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Is A College Degree Worth It? Paper

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The most important question that pops up in not only on a high schooler’s mind but also others would ask themselves “is college really worth it”.According to Merriam-dictionary, a college is “an independent institution of higher learning offering a course of general studies leading to a degree, such as associates, bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees. In this generation and probably generation to come, education or at least a degree is considered the most needed thing of the year.

Depending on the type of job, you will need to at least have associates or bachelors in whatever type, of course, you would go through. Just knowing you are qualified for the work, gives you that self-confidence that will help you find the right thing that is just for you. After all the money that has been spent ranging around the thousands, the amount of sacrifice in time in doing work after work doesn’t really sound fun, but if you indulge yourself in the opportunities that the college provides you like sports, extracurricular activities, clubs and such, all that hard work it would be worth it.

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And the only way that college would be boring is that if the individual does take advantage of what is around his college environment. Continuing your education is not only for furthering your education, it provides necessary skills like communication, management, independence, and when all is done, it increases the self-confidence in your ability in the coming work.

“You always pass failure on the way to success” is what Mickey Rooney said as he continued his journey in the entertainment industry. Many people think that college isn’t worth it because of all the negative things they may think about, but just like the quote said the only way you will pass and learn is to fail. Things like stress, money, time, work, sleep, and many more. That may be right, but there is also a lot of positive things that are also included in the list. Of course, there is a lot of pros and cons in going into college like If taken seriously, college can provide more than just accepting a piece of paper at graduation telling you that you are qualified for work. It also can provide you with a lot of connections/networks, job security, better work opportunity, personal development, and many more. When going to college, you get to connect and interact with others of different cultures, ethics, and backgrounds. Who knows you might make good friends with an individual that might be royalty, a is a rich kid who can possibly help you get a better a job, or possibly the one that is meant to complete you, your missing piece, your wife slash husband. But besides this, it helps you see different types of ways that others see the problem and solve them. Which in turn helps them and you grow their communicating skills that will be required in the various types of jobs. A college is also a place where you can do experience and experiment on the skills that you have worked on, like management. Since the experience is sort of like high school, things like stress and time would the thing that gets you through the year. Handling stress is a good thing, it keeps you moving.

And as for time, in the future, learning to manage your time will be a major thing, because you can’t turn back time to turn in late work or the such. When going to college, it’s probably a good idea to become a self-independent person. And what that means is that having the ability to support yourself. Living with your parents or anybody close may be money-saving, but you will have the feeling of being dependent which in the long, won’t be good because there is a huge chance that it won’t last forever. The time will come when you have to leave because of work, marriage or whatever life throw at you and they probably won’t be there to provide you with the necessities throughout your college life. After everything is complete, and you are standing up on the stage to collect a piece paper which you worked hard to earn and knowing that you are now certified for the field that you spent years learning about is huge boost on the confidence that you are going to take into the real and show them what you have learned through the sacrifice of time, money, hard work.

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