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Since 1963, Dynapower has been a leading provider of energy storage systems, inverters, and DC-DC converters for numerous applications at institutions around the world. Our fully-integrated energy storage systems re engineered to facilitate applications both in front and behind the meter.

Each Dynapower energy storage system incorporates UL 1741 standard inverters or converters, air-conditioned batteries, comprehensive AC and DC switchgear, specialized control systems, and state of the art fire suppression equipment. Dynapower’s energy storage systems are highly versatile, and can work with various distributed energy sources, including wind, solar, and diesel generators.

They are easily integrated into other systems to further enhance the capacity of any installation. Dynapower storage systems are easy to install, and can be placed on almost any surface, including concrete pads, crushed stone, or flat earth without the need for overhead cranes. This significantly reduces installation time and equipment, thereby cutting integration expenses.

In addition to providing superior energy storage systems, Dynapower is committed to providing the highest quality service in the industry.

Our systems are supported by an experienced team of service technicians and engineers who are top in the industry. We offer 24/7 technical support, preventive maintenance, installation, and repairs for customers around the world. Dynapower is pleased to provide more than 700MWs of energy storage worldwide. Our storage systems enhance a wide range of installations, including commercial and industrial facilities, renewable energy installations, and electrical grids. Our integrated energy storage systems are used in numerous commercial and industrial applications, in order to manage demand charges and responses, shift the energy load, provide reliable backup power, and integrate renewable energy so as to maximize overall energy use and avoid high energy prices.

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Dynapower integrated storage systems manage power flow for renewable power plants to increase capacity and optimize usage for greater revenue. They are also highly valued for use in microgrids for areas outside major utility service areas, as well as facilities that need to be able to operate independently in case of emergency.

Energy storage systems are critical for use in established electrical grids. They provide ancillary electrical services, to regulate frequency, voltage, and reserves. In addition, energy storage systems can be relied upon to assist with transmission and distribution and enhance overall grid capacity. Dynapower’s integrated energy storage solutions help vendors, developers, and utility providers make the most of renewable energy sources with fully-engineered solutions that are easy to install and inexpensive to deploy. Our top-of-the-line energy storage systems offer a wide range of benefits, including: During utility peak periods, the battery will maximize discharge to reduce high time-of-use energy charges and ease the load. Excess load during low usage periods is stored in the battery instead of net metering to the grid, for more efficient energy usage. In addition to the cost savings engendered through storage system load management, Dynapower’s integrated energy storage systems us a battery with spare inverter capacity for the Energy Server. The installation and Energy Server are installed simultaneously, further reducing overhead costs. Our integrated energy storage systems help customers save money while contributing to environmental stewardship. By optimizing electrical flow and integrating clean energy, users lower the facility’s carbon footprint, reduce pollution, and improve the overall efficiency of the electrical grid. With an integrated energy storage system, you can provide seamless backup power to your business, in the event of an interruption in the electrical grid. This will prevent revenue loss due to downtime and allow you to continue business as usual.

In order to ensure the safety of all users and operators, energy storage systems must be relied upon to work as intended. Dynapower understand the need for safe and dependable energy storage solutions, which is why we perform advanced modeling, simulation, and analysis to ensure compatibility and safe operation within the system. We use advanced simulations and real-world demonstration to ensure thorough understanding and efficient utilization of energy storage systems in the field.

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