intro lit mid term 1

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Massiah Hoard

Professor Brantley

Intro to lit

15 October 2019

Gorilla, My Love

The first sign of initiation in Gorilla, My Love, started with Hazel’s uncle Hunca bubba wanting to be called by his real name. Hazel states, “so far as I was concerned it was a change completely…”. Being an adult is all about change so throughout the story Hazel’s being initiated into adulthood like the story she told about their outing where their plans didn’t go as planned on Easter , so they had to improvise and go somewhere else “And the West End, the Regun and the Sunset was too far, less we had grownups with us which we didn’t.

” They had decided on another route which many adults would if something did not go their way. They did not fuss but came up with a solution.

Also, when she found out what kind of movie it was, she had disappointment, which is very common in an adult life.

“Just that when you fixed to watch a gorilla picture, you don’t wanna messed around with Sunday School stuff. So, I am mad.” Adults get that everything will not be as said, but you could tell that Hazel is still a child and acted out. “So, we all go wild. Yellin, booin, stompin, and carrying on.” Also, a part of responsibility would be her holding the money, making sure it’s safe, and get something for everyone “the moneys safe in my shoe from the boys.” Hazel made a decision that they deserved their money back, so she was going to talk to the manager, which was reasonable for a kid to do instead of continuing their scene inside the theater.

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“we goin to see the manager and get our money back. So, I kick the door open wider and just walk right by him and sit down and tell the man about himself and that I want my money back and that goes for Baby Jason and Big Brood too.” She demanded to be heard and reimburse for her and her family members, which was very mature and acceptable.

Hazel would do adult like thing even if she didn’t realizes it.“So, if you scary like me, you sleep with the lights on and blame it on Baby Jason and, so as not to waste electric, you the maps. And that’s how come I’m in the navigator seat most times and to be called Scout”. Another moment hazel shows she is growing up is that although she uses the the light because she scared of the dark she spends the time to study the map so it wont be a complete waste of electricity and by her doing that she can stay in the front seat and help her grandfather but also benefit herself.

After hearing her uncle talk about how happy he was to be getting marry Hazel was feed up and spoke out. “My name is Hazel, and what I mean is you said you were going to marry me when I grew up.” This part was when Hazel realizes that not everything said will be true that she should not always count on what people say. That is a significant and challenging time coming into adulthood. She was so mad she didn’t want to be called by her pet name by Jefferson. “Look here, Precious, it was Hunca Bubba what told you them things. This here, Jefferson Winston Vale.” When her grandfather said this, she knew he was lying. He didn’t make any sense, but she sat there and took it and didn’t act irrationally.

“What with grown ups playin change-up and turnin you round every which way so bad. And don’t even say they sorry.” In the end, she came to the realization that people can do bad things or be wrong about something but do not have to say sorry, and that is just a part of life. In the story Hazel has learned how to improvise when something does not go as planned. Whether it means to take care of family members or getting let down by people that are close to her, she gets a taste that adulthood will be will be challenging.

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