Jem Finch Character Analysis "To Kill a Mockingbird"

In this world, you have to mature and become an adult. If you dont come of age, people will not take you seriously and will not treat you like an adult. The book To Kill a Mockingbird is a coming of age story, and there are a lot of changes that happen to the characters. One of the characters in the story is Jem Finch. Throughout, the story Jem has to make some decisions that will test if he is mature.

Harper Lees novel follows the growth of Jem Finch from a callow youth to a responsible and independent young man.

In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird Jem Finch is a boy that needs to mature and grow up. Lots of times in this story Jem does not show that he is capable to become a young adult. Jem still does the childish thing like when Dill dares him to touch the Radleys house. Jem walks to the corner of the lot, then back again, studying the simple terrain as if deciding how best to effect an entry, frowning and scratching his head (18).

He hurries up and threw the gate open. Jem ran as fast as he could to the side of the house and hurried up and slapped it. Then he ran past Dill and Scout, he never looked back until he reached his porch. Jem doing things like this shows he is not mature enough and has a long way to go.

Jem also thinks lowly of his dad, he feels he is old and feeble.

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Mostly because he is fifty years old and older than most parents. Jem is disappointed that his dad cannot do the fun things because he is old. Jem likes that his dad will play keep-away whenever he wants. What makes him angry is Atticus will never play tackle with him. Jem wants his dad to do things his classmates dads do, like play in the Methodists versus the Baptists touch football game. When he asked his dad if he was playing, he said, ?he’d break his neck if he did(121). Instead, they stood on the sideline watching other dads play and Jem was disappointed in his father.

Jem starts to give his dad more respect as he matures in the story, for example when Atticus kills the rabid dog. Jem sees his dad shoot the dog dead in the street and is very proud. At this moment, in the story, Jem thinks his dad did something super cool. Scout is excited too and wants to brag about her dad, One-Shot Finch but, Jem forbids her. Jem knows Atticus was not proud when he had to kill the dog because that is not who he is, he is usually very peaceful. Even though Jem thinks his dad is doing the coolest thing, he is maturing and knows it is not all about being the coolest. Jem starts to understand why Atticus is the way he is.

Jem Finch is growing up and becoming a young man and has to make decisions that show that he is mature. Like when Dill runs away from home and is hiding in Scout’s room. Jem has to make the decision to either tell Atticus that Dill is there or to hide Dill. This might put Jem’s maturity in jeopardy and could involve the police if Jem does not tell. When Jem gets tells Atticus that Dill is there it is like a coming of age for Jem. He is letting go of his childhood, by breaking that code, it shows that he is on his way to becoming a mature young adult. Jem knows that when he does this he may lose a friendship.

In life, say you have a friend who is into drugs who does not want you to help but because you are a good friend and a good person you continue to look out for them. This why Jem told on Dill because he was just looking out for him because he is a good friend.

In the story, Jem continues to prove that he is becoming a young adult, like when Jem, Dill, and Scout sneak out to find what Atticus is up to. They find him sitting in front of the jail reading, trying to protect Tom. As the kids are ready to leave they see four cars pull up and a bunch of men get out and walk up to Atticus. Scout jumps out to help her dad, Atticus is surprised the kids are there and now he seems worried. He tells the kids that they have to go, Jem stands his ground and tells Atticus he is not leaving. Jem stays because he feels he has to protect his father and Scout.

This is kind of a turning point in the story because Jem is pushing his boundaries and doing what he needs to do. When he does this it makes Atticus upset and catches him off guard because Jem has never fought back like that. Jem has to make a decision in this instance to either do what he is told or to do what he thinks is right. When he does what is right he shows the readers that he is becoming a young mature adult.

In conclusion, Jem has changed a lot in this story. He went from an immature little kid to a mature young adult. In the beginning, he could not turn down a dare. He thinks higher of his dad for being humble and peaceful and know that it is not all about being cool. He learns that sometimes you have to do what right even if you lose a good friendship over it. He is overall smarter with his decisions than he was at the begging of the story. He starts to respect other people more like his dad and Cal. He really starts to realize that Scout is his younger sister and he starts to protect her more than be mean to her. Jem shows he is growing up and realizes it says a lot about you if you are a good, honest person and have the courage to stand up for what is right.

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Jem Finch Character Analysis "To Kill a Mockingbird"
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