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he would probably never

adding. But now he has finally arrived where he feels comfortable, where he can find himself. After he had brought several murder cases mentally stumble, he was pushed into no man’s land to “siding”. And so pushes Major John Shepherd, a former group leader in Homicide Vienna, now its unhurried service in the police headquarters of Schaching, a Vienna suburb.

Who among us has not heard of “the shitty melancholy when standing up” which also shepherd must overcome every morning? So get out of the box! Then he does his rounds through the fields, forests and fields and takes the commanded him sheep with smug critical arrogance in inspection until he ever get the bile coming up, such as when the hysterical residents of single-family homes, “which is just not yet villas were allowed to call, “complain about an allegedly suspicious subjects – in fact a harmless unkempt drifter … More than a” guardian of the quality of life “will shepherd in this dump of” never represent ideal world “; more than odds and ends he will not have to settle.

A small consolation that he was “the country’s ranking of the craziest bulls” is still performed and even mixes together on the front seats …

Good thing he knows how to control his aggression often.

Important tool for this purpose is a rubber ball, “transparent, covered with turquoise and azure streaks in between glittering metal particles,” which he “bought as part of a petty official act” is to say, rusted gumball machine had pulled from a completely demolished.

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If him in his newly remodeled perfectly conceived, light-glass discs and transparent styled office (everyone can watch every anytime) comes over the inner need, he slams the rubber balls against the full glazing: “Give it to her … she get ready!”

Recently however, it is run away with Shepherd. Scene of the mission was a former allotments, which is mutated by continuous individual additions in “semi-legal construction” to a small Legoland. Not all excesses of freedom that everyone takes out here are acceptable to the residents. As would, for example, a parcel owner to rebuild a shed to the garage, had for a commitment (a handshake) from the trunk; Only the neighbor’s was not right. The matter culminated, two shots were geballert out the window, called the police, and “now we need action.” Shepherd follows the call to arborvitae and wire mesh and acts: from a beautifully designed picture of garden gnomes in “mine regalia” wearing a “see-through coffin” to the grave, he disposed of two particularly nasty guys by precise shot from the pistol


In addition to the amusing local flavor and now also a bit of detective story needed! To this end, the author Georg Haderer establishes the following plot at:

Yvonne Raab is seventeen and introduces enviably carefree life – no problems in the home, not at school, not with friends. Then why did she sat on the tracks and can be run over by the train? While shepherds hires his suspicions about Yvonne’s senseless suicide, landing two more unexplained suicides on his desk – and suggest the suspicion that there is probably more of a series of acts of violence is as to suicides. Because at 1.1. after 1:00 a girl in the Danube is gone, at 4.4. shortly after 4:00 another jumped off a highway bridge, and Yvonne’s regional train arrived at 06.06. at 6.00 am. Would I now have a few details are revealed, you would fall, the answer to the riddle as easily as the Schachinger chief investigator.

If you Georg Haderer’s new Austria thriller “There will be deaths,” read will give you the criminal case does not sleep rob. The author’s strength lies diffuse one less in developing, tricky crime; Rather, they are his protagonists, close to his heart. And Major John Shepherd steals the show. In the preceding novels, the circumstances and the antidepressants have let him drift off into the surreal; but now it is clear comprehensible and became very human. Schaching made him down to earth, and hearty words still avoid him loose lips.

He now lives in the cottage by the Chief Inspector Stark, who has fled to Barbados, and has since sloppy, but comfortable set up. he is not lonely. For example, he observed with a Flascherl wine appreciation and compassion for the weak, the strange mating habits of a raven and a cat. Even with his ex-colleagues from Vienna, he maintains regular contact. Soon, two on a bike there, and all together enjoy a wonderful evening with great sauce around the campfire. Then follows niece Lisa with friend Martin cordial invitation. That they brush uncle Bude strong and Martin then cooks a feast would have really not been necessary. The good end you smoke a joint relaxing. Shepherd may well be law enforcement, but a Korinthenkacker he is far

In his walks in the woods Shepherd encountered in regularity Frau Materna, the “Nightingale of the church choir!”; continually she pokes around in the foliage and calls it by its “Sascha” … So pretty this bizarre episodes and motives are quite untroubled reading pleasure does not stay still. That a sought body is calculated under the freshly poured concrete floor from Shepherd shed, is a solution which is so contrived by the hair, that the reader is burning scalp. In general it seems to me the entire story arc about the colleague who lolls in Barbados in the sand until bent into shape to the pain threshold. If then a German film team occurs, the arc is covered, and the amused smile of the reader gives way to a resigned sigh …

cult potential already have them, the unconventional shepherd and his new team in its oblique suburban idyll. The basic ingredients are right, but in preparing it hooks more thing: The Crime soufflé is not properly frothy easily. You have the many small scenes very relish spoon, otherwise the Schmunzler are ruckzuck collapsed and become tacky …

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