Interview With A Killer By Bernhard Aichner Review

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A washed-up football star, a frustrated piano virtuoso, a jolly priest and a contemplative gravedigger in the second generation are the four main characters in the fourth volume of the popular Max Broll series of Innsbruck author Bernhard Aichner. Although several passengers in specifically in the realm of the dead, crackles in this episode is not primarily the criminal tension, but it tingle the psychological Kammerspielchen between the members of the Quartet in the Austrian village atmosphere “at the end of the world” and beyond.

at the heart of Max Broll, 25, Aich former series hero stands with the peaceful nature and the quiet lifestyle. When a few years ago his father died, he decided to follow in his footsteps and take over his caretaker place. That he had to give up for his original career aspiration (journalist) and this relevant studies in Vienna, it was not difficult, but attracted a service house, from the roof terrace a wonderful view to enjoy over the cemetery and over wide landscapes, like from a two beers framed.

What is due to obligations kept within manageable limits as well: two dozen funerals per annum, digging and paths care and the like. So, there remains enough space for dreams, gossip, drink and the next to the grave rows freshly designed sauna with a swimming pool to keep the nasty outside world at bay.

One as Max already equal when it also still gravedigger, has and does not have many people close at hand. Tilda, the widow of his father, cooked and supplied him with affection.

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Johann Baroni, the homecoming ex-football star, it combines a blood brotherhood. Together they have struck many a battle, can rely blindly on each other. Still fresh in the round is Akofa, the new priest from Africa, despite all the prophecies of doom ( “a Negro, a true Bimbo”) by no means the evil, but cheerfulness brought into the church. The dark-skinned child of nature with the sunny disposition has a green thumb and can, favored by the fertility of the local soil and nettle water sprout kilos of grass. Thanksgiving he can enjoy with Max exhilarating RYO.

Max was closest Hanni Polzer. They ran the hot dog stand – a sort of advertising column, hub for news and an institution in the village. Nearly two marriage having been received since they had an unnatural death. Of which the second volume narrates and Aichner ensures continuity. Now Johann Baroni wants to take over the shops and set with “Baronis sausages” the foundation for an empire. Such a success does Not because Baroni is thoroughly bankrupt. Once, when “Austrian football legend,” he had money to burn. But then he has gambled away his entire fortune, including Vienna real estate.

The ceremonial opening of business takes its course with the Humtata the brass band, the parade of shooters and Akofas blessing of the church. thunders as the gun salute, Baroni falls over. Just because. Although Max sees everything twice (as a result of Akofas green stuff), but he befuddled may be, he knows what he saw: A stranger in leather pants and plaid shirt shot from the turmoil on Baroni during the downed friend is supplied in a coma in intensive care, Max identified the shooter: Konrad Maria Fink, tourist from Wuppertal, a guest in the inn “water lily”. no one wants to believe him, especially since he had not collected all the sense time of the crime – but Max may claim what he wants. In Fink, a former musician, eventually no motive is unclear why he Baroni would just want to tilt.

The lack of support makes Max to Ankleslicers. Single-handedly he confronted the man with his suspicions, lashes out and getting angrier, while the older gentleman can nonchalantly bounce off all accusations. He calmly opened his attackers that he would continue to travel soon to Italy, and invites him not to accompany him.

In order for a trip to and across the Mediterranean, which develops into a psychological trip begins. Depending manic Max goes so into the idea, Fink was a dangerous murderer, a “devil with four fingers” (because once it has a Rottweiler bite the thumb and ended his career as a pianist before she had begun), the more sophisticated uses of these his perfidious manipulation techniques against traveling gravedigger. After a few dead bodies along their journey together at the end to be feared that Max is deported as a murderous psychopath in a mental hospital.

As in the previous volumes, the author maintains a distinctive, reduced to the bare essentials style. The often extremely short sentences or sentence fragments develop a strong evocative effect thanks to precise choice of words; the inserted between the narrative passages pure dialogue scenes without quotes and speech discharges create a linguistic (but not atmospheric) immediacy as in the film. as well as the types of – – an impression of artificiality dryness and distance other hand, the style leaves. The purist concept fascinated at the first encounter, but the extravaganza will wear off eventually. Who knows – maybe after the fourth, fifth volume.

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