JUDGING BY THE COVER Although some people


Although some people often make direct assumptions about people’s appearance every day, some on the other hand do accept whosoever they meet; see or live with as they appear to be. But in the general view do our image play a vital role in our daily life? According to Bonny, it has a very significant meaning and effect in the world of employment but in family and personal relationships points of view, the perception changes where they turn to accept them as they are without any judgement.

When she talks of appearance in the world of employment some uniforms project specific messages such that someone can directly know who you are and the different functions they do. For example, “my uniform says I am a police officer” or “the latest fashions” or “I am a gang member” meaning our image is a message we transmit to viewers. These dress codes are established for safety said Bonny as they tell us if we can trust in who we meet in a define place by their uniforms.

For example, an accident takes place at a certain junction and the people there call for the police intervention. The police men come dress up with a jean and a t-shirt how do you want that forks present be in peace with a so called “police officer”? they won’t be accepting such a person even if in real life he’s an officer because he’s dress code doesn’t match with what should be.

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Those who search for jobs are exposed to many judgements in relation to their dress codes by most hiring managers and institutions. As a hiring manager Bonny says she’s being paid for choosing people who would make good impressions to customers. Some say that it is a human right to dress up as you like but not knowing that people looking at them give own their point of view. For example, you wish to be a receptionist at an institution where they do not accept jeans and you are being told that as a recommendation for that position, but you do not respect that by wearing your jeans to come for your appointment. A wise manager will just understand that you’re not serious for that job and give it another person because he wants someone who can put aside his personal perceptions to fit the organization’s norms and values whether it pleases you or not. All that because they are to satisfy customers request and not theirs.

On the other hand, she thinks that in life whatever you do people will always have their point of judgement whether good or bad. You might be looking for something to do to earn a living but due to your color, religion, and physical disabilities it’s difficult to get a job because they judge you by the cover and do not care if you have the qualities for it. So, it’s very difficult to live in such a world where because of who you are or where you come from many obstacles come along. For example, a black man going to a pharmacy to search for a job as a pharmacy technician trainee he has all the requirements for that but the hiring manager who is racist refuses to offer him that due to his color. Many people like that suffer due to such unfair judgements; no one decided to be white or black we’ll have been created by the same God, so we all are coming from one source. No need to discriminate people because the treatment you give to one person today, another person will give you the exact or worse as you could have never imagined. Bonny’s statement reveals a great displeasure with such acts we see every day in some places.

Also, learning how to accept people as they are was one of Bonny’s statement in that people will never be as we want them to be because we come from different backgrounds of living and even cultures which makes all the diversity. For example, the first time I came to the USA everything was so different from my country in Africa what mostly got my attention was the method of teaching in schools here. In my country as a student you didn’t have the right to get out of the classroom without the teacher’s approval or to the worst case, not ending the class period. But as I started schooling here, I noticed that it was totally normal and accepted by all meaning the judgement I had at first about them as lacking good moral values was wrong of me because it’s their way of doing and I can’t criticize them. I’ll have act the same way as they did if I grew up in their environment.

We should pay attention in the manner we dress up and comport ourselves in public as in private because it expresses who we are and a message to the people we meet. There is no one to blame if our choices don’t fit with what employers need because we’re the one to show up as a serious and focus person. It’s true we have the right to do whatsoever we desire with our look, but we should also know that others have theirs. Not forgetting that we should love and accept us mutually by putting aside judgements and enjoy the moments we have.

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