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Identif ying business potential for a new product launch for Diwali

and Dussehra in 2019 on any online platform or portal

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Executive summary :

21 st Century is an era of Digitization, where everything is available online from

groceries to gadgets. Consumers today are enjoying the benefits of digitization

and asking for more personalized dominion. While in large metros are going for

online retail and e -commerce for most of their purchase, the trend is slowly

penetrating in non -metro cities as well.

Rising incomes in the hands of a young population, a growing economy,

expansion in the availability of products and services and easy availability of

credit all has given rise to new consumer segments and rising acceptability of

debt, whether it is mobile phones, credit cards, organized retailers, people clearly

seem to be spending more, particularly on discretionary items. The credit facility

from business houses has been increasing at a rapid rate. This shows the terrific

competition in the ever -changing market.

Festival sales are a latest fad in India contributing tremendously to the growth

of the online sales. All marketing retailers use the fest ival time to promote their

product – either new or stock clearance products at heavy discounts or other

offers like (free, cashback, buy 1 get 1 ), the major shopping festival in India

comes around the period of October – November when Diwali is celebrated a nd

most of the online and e -commerce sites provide huge discount offers during

this period having created unique names for shopping events – for example – big

billion days by Flipkart, great Indian shopping festival by amazon to name

some. This study is an a ttempt to understand consumer buying behaviour in

India during the festival season.

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Top 5 selling products online in India for 2019 as of now :

1) Fashion:

The apparel and fashion accessories industry definitely tops the list of

top selling products in India. Hundreds of stores in the online market sell

fashion goods. The advent of e -commerce shopping websites has indeed

significant impacted the clothing indu stry in a good way. A huge number

of shoppers wait for the sales period, where almost every product in the

online fashion store is on discount.

This are the top five fashion products that people are buying in online

during Festival seasons are mentio ned below.


Bag s




2) Electronics:

the best market to shop for electronics is online. Why? Only because

you get to save a lot on your purchase, cashback offers, bank offers, sale

offers. To any kind of offers that you dreamt of, you would get here. Not

only does your order arrival soon, but also gets deli vered to your place. if

required you can also exchange it.

Smart phones

Laptops and computers

Home appliances

Speakers and music system

Mobile, laptop, and music accessories

3) Home decor and furnishings:

Every people loves to set up their new home or upgrade the existing

one . The attempt has always been to add beautiful articles to your space.

Be it products that make yo ur home more pr et ty or the ones that make it

liveable and homely. A vast portion of people in India purch ase furniture

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and home decor online. Due to many offers that they are getting through

online as helped them to purchase.

Furniture for living room, dining room

Home decor product like lighting, paintings, clocks,


4) Food and health supplements:

the online home essential market is one of the most popular online

market in today’s world. Millions of people ordering food through online

this chain market has tremendous ever since its birth. Anyone can

purchase groceries online and get delivered to the re place. and also you

can purchase medicines and health related products in online as well.



Health related products

5) Jewellery:

Jewelleries are one of the al l-time Fav ourite of woman. jewellery is

worn as adornment and which are used on special days like festivals,

marriages. Be it gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, artificial. They would

shop for the ones that will match their dresses.





Rin gs

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Demographic profi le of the study area:

This survey is conducting in metropolitan city and non -metropolitan city. To

know how consumer behaves in terms of purchasing in online portal. The

following section will mainly focus on the demographic characteristics of the

study area in terms of g ender of the respondent, income, profession, where they

belong, which source they shop etc.

1) Sex ration of the respondents:

30 respondents were taken into consideration for the study. This graph

representation shows the percentage of male and female who are doing online

and offline shopping. It shows 53.3% of female do the shopping while 46.7% of

the male do the shopping. This means more of the female involved in shopping.

This gives a general idea of the sex ratio who in more involved in shopping.

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2) Age of the respondents


The above graphical representation shows the age category who choose online

shopping. The major of the cu stomers who use online shopping to fulfil their need

ranges mostly between 20 -25 age category consists of 83.3% of the consumers

and this mostly seen among them because increasing technological revolution

among the youth population and they are able to use this technology for their well

being more than other age group category. Next age group is 18 -20 for them

money constraint comes into pictures so they are second in this category. Next is

25 -30 age category that is 3.33%.

3) Profession of the respondents:

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The above graphical representation shows the profession of the

respondents, and the maximum are students that is 83.3% next comes

working employees that is 13.3%. next comes the others 3.33%. this

shows that in terms of profession who are purchase in online it purely

dominated by the students and comes the working employees in terms


4) Respondents where they belong to:

This above graphical representation shows that where they belong either

metropolitan city or non – metropolitan city. By this we can see that more

of metropolitan city people are buying the products through online that is

more than 60% of people. Next comes the non – metropolitan city that is

36.7% it is less because in some place they are facing d elivery problem.

they are slowly catching up with the metropolitan city by next few years

they will dominant in this by purchasing through online more than

metropolitan cities.

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5) D ifferent income group of th e respondents:

The above graphi cal representation sho ws the income of the respondents

and the maximum income of the shopping sites comes from the s tudent s.

These people are not employ ed rather they s tudy and do the shopping

on line this is because they are updated with the current technology . The

representation shows that 70% of the pe ople are student s. Second comes

the group of people who is havi ng income of 15000 -30000 which takes

around 20% and then followed by th e other group is 10%. The graph

gives the clear -cut idea about the which income gr oup is more ion to


6) M edium of sou rce they are using to shop:

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Fro m the above graph it is clear t hat out of 30 respondents over 50 %

responde nts want to go for online sho pping as they find it more co nv eni ent

and easier for them but 46.7% customer wan t to go through the offline

shopping be cause they are more comfortable in the trad itional marketing.

7) T ype of advertisement mostl y attracted them to purchase in


A dvertisement plays a major for making a site a br and in the market.

M oreover, adverti sement attracts its customer to w ard s

Them to make income . The typ e of advertisement that attracts the

customer s toward s them is discount ads wh ich is 36.7% which give the

cu stomer a reason to buy the ir products at reasonable price. A lso sa les

ads bring the more cu stomer nearly 23.3% of total customer gets attracted

to it . The festival season i s the time duration dur ing which major of the

popula tion do their sho pping wh ich is 16.7 %. and remaining is others

which attracted to purchase and if ads re lated to it is published then i t

brings more of the customers to th em


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8) M ostly on which se as on they usually purchase in online:

The ab ove graphical representation shows that mostly on which season

customer usually purc hase the product in online which is non -festi val

se ason that is 55.6% of pe ople purchase the product in that season

be cause in f estival se ason they think that they will not get the delivery of

the product on time so they purchase the prod uct before the fe stival

season starts. Then remaining 44.4% of p eople they will purc hase the

product in fe stival season .

9) how frequently they will purch ase the product through

online sites:

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Recent study shows that due to increasing need of society and time

constraint has led most of the population switch to online sho pping . It is

seen that 44.8% of the regular population do buy the product in every 2 -3

months at regular interval. 20.7% of p eople do online shopping every

month which is because of the ava ilability of the income and technology

to do shopping. M ore over , 17. 2% of people do online shopping every

week and same 17.2 % of people shop once in a y ear.

10) W hich shopping we bsites they use to shop onlin e:

The most preferred website for online shopping is Flipkart as it was the

only site for online sho pping in the count ry for many years. Later when

other sites came into pi cture its marketing wen t do w n, still its mos t

preferred site as its marketing done properly with superio r brand quality of

the product an d services over other -site . So its still able to retain the market

with the 37.9%. next comes the A mazon and Myntra with 27.6% of

cons umer prefer it . And next comes C lub factory with the 6. 9% of people

prefer it .

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11) M ostly purchased product through online sites:

The co nsumer mostly purc hase fashion items consists of clothes , bags, shoes

etc . with the 62.1% the increasing demand of the fashion products in online is

because o f the variety of options the consumer get to choose and that to a

reasonabl e price . M ore over the quality provided is superior. So the re is a

demand for fashion products in onlin e pages. N ext comes the electronic items

consists of sma rt phones, laptops, smart watches etc. w ith 20.7% of the total

demand. These sites provide these items at factory output price and pr ovide a

warranty over the items . So, consumer find it reasonable to buy online. A nd

next comes th e bea uty products and others like footw ear , shoes and cosmet ics

are the prod uct mos tly purc hased in the online platform .

12) how long res pondents purchase through online sites :

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In this graphi cal representation we will come to kno w about the since

how long people are purchasing in online most o f the peopl e shopping

since 2 -4 years it is because of the increasing reach of technolog y to the

common pe ople that it made possible for increase in the number of

population opting for onl ine purchase . N ext comes 4 -6 it’s the pea k time

in online sho pping where peopl e started t o do shopping through the

online sites. N ext comes the 1-2 years. A nd remain in g people started

shopping s ince more tha n 6 ye ars.

13) how imp ortant is to ac ces s shopping websites:

acces sing shopping websites is also a parameter determining the difference

between online and offline sho pping . W hile 69% of people said it is fairly

important to access the shopping web sites . N ex t 20 .7 % of people says that

extremely important . A nd 10. 3 are saying it is not important access shopping

websites .

14) D oes websi tes provide sufficient i nform ation:

P a g e | 14

every product which is available for purcha se on a particular site gives

well informed information about with pictures to attract the cus tomers .

M ost of the times the sit e provide ever valuable information needed and

many times they avoided when the product is not up to the mark . 48. 3%

of people says that they will provide valuable information about product.

But 41.4% of people say s that they provide information s ometimes. But

remaining 6.9 % of pe ople says that they are not pr oviding the informatio n

about the product.

15) Is delivery of the product on time:

The time o f delivering of the product by the online sites is one of the

major factors that attract consumers tow ards them. It is one of the key

feature of is to enabled thi s sites to b uild its market worl dwide .

A ccording to the survey 82. 8% people are saying that delivery of the

product are on t ime and there is no issue in that. N ext remaining all are

sa ying th at no it is not on time and few people are sayi ng it is always on

time so it plays a hu ge role in online shopping.

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16) Is online sho pping is as secure as offlin e sho pping:

In this graphi cal representation we will come to know about is online

shopping i s as secure as offlin e shopping. In the both scenario 37.9% o f

pe ople says that it secure and sometimes it is secure so by th is we can

clearly know that they are trusting the online sites more than the offline.

But 20.7 pe ople are saying that it not secure as traditional shoppin g.

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