Understanding Architecture

The following sample essay on ”Understanding Architecture” analyzes Roth’s article of the same name, emphasizing that article, architecture is the physical record of human activity and aspiration.

Initially, buildings were created to be a place of livelihood, privacy, comfort, and safety that has greatly affected our lives. Constantly encountering these buildings have made us think that these structures were only built to serve a purpose, but for many years, significant buildings have stood as landmarks in our timeline. Structures such as these affect our history by embodying stories and historical events.

For instance, the San Agustin Church, a historical landmark recognized by the Philippine Government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This structure has stood for 412 years that was built by Spanish colonizers to establish Christianity in the Philippines. It has not only served as a place of worship but also as a source of the political influence of the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines. (Santos, 2012)

In addition to the functionality and history of buildings, design and artistry are also relevant.

Emotions and symbolism are usually critical, especially in the modern era, which can help create a form for the building. In contrast to misconceptions on the importance of design, user experience outweighs the physical appearance of an object, building, or structure. Furthermore, a structure should actively encourage creativity, and improve the health and happiness of the settlers. In fact, according to Steve Jobs, a fittingly designed structure can improve productivity, and decrease illnesses by promoting physical activity.

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(Pomeroy, 2012)

Although forms and decoration are of minor importance, it also improves marketing and attracts appreciation from people. For instance, compare the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Guildford Cathedral. The former is continuously being funded by sponsors worldwide and attract tourists to the country whilst the latter receives constant criticism for its redbrick material that looks unfinished. (Gledhill, 2017) Essentially, one part of the building will reflect the whole.

Building and design come hand in hand which is why one without the other is not substantial. A building by itself would look simple and unattractive and a design by itself may look good but may be unable to serve its purpose. Numerous decisions and choices have been made to satisfy mans basic needs while still giving importance to feelings and values, making a human built environment. The art and science of designing buildings is Architecture, it could likewise be characterized as the control of shapes, structures, space and light to change our environment. (Ching, F. D. K., 2007) As humans grow and time progresses, recognizing the importance of our past creations helps us keep our identity.

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Understanding Architecture
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