The Line Between Optimism and Reality

The following sample essay is about optimists and realists. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Is there a fine line between Optimism and Reality?

I think there is a fine line between optimism and reality because neither of them are negative thinking or bad in any way. It is pretty much the same thing because you are really in a way thinking of the same thing if you are in either position. In optimism you are always looking on the bright side of things and thinking positive.

If you are optimistic you might look at something a pessimistic person would look at and think it won’t work when you think it will. If you are realistic you look at things the way they are not on a bright side or a negative side.

When you are in reality the things go the way they go you don’t look at it in a positive way you just look at things in the way they are going.

If you are being really optimistic you don’t worry about the reality of things you just look on the bright side of whatever is going on. Optimism normally only helps if it is realistic and not a crazy idea. Some people that are really optimistic might deny reality. An optimist might believe things that are going to be good but will not be and won’t accept the reality of the situation.

In some ways I think a realist can be better than an optimist because they are seeing how things are actually going and not believing that everything will turn out good.

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Then in other ways an optimist can be better because they see the bright side of things and are happy that they think the outcome will be good which sometimes it is not.When you are happy and optimistic you will be able to accomplish things that a pessimistic person could not.

An optimist might be in a situation where they think it will be good in the end and not give up doing it, where a realist might see that it will not turn out good and give up on it. A realist might set goals that they know they can achieve where a optimist might set to high of a goal. When they see something bad happen they just see it as a setback and not a reason to quit just a reason to push harder.Some people can be a realistic optimist. They think they can make things happen and completely complete it.

I am more of a realistic type person than a optimist or pessimist. I look at things on if they will work not when I look at them I automatically think they won’t work or will work. When I am working on something I just look at on how good it will be when I finish not that it will be the best ever done or worst ever done. If I was optimistic I think I would like a different person because I would not have the same way to look at things as I do now. I can be pessimistic about things but most of the time I am not. To me when you are realistic you normally have a more practical idea about things and how to get them done.

One example of when I have been a realist is when I killed my deer this year. This big doe stood behind me on property I can’t hunt on blowing and stomping for over 20 minutes. It took all I had to not turn around and shoot her. Then she ran off a decent buck and I thought my season was over until about dark. Around dark she finally came out, her and a little button buck. She stopped and was real jumpy. I let her settle down a little bit and put my crosshairs right on her head. I had to drop whatever I shot because I was surrounded by land I can not go on and the guy that owns it is not the nicest. So I settles in on her head at probably about 50 yards.

I squeezed the trigger off and I must’ve shot right under her head. She runs to probably one hundred yards and stops at the tree line. I put the crosshairs back on her head and pulled the trigger. I watched her drop in the scope. I got up and got my stuff packed before dark. Walked over to her and could not move her so I went to my side by side and got it back into the field and I seen the guy that owns the other land on his four wheeler watching me. So i hooked my log chain around her legs and drug her to the road and called my dad to come help me. We got it loaded and went and got it hung up with the tractor and let her hang over night and finished cleaning the next day. That is a time I had some reality in my head.

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The Line Between Optimism and Reality
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