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Preliminary Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan

Marketing Objective

Ark Industries’ motive is to provide custom printing and embroidery services to design memorable products for customers’ needs and expectations. There are persons who enjoy designing or planning their daily clothing or using necessary items. Also, many tourists enjoy travelling to new countries and experiencing new culture. Tourists wish to buy products/souvenirs that will last them a lifetime. Ark Industries has a long lasting rich printing and embroidery service that produce items such as bags, caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, swimwear, loungewear, mugs, sports uniform etc.

Our goal is to ensure customer’s satisfaction in our products with good quality service, long lasting products and a known custom printing and embroidery brand throughout Indonesia and Asia.

Target Market

Our targeting market is geared to all groups of people from Indonesia/Asia and tourists who travel daily in Indonesia. We are marketing to any age groups. Ark Industries wish to provide Indonesian/Asian locals with an incredible rich service and good quality products.


We offer custom printing and custom embroidery.

Types of Printing

Indirect Silk Screen Printing

Indirect silkscreen combines the elements of both the direct silkscreen. Vinyl transfer printing involves a computer-controlled blade which digitally cuts the design out of the vinyl. This technique is commonly used for designs that need to look vibrant.

Some examples are personalized names and/or numbers on team wear, high-visibility work wear, nylon and technical fabrics such as hi-vis. Choose from a wide range of colors and special effect finishes for your designs such as glow-in-the dark, matte metallic and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vinyls.

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Digital Print

Digital transfer printing allows printing of brilliant, vibrant, full-colored designs and logos of any sizes by producing an unlimited color palette through CMYK. The quality of print and the range of colors, especially gradients is better using the digital print as compared to silk screen printing. Digital print is usually used only on cotton material.

Much like the color printer you use at home or in the office, consumables as as the cost of ink cartridges is very high, thus making digital printing costlier than silk screen printing. Hence, for large quantities, we will usually recommend silk screen printing. For smaller quantities or if the quality of print is of the most importance, digital printing is recommended.


Sublimation printing is a fairly new technique that uses heat sensitive inks that turn into gas under the influence of heat and infuse directly into a 100% polyester fabric. Sublimation printing is a permanent infusion process where the heat sensitive ink will form part of the fabric.

The key advantages of sublimation printing are:

1. The designs on the fabric will not fade or crack with multiple washes

2. Cost does not increase with the number of colors in your design.

3. Designs can run right to the edge of the fabric.

4. Very vivid and vibrant colors.

Sublimation printing is mostly used for customized jerseys, polo tees, T-shirts and lanyards which require multicolored designs or even photos. The best effect would be achieved on white or light color polyester fabric.

Why choose Ark for Printing Services?

Our team has been established since 2005 in Singapore, and we have our own team of local designers, production specialists and experienced consultants. We know what looks good and what does not, and we provide professional advice on the best type of embellishment for each garment or product. Our designers will also help to enhance images such that they come out looking good on apparels. For example, for silkscreen printing, it works in layers of shapes and colours. Our design team will prepare print-ready versions of your artwork or logo, optimising it for best silkscreen printing results. The design team will provide suggestions and advise customers if the artwork requires tweaking to ensure that it is printed well.

Types of Embroidery


Direct embroidery is a process of sewing the design or logo directly into the material of the garment or other fabric materials. Direct embroidery is commonly used on garments or fabrics such as polo tees, hoodies, t-shirts and uniforms. We can even use direct embroidery on items like leather golf bags and footballs! The versatility of direct embroidery is endless, and you can have a wide range of colors in one embroidery.

Direct embroidery is cost effective, and hence one of the most popular and preferred embroidery methods of companies and sports team everywhere.

3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery is a technique where stitches are thickened and raised, giving a three-dimensional look to the embroidery designs or logos. 3D embroidery is commonly used on garments or fabrics that do not require much washing such as caps, jackets and outerwear.

3D embroidery is the latest development in embroidery techniques and not common in the market. If you would like to have something outstanding and different, 3D embroidery is definitely the way to go.

Applique Embroidery

Applique stitch embroidery refers to a needlework technique in which patterns are created through attaching smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting fabric. This technique works well for big embroideries and wordings, giving it a natural outlook. This technique can be used for uniforms, baseball jerseys etc.

Badge Embroidery

An embroidered badge is a piece of embroidery work created by using a fabric backing and thread. Customers select badge embroidery to avoid sewing threads at the back of the fabric. Embroidery badges can be attached with a pin, sewn on, iron-on or heat-activated adhesive. Embroidery badges are commonly used by uniformed organizations, sports teams and individual enthusiasts.

Why Choose Ark for Embroidery Service?

Our embroidery is done by our production team in Singapore, and carefully supervised by an experienced team of designers, digitalizers and quality control managers. This means that you enjoy the highest quality at quick turnaround time.

We are also constantly innovating and experimenting with new embroidery techniques, and we are able to produce 3D embroidery, felt appliqu?, sequin and chenille embroidery. We take pride as being one of the forefronters in quality and innovation in embroidery.

We use highly specialised embroidery machines from renowned makers in Japan, Barudan and Tajima. For threads, we use high quality thread from international supplier, Madeira, thus ensuring that the colours of the embroidery will remain vibrant even after multiple washes.

Embroidery of logos on apparel creates a higher perceived value of both the apparel and the brand that it represents. It is lasting, durable, and creates the right kind of impression for your company/ team. For top quality embroidery and piece of mind, feel free to chat with us.

Our products and service fulfils every person in need of long lasting items that they can re-use and save money. Imagine satisfying an American tourist using an Ark Industries custom-made mug for tea or coffee every morning. Ark Industries custom-made items will give customer’s that secure feeling knowing their product is 100% worth spending.

We feel that Indonesian/Asian locals and tourists deserve the best quality brand printing and embroidery service for long lasting products to make as memorable products and souvenirs. Our main goal is pleasing our customers and meeting their expectations, increasing sales with tourists and locals, expanding our brand domestically and globally. Our target is to aim for anyone who’s interested in creating items and souvenirs for a memorable lifetime.

Sales Forecast 1-5 years

First five years we Plan to sell almost everything (show working) on a daily basis. Marketing in Indonesia will play a huge role in this part. (1st year we invest the money)

Profit Forecast 1-5 years

First five years we plan to profit at least more than 10,000 than we expected it to be. (Show graph/table) explain it

Marketing Penetration and Coverage how we are planning to enter the market

With 2 million people in Jakarta

B. SWOT Analysis

Ark Industries is a new industry to Indonesia. Luckily, being a new product allows our company to continue to build its brand and introduce something different to the market. Also, we feel that a new fresh and trendy brand will help enter us into the market.

Some weakness we expect is being new to the market and not satisfying the customers’ expectation. Also, we feel that being new to the international market and lack of innovation will be some sought of weakness.

Market penetration through market development, and increase revenue are our opportunities dealing with this new business venture.

Threats that can come about in this new venture can be our competitors, price range and saturated market.

Easy Tees is our top competitor and they sell similar items as Ark Industries. Easy Tees is a Balinese/Australian owned factory located on Bali island. They have over 20 years experience supplying clients with handcrafted T-shirts. Also they produce a wide range of items such as hoodies, polo shirts, shirts, walk shorts, board shorts, swimwear, caps, and bags. Easy Tees is an environmentally conscious business. They have similar methods and machinery as Ark Industries which we would find to be a little challenging. Easy Tees are known throughout Indonesia and Australia which makes it harder for us to compete in those two countries.

C. Product Adaption/Modification

At Ark Industries, we offer a wide range of product lines, ranging from the branded to non-branded. For our branded line, we are the authorized distributors from reputable brands such as Adidas, Taylormade, Under Armour and Yupoong Flexfit. Our main service is providing a printing and embroidery service.

How can it be adapted for:

Core component

Packaging component

D. Promotion Mix

1. Advertising – Advertising in Indonesia (Objectives, Media Mix, Message, Cost)

Our main objective is to persuade our potential customers that Ark Industries brand is the best custom printing and embroidery service available in Indonesia. Once our customers are informed, word of mouth will get around and we will enter the market already being known around Indonesia. Indonesians prefer name-brand companies, with this tip, we can promote our company throughout the country with different types of mixed sources. Our media mix will include print ads, commercials, radio, newspaper, posters and social media – Facebook,Instagram,Twitter etc.

The Jakarta Post is Indonesia best selling newspaper. Anything important is inside the newspaper. Many Indonesians still read the newspaper therefore this will not be an issue to advertise the company there. Radio stations are also in use in Indonesia. Famous radio stations are 101 JAK FM and 106.6 FM – V Radio FM. These two stations are broadcasted from Jakarta. These two radio stations are popular in Bandung – 102.3 RASE FM and 103.1 OZ FM.

Our Instagram page is currently up and running , we posts our feed there including pictures and videos of our product. You can visit our page @ark_industries on Instagram and Twitter. Our Twitter feed gives customers updated tweets about upcoming sales, clearances, coupons/deals and new designs for the company. We also have a Facebook business page in which we post every week. Please follow us on our social media pages to stay connected and follow our path.

All of these methods are great ways that will allow Ark Industries brand to be effectively introduced into the market. Any form of media mix that can get the brand showed is optimistic for the company. With this type of advertising we do feel that it will be costly. We would like to do everything in our powers to introduce the new product. The funds will be coved by the main office in Singapore , however we already were told that do not want to invest all of the funds and resources into the new launch and does not become profitable for us as a company. Cost prices should be … , anything that exceeds this amount less than can cause our new business venture to be a complete fail.

Sales promotion (Objectives, Coupons, Premiums, Costs)

Ark Industries will launch sales promotions that will begin when the company opens in Indonesia. We plan to promote our company to get our brand more popular and familiar throughout the country and hopefully the Asian market. We also want to increase our sales especially for our first year. It is important to keep track of our sales for in the near future purposes where we can brainstorm new ideas for Ark Industries’ brand. Ark Industries sales promotions ideas consist of a new customer’s package and sports team deal. Also, Ark Industries’ wish to include coupons/discounts, endorsements and marketing.

We are planning to establish a new customer’s package. New customers can get their first embroidery done for free. In addition to this package, we have included the sport’s team package as well. For instance, if a team were to send in a certain amount of jerseys to be embroidered, we can do the next batch for free. Contracts can be set in place whereas we do the embroidery for the teams, and in return our brand is promoted.

Our marketing promotion is also in the works. Marketing is very essential as a sales promotion method. It is the method that will make our company known by locals and tourists of Indonesia. Nevertheless, embroidery is done on pretty much everything; business attire, casual, sportswear, you name it. Companies can be offered contracts; whereas they are offered a line of credit lasting up to 45 days; In return a fee would be charged. To better promote, we can offer new upcoming companies embroidery for free, in return we get to include our logo on their attire.

Endorsements Deals

Premium Membership is another method we have listed. Customers that have been with us for a long time and have been consistent with purchases can join our premium membership and receive a member’s discount. Customers with premium membership can be offered free shipping on all orders. We will offer a premium membership discount card that will be available in Ark Industries store.

Every holiday or launch day (known as Ark Industries’ Day) we will offer coupons/discounts to our customers for pleasurable purchases. Our public relations’ team will notify our customers as soon as possible. They would post information prior to clearances and coupons/discounts on our social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Personal Selling

Personal selling is the costliest but most effective way of selling. We would try to earn our maximum selling through this way by providing following advantages over them.





Other promotions

E. Distribution: From origin to destination

Indonesia is an archipelago country which based their transport system. Ark Industries plan to distribute to the main cities in Indonesia. These main cities we wish to target are Bali, Bandung, Jakarta (capital and most populated city), Medan, Semarang and Surabaya.

Port Selection

Jakarta has the largest port entry in Indonesia called Port of Tanjung Priok. This port can transfer the items to the other major cities ports that are located on the island of Java. Port of Tanjung Priok happens to be the busiest port in Indonesia which handled over 5.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs)

Mode Selection

Transportation in Indonesia varies as they normally use public road transport or bus rapid transport. Ark Industries selects the air and ocean carriers. Air carriers would deliver faster usually takingIndonesia Air Transport (IAT) is the air carrier Indonesia normally uses to export/import items. IAT is situated in Jakarta and Bali.


Packing is very important in case of shipment. Marking & labeling regulations all information must visually appear.

Documents Required

For any business, it’s just providing correct documentation. The Bill of landing consists of basic three components and they are

1. It is the evidence of a contract of carriage between ocean freight carrier and shipper;

2. It is the receipt for goods;

3. It is the document of title on shipped goods.

Document issued by a direct ocean freight carrier to acknowledge receipt of ocean freight shipment at the carrier’s shipping terminal is the dock receipt. The transactions between all parties stated are called commercial invoice.

A statement or certificate of origin gives the information of the origin of the product and where it will be shipped too. Insurance claims must be implemented to protect the product.

Insurance Claims

Freight Forwarders

Export will take place by the freight forwarder. JAS worldwide- Jakarta


Cost of the shipment of goods-

As here labor cost is less and shipping raw material will cost the same money and hassle we found it’s economical to produce our product in Bangladesh, and sold here and to people around the world. To get international at first we choose the UK considering their market structure and business opportunity of our “Eco First”. We have to worry about at the cost of shipping, taxes, and customs duties. We need not worry about the expenses of importing raw materials. So our main concern is transportation costs, insurance costs, handling expenses, wholesale and retail discounts, company’s gross margins and retail pricing.

Transportation Costs

Here transportation cost will include the freight charge and cost of delivery from the plant to the freight forwarder. There will be another cost of transportation of handling raw materials.Export of Jute Products from Bangladesh and maintains distribution across Europe.

Shams (UK) Limited, a company that was set up in the UK as a trading company. Shams UK Limited deals with import and SJKL Trading International and JSL Trading International will be other trading companies we will deal with them to export our “Eco First”.

Handling Expenses

As stated earlier in the channels of distribution, although we may use airplanes and ship as our modes of transportation, we will have air or ship charges due to exporting our product from Bangladesh to freight forwarder. We will have to use the wholesaler to transport our product to other parts of the country.

Insurance Cost

As our company starts with a brand new product with value-added service we must have insurance for it.

Customs duties

We will have to go through this division for our product as we export it to the UK from Bangladesh.

Import taxes

We will be going to import from Singapore to our wholesaler for distribution. Wholesale and retail markups and discounts.

Eco First will be sold 1500 USD/10000bag in a box. Our MOQ will be 10000 pieces and there will be a discount with three case order and the amount will become 4000 USD for three cases.

Company’s gross margins

This can be displayed by the cash flow chart

Retail price

Normally retail price is set 2-3times more than the wholesale price. As we are not reaching to the end users so it will totally depend on the whole seller.

Terms of Sale

Ex-works, FOB, FAS, C&F, CIF

When it comes to the terms of direct selling other than trade companies, we will be utilizing the free on board method. This will only be for our orders purchased online. This only used if a consumer orders from the outside UK. However, if it is a consumer purchasing our product within the country, we will use the free carrier method.

Marketing Budget

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