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Schools across the country are currently making nutritional choices that may not be the best for our bodies. Vending machines offer sugary drinks, chips, and candies. While all of this might sound really tasty, too much of these snacks can have a negative effect on you. Some kids and teens may like the idea of being able to choose Doritos, a Dr. Pepper, and a cookie for lunch while others, like me, disagree with the freedom of choice. This topic is a huge problem in the United States of America.

I think we just need to dig deeper into the story. Maybe I’ll change your mind. Maybe I won’t. Just know this, are you making the right decision? In this essay I will be explaining how unhealthy junk food can be, the negative effects junk food has on your body, and provide data from research about this addiction.

Although junk food is a very tasty treat, it’s very unhealthy for your body.

Many people love junk food. You may ask, ‘’What’s junk food?’’ Well, it’s food that is very bad for your body, as I stated before. It’s food that’s high in calories and had little nutrient value. It’s also low in satiation level. That means that junk food doesn’t fill you up. That leads to overeating which you want to avoid. Some examples of junk food are candy bars, soda, and fried foods. Junk food can transform a healthy and fit person into a lazy and obese person.

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Do you want that to happen to your body? Also, eating junk food can shorten a person’s life.

I know I don’t want that. Consequences will happen when you eat unhealthy food at a young age and keep eating it. Your mood can, no will be changed if you eat junk food. Kids are more active than adults because they like to play, but they still usually eat unhealthy. You want to be better than adults. So eat healthier and exercise more for pete’s sake! Most junk foods are in the form of schools snacks and fast foods. Junk foods are usually formed in restaurants as fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, and soda. Just stop eating those foods and I’ll be done with this essay! Please, I’m begging you. Lastly, junk food replaces other nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies, and free range meat. Also, milk and water.

Junk food can seriously change your life. Junk food puts negative effects on your body that you would never want. To start off, if you eat too much junk food your body could develop Type 2 diabetes. Many junk foods have sugar. If you eat too much of that sugar overtime, you can become overweight and/or obese. That can result in developing Type 2 diabetes. Also, many junk foods don’t contain a chemical known as Omega-3s. Actually, Omega-3s is very important for your body. Omega-3s are usually found in fish. If you eat a lot of fish, your body is probably really fit and healthy. If you don’t eat enough Omega-3s you could develop depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and/or schizophrenia. You probably know what depression is. ADHD can affect children and teens.

When you have it you can be easily distracted, you can often lose objects, you can daydream quite often, and much more. Now, I know from the sound of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia that I don’t have to explain them because it sounds awful and not fun. Also, junk food puts a worse performance on your day than eating healthy foods and it’s bad for your brain. Anyway, if we ban junk food from schools students will have a better performance in their day and it would reduce the risk of mental health problems.

Lastly, I’m going to be talking about data from research about junk food. This paragraph should mostly change your mind about junk food. What I mean about data from research is numbers and basically just numbers. To start off, sixty million adults in America are obese. Also, about 300,000 people die each year from being obese or overweight. If you continue the habit of eating junk food, you could be one of those 300,000 people one year. Do you want that? Next, 32% of young people in the U.S.A are overweight. That’s a lot of people! Many kids and teens in the U.S drink more than one litre of unhealthy drinks a day. Whether it’s soda or juices or coffee, that’s 4.16667 cups a day. Imagine drinking a litre bottle of coke a day. That’s how much they drink! Next, ⅓ of our country’s population is obese and the other ⅔ is overweight. Lastly, I took a survey on our class. I asked 27 people which they thought was the best choice. Seventeen of them chose yes, and the other ten chose no. Ha Ha, I win some of you lose.

In conclusion, it is important that our schools need and I mean need to toss away the freedom of choice on junk foods in our school cafeteria. Is there anything good about junk food…no! It is very unhealthy, it has negative effects on your body, and the research shows that junk food needs to walk out our school doors for good. Schools across the country are currently making nutritional choices that may not be the best for our bodies. Let’s finally make that step to make choices that are good, clean, and healthy to our bodies, thank you.

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Junk Food in Schools
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