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PRN: 18021141054

Annexure I

Initial Information Report (IIR)

Project Details:

Title of the object:

Understanding the Digital Marketing Services offered by Bodhtree

Area of the project:

Digital Marketing

Objective of the project:

The primary objective of this report is to identify the customers, their needs, which environment they are working on or if not which possible environment they should be working and accordingly design and deliver services to cater the customized needs of the clientele.

Description of the project in brief:

This project will contain information regarding different types of digital marketing services and description of the same as offered by Bodhtree. A comparison between conventional or traditional marketing and modern marketing will be undertaken. Digital marketing strategies that a B2B company can take and use of those strategies by Bodhtree.

Organisational Details:

Name of the Organisation:

Bodhtree Consulting Limited

Address of the Organisation:

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Block A, Wing 2, Level 6, Cyber Gateway, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Telephone Number: 040 6622 2333

E-mail: [email protected]

Main activity of the Organisation:

Bodhtree is a company which enables enterprises to transform their business using the power of cloud, analytics and digital solutions. In addition, they streamline key business processes by deploying enterprise applications, integrating applications with their IT infrastructure and maintaining them, so that business users can focus on strategic organizational priorities.

Name & Designation of Head of the Organisation:

Mr Kiran Kumar Naik, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Work Timings:

10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Amount of Stipend offered:

Rs. 3000pm

Facilities available to the student:

A cubical with a personal computer and refreshments

Company Guide:


Ms Archana Thakur


Digital Marketing Manager

Telephone Numbers: 9966993911

E-mail: [email protected]

Project Implementation and Schedule:


Data collection: next 15 days

Interim report: 1st week of May

Final report: 4th week of May


Data type and source:

This report will be based on primary and secondary data.

Primary data is collected with the help of the company’s employees

Secondary data source is internet, articles, websites (Bodhtree’s as well as from its competitors’)

Faculty Guide Name: Dr. Tanmoy De

394081027305Signature of the Student

0Signature of the Student




09th April, 2019

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