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Introduction and Literature ReviewWhen anytime Muslims people Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Literature Review

Introduction and Literature Review

When anytime Muslims people seek guidance or wisdom in helping to make the best decision, they resort to Allah (God). They believe that Allah can provide us with the best for people. Using a specific prayer ritual named ‘Istikh?ra’ they believe they will be shown the best choice. What’s more, there might be great in what we see as bad (1). The root of Istikh?ra word originates from the word of khayr. Khayr means in the Arabic language ‘representative of all that which is good’. To simplify, Khayr word is to imagine it as an umbrella word that describes everything that is good (2). Istikh?ra is a form of the Sunnah. Following pre-Islamic periods, the Arabic word Sunnah has applied to a body of established practices and beliefs. In Muslim custom and religious thought, the term became connected more particularly with the actions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Besides, His actions and sayings became a model for the Muslim manner as well as a fundamental reference of Islamic act. (3) Istikh?ra preform can be during any time of the day or night and it is to pray two non-compulsory rak’at that can be presented independently or in combination with the regular sunnah prayers or the prayer for entering the mosque. Moreover, the person should use a special du’aa ‘ which is mentioned for the prayer of Istikh?ra. (6)

Delusion can be in deferent forms and paper for different reasons, and it appears almost in seventy-five illnesses following infections, brain or genetic disorders. Or can caused by drug or alcohol misuse or medication abuse. Delusion can be as a symptom of nonpsychotic disorders like depression and bipolar disorder. Delusions have many forms and can be found in severe or less illnesses. Characteristic of delusion can vary too between Monothematic and Polymathic delusional disorder. The Monothematic is when the delusional thoughts cover a single theme and the Polymathic when it involves more than one delusional symptoms. Schizophrenia Considered as the second type (OHYD). According to DSM-5 delusion can be described as “fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence”. The twelve type of delusions and this literature review will focus only on persecutory delusions and how it can be related to mental health and Istikh?ra.

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Religion practice and mental wellbeing

For many centuries, religion played a major impact in mental health, some researchers found a positive relationship while others found a negative relationship. Recently there increasingly focus on this field. many studies linked religion practices with mental wellbeing. in 1960, a study from Michigan and New York students found out the religious person has more tension, sleeping problems and has more amount of distressed. and a more recent study done in 1997 at California State, the survey was distributed to over 282 sociology students from Chico University and the finding was religion was positively related to greater distress. On the other hand, (4) according to (Islamic and mental health 7) religion or religion practice can help people with their mental stats or even prevend them from mental issue. Islamic religion highlighted the importance of spiritual and mental health in Quran from 14 sentries ago giving rules and regulations to avoid or treat some mental illness and addiction. This codes of conduct and roles helped Muslims for many decades to manage their mental wellbeing. In addition, according to (8) this research based on the experimental proofs, as a socio-cultural part, religion can be a tremendous advantageous force. Religious coping seems to be one of the tools that reconciles the advantages of religion to mental well-being, such as the requirement of social balance and assistance, shield from loneliness and isolation, commandments that guide to a more disciplined life, furthermore beliefs that are accessory to peace of mind and present meaning for human existence including death. from Bernard Spilka perspective the side- effects of dysfunctional forms of religion showed in those negative characteristics of religion like self-denigration intolerance and it also can lead to loss of independence. beliefs and religions can reveal underlying confusion and some institutions may be damaging to the mental health of some but in most situations faith buttresses individuals sense of self-esteem gives purpose and faith better social integration and socially accepted behavior and improves personal wellbeing. the generalized doubt that psychoanalysts have frequently held towards religion is consequently difficult to explain. it is true that religion may be used by an individual as a defense mechanism to preserve the self from unpleasant reality or stress. nevertheless, it is also accurate that religion can meet fundamental needs for intimacy meaning self-actualization and spiritual satisfaction. those are results that every mental health specialist can appreciate also will want to support.

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