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informational books

T/F: Informational books and textbooks are interchangeable classifications

Writing that explains is called
expository writing

writing that tells a story is called,
narrative writing

When a picture book presents only one or two scientific or social topics it is known as
a concept picture book

Informational books for children should avoid

How authors and illustrators express themselves in their respective medium is defined as

elements of style include:
1. vocabulary
2. graphics
3. tone
4. sentence length
5. word choice

What movement cut short the promising beginning of children’s informational books?
the Puritan Movement

The earliest informational book dates back to the

Informational literature for children rapidly developed in response to
The Sputnik launch

Literature dealing primarily with nonliving materials is classified as
Physical science

In informational books, the reader is able to look inside something through
cut aways

A reader can find a particular topic using a book’s

informational literature was recognized as a genre with the establishment of
orbis pictus award

The main purpose of informational books is to
help readers understand aspects of the real world

Values of informational books for children

informational books
books of information and facts about any topic

Types of informational books
• Chapter books • Picture books • Concept picture book • Photo essay • Fact books • Series • Multigenre • Activity • Reference

What characterizes an outstanding informational book for children?

what medal is for informational books?
Robert F Sibert- info book
Orbis Pictus Award for outstanding nonfiction for children

elements of nonfiction 4
1. accuracy: current and complete
2. organization
3. design
4. style

how is an informational book accurate? 6
1. avoids stereotypes and sexism
2. authority
3. documentation
4. current
5. complete
6. scope

how is an informational book organized?
Table of contents • Index • Glossaries • Captions • Maps

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