The following sample essay on The Effect of CFJ on Native Chicken Nowadays, with the increasing demand of chicken products of both meat and eggs, poultry producers tend to seek innovative and advance ways to improve the quality of their chicken and chicken products. Enhancing genetic materials, manipulating their nutrition and husbandry are some scientifically-based programs they’ve performed to increase the production of chicken and their products with lesser consumption of feed given CITATION Pou18 l 1033 (Poultry Production, n.

d.). Other than the increasing demand, increasing antibiotic resistance and antibiotic residues among animals is now alarming. Antibiotics are widely used and at the same time improperly administered. They are commonly used to treat bacterial infections and also they are added to the feeds of the animals to improve the animals’ health status and production performance CITATION Gob11 l 1033 m Lil18(Gobiraju, Torshizi, Zadeh, Omidbaigi, & Rokni, 2011; Lillehoj, et al., 2018)

Herbal plants with antimicrobial activity are used as an alternative antibiotics mixed with the feeds and water is now gaining interest to most of backyard livestock raisers due to ban of antibiotics CITATION Aky16 l 1033 m Sug161(Akyildiz & Denli, 2016; Suganya, Senthilkumar, Deepa, Muralidharan, Gomathi, & Gobiraju, 2016).

Crescentia cujete most commonly known as Calabash fruit or Miracle fruit is one of herbal plant that exhibits significant antimicrobial activity. Aside for the antimicrobial activity, Calabash tree also exhibits many medicinal uses through the presence of various nutritive components that is beneficial for both animal and human health CITATION Ogb08 l 1033 m Eje11(Ogbuagu, 2008; Ejelonu, Lasisi, Olaremu, & Ejelonu, 2011) .

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In this study, Calabash fruit will be used to produce volume of Calabash Fruit Juice (CFJ) decoction that will be added to the water of native chickens. The efficacy of CFJ will be evaluated based on the growth performance and blood profile of native chickens. Significant result will be beneficial since the Calabash fruit is readily available resources due to the fact that the Calabash tree widely distributed in tropical countries. Also, the decoction process is easy to follow.

The main objective of the study is to determine and evaluate the effect of CFJ on the growth performance and the blood profile of native chicken. Specifically, this study aims to determine and compare the initial body weight, final and live weight gain, average weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio, livability, morbidity, and mortality rate among native chickens supplemented with varying volume of Calabash fruit juice decoction.

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The Effect of CFJ on Native Chicken
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