Stamatios J Papadakis and Michail Kalogiannakis,2017).EG for ECE is growing so fast,without any academic research to back up its effectiveness(Neil Peirce,2018). In this research three EG’s will be used to measure the effectiveness of EG’s in ECE,based on age and gender.

Research Objectives

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To use a appropriate EG to run on tablets, to enhance basic educational skills of preschoolers.To enhance preschool teachers’ ways of teaching. To give technology-enhanced learning a chance to to grow in SA as predicted in the Department of Basic Education, RSA (2015b) Action Plan to 2019.

Research Questions

What is the characteristics of an appropriate EG?

What is the impact of EG’s in ECE?

What strategies are in place to operate the EG in the classroom?

How much will it cost for EG in ECE?

What maintenance procedures are in place for tablets?


In the research three EG’s will be used as prototypes to determine the most effective one. A questionnaire will be distributed to teachers to measure effectiveness of the EG in ECE. Learners progress on the different EG will be tracked and captured. Once statistics have been obtained, it will be compared to determined which EG works best at which age and gender.

Literature Review

The use of ICT in ECE enhances learning abilities ,creativity, communication, literacy,social,and problem solving skills( HYPERLINK " Katrina Maree,2016).57% of kids download educational applications(Nielsen, 2012).The ownership of tablets by kids is increasing rapidly(Stamatios J Papadakis and Michail Kalogiannakis,2017).Simply because the devices are easy to use(Ellingson, 2016). Teachers are using techniques to enhance the knowledge and learning abilities of learners(Mbodila, Munienge and Kikunga Muhandji?,2012).Kids can have fun while learning(Veeraporn Siddo, Dainah Binla, Kanokwan Jaineawnaekuson, Orapan Yommana,2016).Teachers do not fully understand the clarity of the e-education policy(Vandeyar,2015


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