Introduction to Transport and Logistics with Dr. Daibling

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For my graduate teaching experience, I will be assisting Dr. Alan Dybing by teaching a quarter of the section of AGEC 378, Introduction to Transportation & Logistics. Dr. Dybing is an Associate Professor in the College of Business, Transportation, and Logistics Department and has taught the course in previous semesters. The course is restricted to students who are in their junior or senior year in the undergraduate program. The course can be taken as an elective by students majoring in Business, Agribusiness, and Applied Economics, and other degree-seeking undergraduate students.

Students enrolled in AGEC 378 must have completed ECON 201. The course meets three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for 50 minutes in the Ball Hall room 120 at the Downtown Campus.

My responsibilities as the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the course fall into four distinct categories: delivering course contents, preparing lesson plans, evaluating student data, and developing and administering assessments. Details of each of my teaching responsibility are highlighted below:

Delivering Course Content

I will be establishing and maintaining the course on Blackboard, where all the reference materials for the course will be stored.

I will maintain occasional Blackboard announcements whenever further information is needed to be disseminated to students. I will create and maintain a student attendance sheet for the classroom if required by the course instructor, Dr. Dybing.

Preparing Lesson Planssheetsto

I will provide supplement notes based on the required canceled textbook that will mimic real-world examples of the text contents to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding beyond the classroom. I will provide students with short exercises and discussion questions that will facilitate their learning experience.

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I will keep the course schedule on Blackboard updated in case the course instructor changes schedule, cancels class, classroom changes, or in inclement weather conditions that may interrupt attendance and safety of students. I will maintain students’ progress once a month and encourage students in reaching their goals.

Evaluating Student Data

I will evaluate student assessment (i.e., homework and exams) by Dr. Dybing’s grading rubrics. All student assessment data will be recorded in an Excel Spreadsheet for further grade analysis. Following each assessment, my grade analysis will be presented to Dr. Dybing to further assess and validate.

Developing Assessments

I will develop an assessment based on the portion of the course that I will be teaching. My assessments will include problem-solving questions that will be done in groups as well as assessments that will test the individual problem-solving skills of students. My assessments will seek to highlight real-world/hands-on content application through group discussion participation, written assessment, and reasoning skills.

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