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It only takes one moment for a life to be taken The Essay

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It only takes one moment for a life to be taken. The main character of this story learns this fact fast. Maybe not as fast as he should. Surviving an attack at night is never easy, then again no one said it would be.

Markus thought it would be just another boring day in his hometown. He was sitting in his parents library, where he was home alone while his parents were off overseas in Great Britain. He was peacefully reading a book when e decides it’s time to go to bed. As he turns off all the lights in the house, he starts hearing this loud whistling coming from outside. At first he thinks it might be a train but the sound was only getting louder and staying in one area. He starts to make an attempt to look outside when, BANG, a loud explosion lands outside his house shaking everything around it. More and more explosions were going off all around the town, he could feel the earth shaking under his feet. A bomb lands directly on top of his house and caves the roof in, Markus gets caught under some rubble and he Markus cries out,”Someone help me, please!” There were still bombs going off all around so even if someone was around they would never hear him. As he continues to yell for help he can feel his voice dying out and he could no longer make any sounds. He soon passes out from the his fright.

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He wakes up later in the night and finds himself no longer trapped in the rubble. He sees a man walking down the street illuminated by the moon light and attempts to call to him but he can’t make a single sound, it’s then that he realizes what the man was wearing, a Nazi uniform. He gets up to leave as quietly as possible but he starts to feel this rumbling getting closer, he sees a Nazi armored division rolling down the street and he tries to get away before the headlights can spot him. He gets up and runs as fast as possible, but it doesn’t work, one of the tanks spotted him and turn their barrel to try and shoot him. The shell flies right past him and hits a house in front of him so he turns down an alley where he hopes they can’t follow him. But he didn’t take into account of the soldiers that were walking around. They cut off his exit at the end of the alley so he turns back and the tank pulls in front of the entrance, trapping him. He begins to climb a fence into a yard but the soldiers catch him and pull him down, he hits his head on a garbage can and goes unconscious once again.

Markus awake to find himself tied up in a truck with other people tied on the sides just like him in the bed of the truck. He begins to breath heavily, eve without the ability to make much sound the man next to him could tell he was hyperventilating, he tells Markus,”You can calm down kid, we aren’t going to be here for much longer.” Markus gets confused by his statement, but tries to calm himself down. He looks around and sees that the sun is finally beginning to rise and he could tell that he hasn’t been taken all that far. Then the man says,”Bang,” the front right side of the truck blows up and tips over, Markus hears shooting begin and he could only guess that its a local militia trying to fight back against the invasion. The man next to him cuts himself free and begins to cut free Markus, when he finishes he tells Markus,”Run, go, don’t look back,” Markus hesitates, but then he runs as fast as he can.

Markus continues running, he forgets how long he has run. The sun is almost fully out now, the morning is here, he survived the night. As he begins to get out of the town he starts to slow down, he finally begins to feel the pain in his legs as his adrenaline goes away. He slows down to a walk before he comes to a stop on a bridge over a small and shallow river. Then he hears this loud bang from off in the distance, his legs refuse to move at all and he doesn’t know why. He looks ahead and sees a glint in the distance and he knows that it can only mean one thing….a sniper. He feels a wetness around his stomach area and is so horrified he doesn’t want to look down, but he does, and sees the hole the bullet made through his gut. He falls to his knees and finally can get his voice to say something, he says….”I’m sorry i couldn’t make it mom and dad, please forgive me.” then he falls to the floor and all the light around him fades.

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on It only takes one moment for a life to be taken The and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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