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IntroductionThe Lord Buddha told that the anything is nothing Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Buddha


The Lord Buddha told that the anything is nothing constant, it continuously going to change its nature. Change is the law of nature. In the physical world human being is the only on the Earth is think, talk and wright his ideas and solves problems overcome. The dynamic progresses of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have transformed the old-style notion of libraries. Contemporary college libraries are additional powerful, active and can influence on their clienteles except the limitations of terrestrial restrictions. Now present ICT age libraries are speedily going to digital kind and it can be retrieved globally. With the revolution of ICT’s libraries redesigned their services to borderless world and become lifeblood of the community. Emerging trends in Libraries use ICT’s to accomplish cater services, library operations, reader’s facilities, standardization and lead of college library activities. The information is evolved from print to digital information have a great emerging trends in entirely mechanisms of the college library organization particularly the readers, services, facilities and the LIS professionals.

The Role of College Library

The College libraries in India have a significant role to play in higher education. Majority of the college libraries do not have appropriate modern facilities & services to meet the needs of users. Their collections are not up-to-date, budgets are their very inadequate and limited, and a large number of them are single.

Emerging trends of college libraries are giving better and technical based opportunities based services to the readers for designing their perfect career. The readers in the college are in the step of career process. The library should held small activities like book exhibition, Displaying of Newspaper clippings, library user groups, etc. The library also run specific services like book talk, reading spot, reference and referral, CAS, library awareness program, Eighteen hours event, etc. to increase the access and create the reading culture in the library and college. Then reader will get all information and opportunities for building up of their career. The emerging trends in libraries are speedily changing according to the period of time due to ICT revolution.

Willingdon College, Sangli

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With this motto Shri.Vishnushastri Chiplunkar the greatest Marathi writer, with co-operation of his three colleagues Shri. Bal Gangadhar Tilak , Shri. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and Mahadeo Ballal Namjoshi opened The New English School in Pune on 1st January, 1880.In 1884 they formed themselves into a corporate body called “The Deccan Education Society” and in 1885 this Society founded, “The Fergusson College,” at Pune. With a view to meet the growing demands for higher education in the Western Maharashtra and North Karnataka. The Deccan Education Society, Pune decided to constitute an Arts College in the year 1919. The Life Members of the Society approached the then Governor of Bombay State Lord Willingdon and with his sympathy and support secured recognition for the scheme for an establishment of a College in this region. To appreciate His Excellency Lord Willingdon’s interest and help the society decided to name the college as “WILLINGDON COLLEGE”.

The founder Principal G.C. Bhate worked tirelessly for the institution and sought help from the rulers, concerning with purchase of land and donations for the construction of the college building. From the very inception of the College all the rulers of this region helped the institution. It was rare good fortune for this institution to enjoy the boundless and unending patronage of the rulers of this region.

Special mention has to be made about three heads of the States :

1) His Highness Shrimant Sir Raja Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaja Rajesaheb of Kolhapur State.

2) His Highness Shrimant Sir Chintamanrao Patwardhan Rajesaheb of Sangli State.

3) His Highness Shrimant Sir Gangadharrao alias Balasaheb Patwardhan Rajesaheb of Miraj State – Senior.

Wdn College Library, Sangli

The WDN Library has celebrating centenary Anniversary in the year 2018-2019. Sir Chintamanrao always regarded the college as his own and did everything for it. Shrimant Sir Gangadharrao Ganesh alias Balasaheb Patwardhan presented to the college a splendid collection of books along with cupboards consisting 4797 books. This was the foundation of the Library Department and in deference of Sir Gangadharrao Patwardhan’s wishes this library has been named after his late wife, “Shrimant Saubhagyawati Umabaisaheb Patwardhan Library.”

The first book purchased by the College was recorded on 20.7.1923 in the Accession Register and this book is “SHAKESPEARIAN GRAMMAR” by E. A. Abbott. ( we have to mention one aspect of this library and it is about the arrangement of books on the shelves, the books are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, this scheme has been in practice since 1923) and since then the library started growing towards gradual and steady progress, at present the library has purchased 88693 books. The library has big donated collection is near about 30000 consists of The Miraj , Sangli State library and HH Rajesaheb Chintamanrao Patwardhan personal collections. The library has subscribed 116 National and International journals and magazines, 12 newspapers and 6300 e-journals and 138500 e-books under N-List Program of INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad.

Emerging trends in WDN College Library

Wdn college library has carrying many emerging trends related to ICT. The college libraries are going to change their role of operation, management and facilities according to the emerging trends of ICT and information revolution. The continuously changing ICT technology and its impact on the college library management by attaining innovative trends of ICT environment. The information is changed from print to non-print, digital formats due to ICT development. The working and functions of academic libraries have changing from manual to computerize and digital because of ICT revolution. Today College libraries are used many ICT related technology, like barcode, Quadra core, e-library, digital library, web-OPAC, Mobile-OPAC, cloud computing, RFID technology, Consortia, etc. in the operation of library. The Wdn library acquired library automation, barcode system, digital library,E-library, and online learning resources to provide better library facilities to the users.

Emerging Trends in library Facilities and Services

The WDN library has attained new ICT technologies according to the changing needs of users. The library has fully computerized with barcode facility by purchasing Vidyasagar library management software. The library has provides the new ICT related services and facilities like library website, OPAC, N-List program and internet facility by establishing UGC NRC Centre in the library. The library has organized orientation program related to ICT related services and facilities for the new coming readers. The library has developed E-library and available membership of N-list program for the readers. The library has also provided Mobile OPAC services to the readers by developing ‘Vidysagar WhattsApp’ facility and it is availed by providing ID’s and PW’s to users.

The library has developed the following ICT related facilities and services to the readers-

Special Libraries

Special Libraries for science have been set-up in the Departments of Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany, Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. Special Libraries for Social Sciences & humanities have been set-up in the Departments of History, Economics, Geography, Hindi, English and Marathi, etc. These libraries are run by the Student Secretaries of the concerned departments under the guidance of the concerned Heads of Departments.

Library Automation: All activities in the library are done through computer & internet based only. All the books have the bar-code stickers. Students issued smart barrow Cards with Bar-code facility. There are ten computers having LAN & high speed internet facility in the library. Out of these one is for library users i.e. for the students and teachers to search the book through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) in the library and through web-OPAC accessed from outside of the library. The job of circulation of information/books, indexing, reports generation, statistics and section wise works are computerized. Due to ICT in the library functions and services are become faster and easier due to computerization. There is an E-Library in the Library to access and downloads e-books, e-newspapers and e-journals & it gives online reading facility to students in the library.

Library Orientation Program

It plays a vigorous part in growing the utilization of the library holding competitive resources. At the opening of every academic year this library orientation by PPT presentation is providing through the goal to present new students to different kinds of competitive exam resources, records, plans of the library and being of several gears to feat these information resources to the extreme. Later orientation program they are requested for the library appointment to realize its different units.

Open Access Facility:

Open Access facility was provided by the library for the students of B.A. / B.Sc. Part-III, M.A./ M.Sc. Students, scholars and teachers. There is a need to provide open access to all readers for their knowledge acievements.

References: Library has provided Reference services to readers by maintaining a separate Reference Section. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are easily available in the library. Library reference and answer each every query of readers. Newspaper clippings made available on a display board and maintain a separate files. Through reference section library is providing books related various competitive examination like NET/SET, Banking, MPSC/UPSC and CA and CPT examinations. Books on personality development are easily available for students.

ILL (inter library loan): Library has provided the ILL facility for college and outreach teachers and scholars. The Library has Collaboration with major colleges in the city of Sangli and Miraj. In this scheme books are borrowed among colleges on the inter library loan basis. The Union catalogue is used to get the information by sending requirement through sms and e-mail to the library.

Information deployment and notification: Display of New Arrivals, Newspaper clippings Facility. Displaying various notices regarding library services and facilities. Providing college magazine and books written by college teachers.

Online Resources Services

In the present ICT atmosphere students choose internet to hunt the required information of competitive exams. Motives actualities unlike treasured resources are accessible on net. Thus, now readers are providing thru allowed internet surfing facility for educational needs merely below work administration. Library employees also assist them for searching the necessary information competently. Ten client PCs are ardent for accessing the digital resources of various fields of study and competitive exams. Library is too displayed a list of beneficial webs sites on employ, career, open e-books, permitted e- journals, encyclopedias, etc. in related to competitive exams displaying at the notice boards and website

2. Library Website: Library has a separate Linkage on the College website (willingdoncollege.in). The Website of the college is A client can search/access every book of the library sitting at home from any corner of the world through Web-OPAC. The E-Mail address of the library is [email protected] Users can interact with the library staff through the e-mail for their short term and long term information queries and library services. Readers can gives feedbacks


Every single document, print and non-print is entered in the OPAC. Users can search their tGlobal environment le in the OPAC. This Online Public Access Catalogue is an important tool for searching the exact source of information preserved and organized in the library. Various options are provided to search the tGlobal environment le i.e. Author, TGlobal environment le, Publisher, Accession Number, Keywords etc. Users find Global environment very convenient and time saving to locate their tGlobal environment le through OPAC.


The library has fully computerized with barcode and OPAC facility. Through this library software library has given Web –OPAC online facility to the students and teachers.

Mobile OPAC (WhatsApp)

The library has provided Mobile OPAC services to the readers by developing ‘Vidysagar WhattsApp’ facility. The facilities are used on the 4G mobile phone to download Vidyasagar App from google play store and installed it by providing IDS and PWs.

Internet Facilities through UGC NRC Centre

Library has introduced internet facility to all the through UGC NRC Centre in the study room from time 8.30am to 6.00 pm. Average daily 25 students were used the internet access for their study proposes.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on IntroductionThe Lord Buddha told that the anything is nothing and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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