Informative essay SPC Mosqueda John bryon P168th RTI Basic

Informative essay

SPC Mosqueda, John bryon P.

168th RTI Basic leader course (BLC)

Class number 19-010



One of the Leader Requirement Model (LRM) or a component to be an effective leader is to exercise and by understanding the concept of leaders attribute. Army leader is an assigned role, a huge responsibility that motivate, inspire and influence others the subordinates, peers to accomplish one of the organizational goals. Attribute is a personal qualities or a piece that ascribe the leader or someone.

Leaders attribute consist of character, presence and intellect these are the factors helps the leader to be more efficient or be productive. The day you become a leader or becoming a leader will get you ready or prepare to face different tasks, training, subordinate problems, personal challenges that needs to be handle in every situation. These three types of leaders attribute will make you change into a different person in what are you right now, by applying it, adjusting yourself and improve the weakness area that we usually do.

Character is an extraordinary personality of a person including mentality, moral or behavior. Having a strong character is an advance to be a good leader, the leader’s character show to the subordinates what type of leader they have. Four parts of the character are Army values, empathy, warrior ethos and discipline. (1) Army values is one of the beliefs of the leader or a Soldier that live on every day, it is a part of our daily lives. The Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal courage (LDRSHIP).

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(2) Empathy be able to put yourself in a situation of the person and share your feelings to understand others. (3) Warrior ethos the principles or faith that we practice or we believe on in every single soldiers, I will always place the mission first, I will never accept defeat, I will never quit, and I will never leave a fallen comrade.

(4) Discipline as a leader be able to show or enforce good behavior in according to Army values, have a self-discipline either in a civilian or military installation, even on/off to work the discipline always sets to high standards nothing change we are a Soldiers or Army leader 24/7 no matter where we are.

Presence is very important to show to subordinates that you are not only supervising them at the same time you work with them and lead by example. Presence consist of; (1) Military bearing is an on and off responsibility, ensure the soldiers know all the standards, conduct, and be in professional manners at all times. (2) Physical fitness lead the soldiers to be physically fit and mentally fit ready to fight, take care of your soldiers when their hurt or injured. (3) Confidence be a confident leader and the team at all times, in every situation under stress, under pressure or to remove and control the doubt of the subordinates and be able to continue to act in every situation. (4) Resiliency is the most important one too when a person or a leader encounter a situation that suffer, struggle he/she be able to recover in a difficult situation during that time. Be elastic like a rubber be able to stretch out, but easy to turn back or get back. Every ideas or phrases, words about leaders attribute, I referred to Army Doctrine Publication (ADP 6-22) or visit their website at

Intellect is a wisdom or knowledge of a person through his/her experience, training and education. He/she have an outstanding way of understanding the others situation, speech, and have a flexible mind. (1) Mental agility is about the way the leaders think in quickly manner or situational awareness at all times. (2) Sound judgments as an Army leader facing some problems that needs to handled carefully. There is a lot of Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO) around you that you can talk to, and by considering their thoughts, opinions or feedback before you make a decision and think the outcome, or possible results, prepare and consider the possible consequences based on your decisions. (3) Innovation is all about being a creative leader; try something new or different way to accomplish certain things, task, goals or mission. (4) Interpersonal tact one of the best examples as an Army leader is crossed training, during this interacting with others be able to watch your words, be respectful to others opinion, avoid being offensive to others, think before you speak. Once you say something to somebody you cannot take it back, there is no take two in reality the nature of communication or interaction will change they could misjudge you of what you said. (5) Expertise is an Army leader comprehension or knowledge in a particular subject, job, problems, Army regulations, standards, norms, rules, law that based on fact’s, education and operational training, where talking about in general subject.

Bottom line is all these tools, settings, piece that under leaders attribute are all important requirements to be an effective and productive leader, to lead and be a part of something big in the future and to make a difference every day. Can you be a leader or an Army leader without ONE of the leaders attribute? Can you complete the mission without this? After I learned and understand all these things and the importance of leaders attribute. My first impression was that it is going to change me. Then there is going to be many adjustments, and be more careful of what I do next. In addition, how am I going to apply it effectively on a daily basis?

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Informative essay SPC Mosqueda John bryon P168th RTI Basic
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