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It is Halloween night my friends Will and Joe and I have Essay

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It is Halloween night, my friends, Will and Joe and I have just finished trick or treating, and we are now lying down on the couch watching a movie and eating our Halloween lollies.

“I’m so bored, we should go get eggs and toilet paper, and throw it at your weird neighbour’s house, Agatha?” says Will.

“No way! Agatha is the scariest person I’ve ever met, she will eat us if we get caught” I exclaim.

Agatha is my creepy old neighbour. She has old, wrinkly, fair skin, where you can see her bright blue veins clear as day. She has a long, bumpy nose with a pointy end, it could probably poke an eye out. Not to mention, her eyes look like they are about to pop out. My family and I never really speak to Agatha, because something about her is unusual. It is not the way she looks, is it the way she acts? She acts as if she lives in some fantasy world, where she is much more than just an old, scary lady. I really do not want to go to Agatha’s house and trick her. She’s too mean and it’s not nice to trick people. My friends try to convince me, but I’m not convinced until they blackmail me. They say they will tell everyone at school that I am a baby if I do not go. I am not a baby, so I give in.

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“I still think this is an awful idea” I tremble.

“Baby” teases Joe.

“Fine,” I say.

One by one we throw eggs at Agatha’s house, then toilet paper, and then eggs again. I have an awful feeling in my stomach. All these thoughts race through my head. What if we get caught? What if she is watching us? What if she tells my mum? I turn to Will and Joe to tell them that we should go home, but they aren’t there. I look over my left shoulder to see them halfway down the block, running. What are they doing? I scream their name and they reply with ‘she’s coming’.

What? What are they talking about? Who is she? I turn around slowly, and there she is, Agatha. I try running away, but my vampire cape gets caught onto her pointy gate. She approaches me. I try untangling my cape from the gate, but it is too late.

“Please! I’m sorry, I won’t do this again, just please let me go!” I cry.

“It is ok, I forgive you. I just want to talk and get to know you.” She says calmly.

“I don’t know, I should be heading home,” I say.

“No, I insist. I had a Halloween party setup, but no one came, so I have a lot of yummy cookies and snacks to share” she says.

I feel bad. She’s actually really nice, I do not know why I ever hated her. My mum always tells me that if I ever get offered anything, I should take it, even if I don’t want it. So I decide to go in.

“George, right?” Agatha asks, pouring me a cup of tea.

“Yes, how do you know?” I ask.

“Zoe. She won’t stop talking about you,” says Agatha.

“Zoe? As in Zoe Meredith?” I ask.

“Yes,” says Agatha. Now I remember, Zoe’s grandmother is Agatha.

“Whatever I say, you must promise to believe me,” she says. “I am a princess, and I live in this fantasy kingdom called Athonia. We are currently at war with our rival kingdom, Othonia. The two kings are brothers who hate each other. The king of Athonia always got what he want in their early years and the king of Othonia was always jealous. The only way to defeat them is by fighting with items from this world. I need your help to fight on behalf of Athonia. So, are you in?”

I hesitate. This is crazy. How can this be true? This sounds like something that would come out of a fairytale. Why would she choose me to fight? Is she trying to trick me so that she can kidnap me? Again, all these thoughts race through my head until she says,

“If you accept the quest, I will organise a little something between you and Zoe”.

She got me at that point. Zoe is the prettiest girl in school. I would love to go out with her. Wait, how will my friends and family feel when I’m gone? Oh well, they’re probably better off without me. My friends forced me into this and they didn’t even tell me about the danger right in front of my eyes. Maybe they are not my friends. I bet they will not even care that I am gone. So I accept the quest. What is the worst that can happen?

Agatha walks over to her dusty, old cupboard and pulls out a wooden box. She blows off the thick layer of dust, and lays the box in her lap. She opens the box and starts singing a strange song. She slowly rises up, now in mid-air. She spreads out her arms and legs and all of a sudden, hundreds of beams which appear to look like rays of sun, shine through her body. In just seconds she turns into a beautiful princess. I can’t believe it, she is a princess! She looks so much more different. I do not know why she always looks so ugly and grouchy, why can’t she just always look like a princess? She tells me to hold on, as I hold on, she sings another tune, and all of a sudden we’re spinning around rapidly. I can feel the cool breeze swimming through my hair. All of a sudden we stop. We are now in an unknown land. I then see a sign that reads “Welcome To Athonia”.

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