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Intern Report Submitted to Paper

Words: 1040, Paragraphs: 78, Pages: 4

Paper type: Report , Subject: Engineering

“Intern Report”

Submitted to: Intern, Project & Thesis committee,

Table of Contents

Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International university

Submitted by: Md. Abul Kashem

Id: 15-35-900

Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University


8th December 2018


Intern, Project & Thesis Committee,

Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University

Subject: Letter of Transmittal


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This is a pleasure to submit the “Internship Report” as per Internship Program requirement for The course SWE 431 Internship.

This report contains the complete details of my activities during the Internship period. I have been working as an intern at Daffodil Software Limited. During this period, I w under the supervision Akter Ul Alam (Suvro), Assistant Director (Software Development) Daffodil Software Limited.

I hope this report would fulfil the requirements of Internship Program and you would excuse Minor flaws with a soft view that had been made due to my limitations.

I am requesting to accept and consider this report.

Yours sincerely

Md. Abul Kashem

Id: 151-35-900

Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University

i | P a g e


8th December 2018


Intern, Project & Committee,

Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University

Subject: Approval of the Report


I am writing to endorse, Md. Abul Kashem, 151-35-900, Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University. He worked with me last Five months (June-November) at

Daffodil Software ltd as an Intern. I was his supervisor in this period.

I hereby endorse that the contents of this report are true and not confidential to the company. The projects, training assignments mentioned in this report have had successful involvement of him. I wish him all the very best for his future career.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much.

Internship Supervisor

Akter Ul Alam (Suvro)

Assistant Director (Software Development)

Daffodil Software Limited

ii | P a g e


I do hereby solemnly declare that the work presented in this Internship Report has been carried out me and has not been previously submitted to any other University, College, and Organization for any academic Qualification, Certificate and BBA Degree. I hereby warrant that the work I have presented does not breach any existing copyright acts.


Md. Abul Kashem


Department of Software Engineering

Daffodil International University

Certified by:


Kaushik Sarker

Assistant Professor & Associate Head

Faculty of Science & Information Technology

Department of Software Engineering

iii | P a g e


First of all, I would like to thank my Institute, Department of Software Engineering, for arranging the internship program for me. I am also grateful to Daffodil Software Limited for recruiting me as an intern.

I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regards to my supervisor Kaushik Sarker, Assistant Professor & Associate Head, Department of Software Engineering for his flawless guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement throughout the course of this internship. Without his help, it’s hard to imagine the growth and experiences I am gained from this journey. The blessing, help and guidance shall carry me a long way in the journey of life on which I am about to begin.

I want to express my gratitude to Akter Ul Alam (Suvro), Assistant Director (Software Development) Daffodil Software Limited, for being so nice to me and helping me with his valuable guidance in many stages of the internship period.

I count myself lucky that I got the chance of working with such a wonderful team Daffodil software ltd. All the members of the team were very friendly and great. It was fun working as a part of that team. I would like to thank them all for making my journey successful and enjoyable. Actually, every member of Daffodil software ltd family was great. It was my pleasure working there.

iv | P a g e


This internship experience started for the author when he was sent to Daffodil software ltd as an intern. He then found himself in an environment different from his any past experiences. He experienced a mature and organized official environment where learning, sharing and creating goes hand on hand. He soon got settled in the company, thanks to the much lighter environment of Daffodil software ltd compared to other companies. And thus, he became part of their growth culture through gaining knowledge, skill and different perspectives.

The internship report highlights the major works carried out by the author in terms of academic and non-academic perspectives. The scope of this document is to identify and describe the analysis carried out, projects completed, experience gained and focuses on the achievements as an intern. Author has found himself in a far better situation after completing the internship process. He has been assigned in real life projects. He worked in teams. He found himself more skilled and confident after facing those challenges.

After the internship, the author is much more professional, confident and respectful in every Aspect of his life. He has earned a real-life experience which will help him in his future life.

Finally, the author is very much grateful, the reasons are discussed in this report along with the Whole process.

v | P a g e


Chapter 1: Introduction 1

1.1 Purpose 1

1.2 Objective 2

1.3 Scope 2

1.4 Conclusion 2

Chapter 2: Company Overview 3

2.1 Overview 3

2.2 Certification 4

2.3 Vision 5

2.4 Mission 5

2.5 Clients 6

2.6 Values 7

2.7 Human resource 8

2.8 Technology And Tools 9

2.9 Offices 9

Chapter 3: Company Culture 10

3.1 Working Environment 10

3.2 Employee Recruitment 10

3.3 Office Schedule 10

3.4 Dress Code 11

3.5 Technical Support 11

3.6 Dinning And Prayer Room 12

vi | P a g e

Chapter 4: My Contribution 13

4.1 DIS (Daffodil International School) Application 13

4.1.1 Challenges 13

4.1.2 Tools and Technologies 14

4.1.3 Workflow 14

4.1.4 Duration 14

4.1.5 Contribution 15

4.1.6 Testing 22

4.1.7 Learning 22

Chapter 5: Professional Growth 26

5.1 Learning New Technologies and Tools 23

5.1.1 Tools 23 Web API 23 Visual Studio 23 SQL Server 2012 24

vii | P a g e Angular JS 24

5.1.2 Technologies and Framework 25 Entity Framework 25 Angular 26

5.2 Effect on personal and professional skills 26

5.3 Self-Evaluation 27

Chapter: 6 System Testing …………………………………………………. 28

6.1.1 Test Case Result Table and Decision 29 Testing-1 29 Testing-2 30 Testing-3 30 Testing-4 31 Testing-5 31 Testing-6 32

Chapter: 7 Software Requirement Specification……………………….36

7.1.1 Performance Requirements 37

Chapter 8: Conclusion 38

Chapter 9: References 39

viii | P a g e


Figure 1: ISO Certification 4

Figure 2: Clients 6

Figure 3: Facts 8

Figure 4: Login Module 15

Figure 5: Screenshot of Dashboard 16

Figure 6: Student Information 17

Figure 7: Screenshot of Admit Card 18

Figure 8: Screenshot of Picker 19

Figure 9: Screenshot of Document 20

Figure 10: Screenshot of Problem 21

Figure 8: Use Case Diagram 33

Figure 9: Activity Diagram 34

Figure 9: ERD Diagram 35

ix| P a g e

About the author

This sample paper is done by Joseph, whose major is Psychology at Arizona State University. All the content of this work is his research and thoughts on Intern Report Submitted to and can be used only as a source of ideas for a similar topic.

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