IntroductionI am currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer in


I am currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer in a manufacturing company where they produce many finished product from raw materials. I was hired from my boss to make what he wants. The problem is my boss has no experience in engineering but rather a degree in marketing and sales. He asked me to use a different material than the usual .I took his order decided to work on it .After multiples research and analysis, I had concluded that it would make the structure of the part weaker and prone to danger such explosion, failure, accidents.

I went to make him aware of the numerous complication that may arise if we continued with the change of material. He told me to keep it a secret and keep working if I do want to keep my job (and he might even promote me if it goes well) was he screaming at me or did he say it nicely? I am in a difficult position where if I do lose my job I might have to sell my home and live back in a small cramped apartment.

I went back to my workstation decide to ponder if I should really change the material if my boss orders it regardless of the consequences. (…) I have to make a quick but thoughtful decision since it would have a great impact on my work and on my life.I started to decide using a table of pros and cons,then …,then… .


The pros of keeping it a secret would give me a guaranteed promotion as well as a raise.

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Also, I would still be able to pay my mortgage for my house. (…)


The downsides is that I would not be able to live with this lie knowing that it might injure or in the worst case even kill someone. I would not be able to live with that guilt knowing that it could have been prevented. (…) Your boss will use you more often for the lies so you technically become his “slave” as long as you’re a chained to this job or this company.

(Utilitarianism act)

Utilitarianism act: Since every case is unique We have to analyse it based on the fact that an action becomes morally right when it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

(Ultitarianism rule)

Ultitarianism rule: We don’t have time or effort to analyse every case therefore we will use the beliefs that the moral correctness of an action depends on the correctness of the rules that allows it to achieve the greatest good.

(kant Deonthology)

Kant Deonthology: What make a action morally right or wrong, it is when peole act from duty

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