Is There a Dependence on Social Media

Instead, they elected to purchase Circuit City which was not doing well as a business and Blockbuster went out of business soon after that. That was a perfect time to evolve and get into television series and the digital world for Blockbuster since they are not everywhere but they could be a part of people’s days in five minutes by just clicking a few buttons and collecting customers’ money.

Everyone is trying to catch Netflix in the digital and mobile television world and it has come full circle where before it was not just big conglomerates that are television stations that get forced to adapt from doing things the old-fashioned way, but companies such as AT &T among other phone providers that Netflix has forced to adapt even more.

AT &T elected to team up with Time Warner according to the article “How Hollywood is Racing To Catch Up To Netflix.” Littleton (2018) says of these companies have to look hard and long at their own company and see how they can improve if Netflix will pass them by.

All of these major cconglomerates’hands are forced to put in over a billion dollars to improve their products and compete with Netflix. “Content consumption is going mobile, nonlinear and on-demand.” (Littleton 2018) The mobile device has gone from just a device to something your whole world you have in your hand. Netflix has grown and according to the article “Streaming Footprint Eclipses Cable’s” (Baumgartner, 2017) says Netflix was the most popular.

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Millennials are looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to watch what they want to watch and be in control.

With phones being easily accessible and everything being right on it, this has changed viewing habits. . In the article “Is the NBA Social Media Addiction Out of Control” (Haberstroh 2018) they talk about how NBA players are obsessed with their phones and how they use it. The article interviews the Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard J.J. Reddick who talks about the habits of NBA players who are almost all under the age of 35 habits of using phones. There is an addiction to Instagram in the article “Is the NBA Social Media Out of Control.” J.J. Reddick continues to talk about “phone bags’’ and “phone buckets” where everyone has to give up their phone as a potential solution to have people talk to each other. People when on their phones are so close to being right together, but so far away is they are not talking to each other and need ways to prevent being on their phones the whole time. J.J. Reddick continues to talk about when being interviewed in the article “Is the NBA Social Media Acciction Out of Control” where he talks about having team meals where players do not speak to each other and are on their phones the whole time.

Players in the NBA, who are almost all under the age of 35 are obsessed with their phones. The same way we as customers when using mobile television and Netflix control what we choose to watch, NBA players are the same thing and are in control of what they post on social media. J.J. Reddick in the article sees social media as “a problem” in the article “Is the NBA Social Media Addiction Out of Control.”

J.J. Reddick continues in the article “Is the NBA Social Media Addiction Out of Control” and talks about how when he first started his Twitter account was when the NBA had their lockout to find out the news on that so he could find out when he could get back to work. Now it is used for everything and you can see highlights and there was Vine where you could see great plays going on in the game. Former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy is interviewed in the article too “Is NBA Social Media Addiction Out of Control” which talks about how players are always on their phones except for pregame and in team meetings. J.J. Reddick says about phones that “We are going to have a generation of kids whose norm is people just being addicted to their phones”

Media conglomerates have to take note of this and know that mobile phones are not going away and that there looks to be no going back to the old-fashioned way of watching TV. They will have to market differently along with hiring the right people to be on the air for their shows. In the article “Is the NBA Social Media Addiction Out of Control” it is clear NBA has embraced the digital world and it is a great way to get notoriety and have the casual fan watch and see what they are doing. There are certainly downsides as J.J. Reddick pointed out but you do see how well it has helped the NBA market themselves and looks to continue to market themselves.

Mobile television is a new norm since it is used so often and many conglomerates have has to adjust or it can run them out of business. With that said, television is still a medium that has not gone away even with issues with cord-cutting and viewing habits. They do need to adjust to mobile television but television is not extinct as a medium. Mobile television is just much more a normal thing day by day.

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