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Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort is located in the renowned ancient town of Hoi An. The cultural heritage is embedded in its architecture with the twist to reflect the modern life. In addition to that, Almanity Organic Garden provides a farm-to-table dining experience that made it the first resort in Hoi An that provides such experience to their guests. In the resort, a lot of activities that were made to fit the natural and spiritual mood of the resorts such as fish feeding, Vietnamese lessons and herbal tea meditation for guests to relax and feel the comfort of silence after a long tiring day.

Also, the resort makes some International Art Exhibitions for all the art lovers among the guests. Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort houses consist of 138 rooms and it provides 6 different types of rooms with different names such as My Soul, My Mind, My Alma, etc. Moreover, they were honored and recognized by experts, international magazines and tourism ministries and the most important thing is guests rated them in a very good way because of their excellent service.

All in all, with all the enthusiasm and thoroughness of resort’s employers, the resort is more and more developing and attracting lots of tourists with their slogan “Our guest ambassadors look forward to attending to your every need around the clock” (Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort, 2018).

Positive Experience

Chi and her best friend – Huong had an amazing experience in the summer of 2018 at the Almanity Resort located in Hoi An, Vietnam.

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On the day of their arrival, the Resort confirmed their stay an hour before the check-in time. After visiting scenic spots in Da Nang, a place famous for large artificial landscape, they arrived at Almanity Resort. The receptionist was very resourceful and provided them with cold towels and traditional cakes while the Chi and Huong waited to their room to be ready. The check-in procedure was very simple and fast, making them feel satisfied after their long day walking out in the sun. The Resort was very accommodating, Huong has requested for there to be no mirrors in front of the bed and the room was set up perfectly for her. The receptionist had conducted a small survey of the ladies’ food and beverage preferences therefore the staff learned Chi liked fruits. The Resort staff delivered a variety of delicious fruits everyday so the ladies could enjoy them at no extra charge. In the evening, Chi and Huong enjoyed the Chef’s special dinner menu, and then the staff suggested that Chi and Huong try out the relaxing massage services at the Resort Spa. The next day, before leaving the Resort, the staff delivered a goodbye card and a small souvenir before they wished Chi and Huong a great experience for the duration of their time in Vietnam.

As a result, the ladies appreciated the ambiance of the resort and the superior service provided by the staff. Therefore, they voted 5 stars on the TripAdvisor website and gave the resort very positive reviews. If they had a chance to come back Hoi An, Almanity Wellness Resort is definitely their first choice and would recommend to their family and friends.

Service Analysis

Almanity Wellness Resort not only provides accommodation and relaxation services but also serves customers with a professional style which is clearly shown in the process of welcoming, staying and departure of guests. Firstly, The staff displayed professionalism while creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere within the resort for all of its clientele. As soon as the customer arrives at the resort, the reception team warmly greets them with an affectionate smile, polite voice and the staff memorized the names of each guest. The reception team provides complimentary snacks and drinks for guests; this shows respect and good hospitality skills to guests. Next, the staff was efficient while arranging rooms specific to requests for the customer when staying at the resort. Take an example, Huong has requested for there to be no mirrors in front of the bed and the room was set up to meet that request. This displays how the staff is always prepared and capable; they know how to make the guest feel at home for the duration of their stay at the Resort. Furthermore, the staff was flexible regarding the tasks that they manage, and the staff was happy to take responsibilities and help out in areas outside of their job requirements. In the Alaminty Wellness Resort’s own restaurant, the dishes served are with the same consistency and quality on a regular basis which makes it ideal for loyal customers. Additionally, the staff were attentive to details, watched the body language of the guests and suggested using the Spa facilities to relax. The professional staff in the Spa helped customers dispel fatigue after an hour of relaxation in a quiet space with gentle scents. This suggestion showcased the staff always aware that observing and listening to customers is one of the important ways to make accurate decisions based on their knowledge of the facilities and work experience. Finally, the employees went out of their way to prepare memorable souvenir and greeting cards for their customers, although this is only a small gift but is proof of extraordinary service. Thanks to this smart handling, the Resort staff has contributed to improving the reputation and quality of service for the customers which encourage them to return and recommend to others. The Almanity Wellness Resort showed warm and friendly behaviour when welcoming customers, good observations skills and knowledge of all the facilities, the attentive and courteous service attitude made a great lasting impression on all departed guests.

The Cheesecake Factory

In the 1940s, Evelyn Overton decided to sell her “original” cheesecake to local residents and restaurants in her hometown Detroit, Michigan. In 1972, Evelyn and her husband opened the Cheesecake Factory Bakery in Los Angeles and it was very successful and she began selling more than 20 types of dessert including cheesecake. In 1978, Evelyn’s son David opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California to showcase his mother’s excellent dessert selections. That was the simple start of a worldwide restaurant chain, The Cheesecake Factory now has more than 200 locations. The restaurant chain values commitment to quality and the spirit of innovation and hard work. The Cheesecake Factory declares it’s mission to create an environment where guest satisfaction is the highest priority. One of it’s newest locations in Canada is in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, this location opened in December 2017 and has been very popular with the Canadian crowd.

Negative Experience

Purneet and three of her friends went to the Cheesecake Factory at the new Yorkdale location in April 2018. Purneet has previously gone to the Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo, NY and had amazing experiences with great service and food. They knew it was a very popular place since it was new in Toronto, therefore, it must be very busy. The restaurant opens at 11 am and the girls arrived at 11:30 am, hoping that they would be able to beat some of the lunch rush. They were wrong, the girls ended up waiting for an hour and a half for their table of 4. Once seated, the server seemed to be a little flustered; he did not make a good first impression. They ordered their meals, the friends ordered fancy entrees while Purneet ordered simple nachos. Purneet’s friends got their food in a timely manner and she encouraged them to eat it while it’s hot and not wait for her. Purneet waited for 20 minutes before she flagged down her server about her food and the server let her know that he would check on it. 15 minutes later, Purneet’s nachos arrived and the food runner apologized for the delay. Soon after, the manager came by to speak with her because Purneet appeared upset. He apologized for the delay, the kitchen had missed the order on the check; he offered a free slice of cheesecake to compensate. They finished their entrees and then ordered their free dessert. The cheesecake was absolutely delicious and everyone was in a good mood again. But once the checks came around, Purneet was charged for the dessert. She was very annoyed and decided to pay and leave instead of arguing with the staff. As a result of this experience, Purneet would not return or recommend this location for a nice meal. If someone wants a good experience at the Cheesecake Factory, please go to another location like Buffalo, New York.

Service Recovery Recommendation

As a manager, I would like the servers to correct the situations before the manager get involved which means the situation has escalated. If the table is still unhappy after the server has made an effort; then I would get involved as a manager, take action to resolve the issue. I would kindly introduce myself to the customers and explain the situation and listen to the customers about what they need and identify the problem. I would offer solutions like compensation as a complimentary dessert or to remove the charge for the missing dish. I would reassure them that they are important and that I would especially take care of them and there will be no other errors in service. I would make the change to the final bill and inform the server of what has been done for the table and I would follow up with the customers to see if they are satisfied with the solution. Later I would check on the customers before they leave, to make sure they were happy with their evening, invite them to come again; I would wish them a good night and safe trip home.

Service Etiquette

Upon the guest’s entry, the host should be smiling and sending off a welcoming and friendly presence through body language, eye contact, and warm smiles in order to make a good first impression before any verbal communication. The host should greet the guest by name if known to make them feel important. The host should listen and acknowledge any special requests made by guests, for example: seating arrangements, special occasions, and/or food allergies. The information should be passed on to the servers for them to anticipate the needs of the guests because effective communication is important between staff.

The server should always present themselves as calm, cool and collected. The servers should be knowledgeable about the menu, drinks, and specials of the day. In order to give extraordinary service, the server should be able to give recommendations and be aware of which food substitutions can be made based off allergies and dietary preference. The server should always be honest if they are unsure if certain accommodations can be made; the server can consult the kitchen or a manager and report back to the table with the results. The guests should receive their drinks and food in a timely manner. The server should be aware of the guest’s body language, in order to determine if they require anything else or if they are happy or unsatisfied with their food or service. The server should portray to guests that their needs and concerns are of the utmost importance and are being dealt with immediately.

Once the meal is completed, the server and the host should wish the guests a good day and invite them to come again for a meal. The staff should inform them of upcoming events and inquire if they have a safe way home like a taxi if they’ve been drinking or if bad weather becomes an issue. This small conversation will increase the credibility and reputation of the place because it shows that the staff cares about the guests. In the little things done by the staff, the reputation and atmosphere of the establishment will continuously grow to be excellent.

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