Joint venture with NGO in Malaysia

The solution for cleanliness in Malaysia is the joint-venture with the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The NGO can be defined as non-profit organization which is known as civil societies and it functions independently of the government. Every country have their own NGOs which comprises different scope. NGOs activities include environmental, social, human rights and so on. NGOs play an important roles such as developing society, improving communities and enhance citizen participation. NGOs also play their major roles by pushing the sustainable development.

According to a report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future, sustainable development is the development that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet those of the future. The sustainable development have set the amount of 17 goals which known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. All SDGs are related to the environment and it is towards achieving the sustainable development.

The activities that NGOs can do is by held a programme regarding to the environment.

The programmes activities includes plant the trees, flowers and other plants; clean up by collect the rubbish, paint the walls and others. The planting activities is important as it can act as a natural air filter, cleaning carbon out of the air and mix it in the grounds and plants. One of the NGO that concern of the nature is Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) which they do conservation work that covers wide variety such as habitats, sites, species and people.

The spirit of community work need to be done through NGOs because who else want to run it unless they take part and get involved into community work, also collaborate together with community people in order to ensure the cleanliness in the country.

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It also can close and tie the relationship among the communities from this beneficial programme. The place that NGOs can concern about cleanliness not only in residence area but also in the place such as river, beach and others. An NGO need to volunteer and collaborate with other NGOs to concern about the cleanliness in the country to prevent from the lack of resources for our next generation.

For example, according to The Star Online, a total of 150 volunteers under the programme River of Life Public Outreach Programme Phase 5 which consist of the collaboration of the six NGOs cleaned up the riverbank between Mid Valley City and Apartment Abdullah Hukum in Kuala Lumpur. The objective of this programme is to clean up the riverbank and improve the water quality in Klang River. The NGOs that involved in the programme is Trash Hero Kuala Lumpur, Global Environment Centre, Karun Hijau and others.

They also put the educational banners regarding the cleanliness that placed near Klang River in order to enhance the communities to maintain the cleanliness of the river. Through this programme, a total of 535kg of the rubbish which consist of plastic bottles, glass and metal were collected within three hours. At the local level, Recycle Community Malaysia Lestari (RCOMM Lestari) will support and participate in the community work in various states with community and collaborate with the government.

The next solution for cleanliness in Malaysia is the cleanliness awareness campaign. Cleanliness is a crucial habits that an individual must have. Toilet is a basic facilities in public infrastructure that used by society including the tourists. One must have proper toilet etiquette. If not, the nations image will be bad. Toilet clean is one of the governments call in order to create civic-minded society as the country ahead to become fully developed nation (Suradini, 2017).

But as we know, in Malaysia, the awareness level regarding to the public toilet cleanliness is still at low level. Dirty toilet means that the society are less concerned on hygiene. For example, the campaign to protect the cleanliness of the public toilet. In the campaign, the public should alert with the etiquette to use the public toilet. There are several ways that they need to follow which are flush the toilet after use, do not squad on toilet bowl, put the trash in the bins, do not spread the water on the floor and do not waste the tissue.

The campaign also can be held in school, universities and others. Cleanliness habit must be taught to children from the early age. The parents play a big role in modelling the children to aware about the cleanliness around them. When the parents success to be a role model for their children, the children will surrounded with happy and good environment. In the context of universities students, they can display the posters and distribute the flyers among the students regarding the significance of cleanliness.

The campaign also can be held through the club of faculty, language club and others. The awareness of cleanliness is very important for all level of society because it shows the attitude of someone. When one shows good hygiene, the others will follow. The example of campaign is Pay It Forward which held in KLIA. More than 400 pupils from 10 schools joined the campaign. It is to learn about the public toilet with responsible manner. After the airport visit, the pupils were encouraged to write about the proper toilet etiquette that they had learnt.

The awareness campaign of cleanliness is important for the health. Cleanliness is important to cut down the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue. It also can improve the hygiene level and can help to reduce the spread of diseases. The campaign also can be done through door-to-door campaign. Besides, one can distribute awareness pamphlets to encourage the resident to stop littering. It is important to push for behavioural change where they need to adopt the cleanliness practices. Malaysia known as the country that have some best tourist spots in the world.

It is not only create awareness but also preserve the beauty of the country. In order to ensure the success of the campaign, it need the collaboration between the government, NGOs and communities. Also, in order to enhance the campaign, a website should be launched to make public notice and aware about the cleanliness. For example, according to malaymail, the Taiping Municipal Council held a 90-day campaign which invite the public to join in order to ensure the town stays clean, sustainable and prosperous.


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