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Individual Research AssignmentStudent name Natasha Essay

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Paper type: Assignment

Individual Research Assignment

Student name: Natasha Maremo

Student Number:…………………

Subject Name: Managing Beverage Operations

Lecturer: Saima Ebrahim

Due Date: 28 August 2019





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1. Introduction

This individual assignment entails information about bars in hotels and free standing bars/lounges and the comparison between the two. A bar in a hotel is just like any other setting that will attract the guests for the first time to create and deliver an experience. When there is repetition of guests it is called loyalty. Bars also aid to the guests stay and experience in the hotel. The concept of a bar is the collection of the bar’s design, staff, products and service all brought together to provide guests with a quality experience. A free standing bar is a popular destination for many guests and these types include; brew pubs, cigar bars, sports bars and wine bars.

This research will identify the trends implemented two establishments of the researcher’s choice and establishment of choice number one is The 12 Apostles’ Spa Leopard Bar in Capetown. 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is part of Red Carnation group and it is located in Victoria road Camps Bay in Capetown. Establishment of choice number two is Down South Food Bar, a freestanding bar located in Rondebosch, Capetown.

1. Identify the current international beverage trends that your establishment has implemented and is it cost effective.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a trend as “a change or development in a situation or in the way that people are behaving” the above definition is just a guideline on defining what a trend is. A beverage trend in this case can be termed as the a change or general development shaping beverage consumption in the Hospitality or Food and beverage industry .This essay is going to identify current international beverage trends that are implemented by The 12 Apostles Hotels Leopard Bar in Camps Bay, Cape town South Africa, and investigate if they counter cost efficiency.

2.1 Apostles Leopard bar

(Fig.1shows The 12 Apostles’ Leopard Bar interior, Camps Bay, Capetown)

The 12 Apostles Hotel’s Leopard Bar has implemented a couple of international beverage trends to suit different guests that they host. Among the beverage trends implemented are: – none and alcoholic beverage trends. Alcoholic beverages trends implemented include wine, beer and spirits.

The 12 Apostles Leopard Bar serves cocktails and muddles. The bar has quite a number of popular alcoholic cocktails they serve and these include the cosmopolitan, margarita, vanilla chocolatini, mojito, wine cocktails and martinis. According to (Dylan, 2019), cocktails are more common with the female guests who are looking to drink with class in it. Some of them focus on colours, taste, alcohol strength and appearance. These alcoholic cocktails fit in the writer’s description of an international beverage trend adopted by the bar because it is understood that most of the cocktails are borrowed concept from America and Europe and they are practiced worldwide. For example, the Mojito is of American origins – Cuba.

Another alcoholic beverage trend the establishment has implemented is spirit trend. The Leopard bar serves gin, whiskey, vodka and brandy. As (Dylan, 2019)mentioned Gin is one of their specialities and they serve it with a passion and extras. They have amazing gin making sessions and offer gin paired with some of the Hotels best Pastry (Canap?). They serve it dry, spiced and floral. According to the (Dylan, 2019)’s observations, the spirits are more popular with the male guest and a few ladies compared to the male counterparts. Ladies are also becoming experimental with flavoured gin. The spirit trend is international in the sense that most of the concepts used are of foreign origins for example Irish whiskey, as the name suggests its of Irish origins , Scottish whiskey originated from Scotland , gin has England and Holland background. Given the hotels location, this service is a borrowed concept hence an international trend implemented by the Leopard bar

The Leopard bar also serves beers and ciders. They have a wide variety of beers available, they serve locally brewed beer for example the Devils peak lager, Devils peak fist light, Atlantic storm on tap. The Leopard bar serves flavoured beer cocktails. For example their “beer knees’ consists of locally crafted beer from the Devils peak brewery paired with lemon juice, beefeater, mint leaves and honey. Serving locally brewed beer on tap has been trending for some time and evidently the Leopard bar adopted it as well. The bar also serves beers such as Heineken, Windhoek, Pilsner and Castle Lite among others. These beers are very popular locally and internationally. This clearly shows that the leopard bar implemented the beer trend to serve their guests.

Wines are also available at the Leopard bar. The bar gives its guest a wide variety of wines to choose from. Locally and imported wines are served. The bar also does wine cocktails for wine lovers. Among popular wines served, Champagne is one of them. They serve wine by the glass and wine by the bottle. Serving wines to guests is a common practice worldwide in the hospitality industry and evidently, the Leopard bar implemented the trend.

The Leopard bar also caters for non-alcoholic drinking guest by serving a number of non-alcoholic beverages. These non-alcoholic beverages include hot beverages, near beers, water and mock tails. The establishment also serves high tea and there is a vegan tea option. Serving non-alcoholic beverages in a bar is becoming popular worldwide. Thus the establishment implemented this trend to carter for non-drinking guests.

After observing and interviewing (Dylan, 2019) concerning these trends adopted by the Leopard bar, during the interview it was pointed out that each and every trend adopted is effective in the bar. (Dylan, 2019) highlighted that the beer trend is cost effective in the sense that beer that is locally produced is much more affordable to the establishment and the popularity of craft beers makes it not a hard work to sell the beer because local guests know the brand and also the international guests will want an experience of South African brewed beer. As mentioned earlier, the beer is served on tap. This means the bar does not have to invest much in storage as beer is served straight from tap to glass. Serving other brands of beers as well is cost effective because the beers are well known to their consumers so some of the guests will just go for the beers they are familiar with.

The spirit trend was also highlighted as cost effective in the sense that some whiskeys generally come with a price tag. For example the Scottish whiskeys are known to be expensive, most guests who drink the fine whiskeys associate themselves with a certain class and they take pleasure in it if what they are looking for is delivered with the right price tag. The cocktails that are an infusion of spirits and other ingredients according to (Dylan, 2019) are very cost effective in the sense that a wide variety of ingredients used to make the cocktails gives the establishment justification to mark up the prices and also serving cocktails makes their clientele bigger rather than serving straight spirits. (Dylan, 2019) termed the cocktails as “colourful spirits”, “garnished spirits” and at one point he went on to mention that some cocktails are “simplified feminine spirits” and this let to that conclusion that the cocktails can also carter for the “feminine” guests who do not prefer straight spirits hence widening client base

(Dylan, 2019) pointed out the wine range provided the guests a wide choice to choose from depending with the guest’s mood and class. He mentioned that class mood and money are almost never separated. Wine is cost effective since it can be served with meals most of the dimes and when people are happy they want to drink expensive i.e. champagne. Serving wine in the bar has been cost effective in the sense that it also gives the guests a wide variety to choose from the bar. South Africa is known for producing “new world wines” serving locally produced wines has been to the bar’s advantage in the sense that they don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices to import the wine. The guests have a choice to enjoy locally or internationally made wine depending with what suits their pocket and taste.

The non-alcoholic beverage trend is also another side the bar is cashing on as mentioned by (Dylan, 2019). The bar hosts and serves high tea on selected days and hours. They serve a wide variety of hot and cold teas. As the term ‘high’ Tea suggests, there is a certain clientele targeted for this service and it is one of the service the bar is famous for hence being cost effective for the Hotel Bar. The bar also serves coffees, soda, water, mocktails and near beers. They incorporated the non-alcoholic beverages so that the bar will not be limited to alcohol drinking guests only and catering for the non-alcoholic drinking guest.

In a nutshell, the international beverage trends adopted by the Leopard bar are cost effective in the sense that they cater for different guests, class, taste and experience the guest is seeking. It’s the diversity and proper beverage selection and pricing that makes the bar thrive. Serving a wide variety is also cost effective in the sense that the bar welcomes all guests with expectations of satisfying all which makes the bar thrive in a town full of competition

2.2 Establishment 2:- Down South Food Bar

Figure 2

Fig.2 shows the interior of Down South Food bar in Rondebosch, Cape Town

Down South is a free standing bar located in Rondebosch, Cape Town. As the name suggests, the “Food Bar” food is also their main focus they serve food with a touch of an A2.2 merican theme. They have a wide menu from breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks at the same time serving alcohol. The researcher will look into the trends that Down South implemented and analyse if they are cost effective for the establishment

Down South as a freestanding bar adopted international beverage trends to serve their guest and these trends are non and alcoholic beverage trends as well. Down South’s beverage menu ranges from milkshakes, smoothies, coffees, tea, mocktails, sodas, water, and alcoholic drinks as well. Down South takes pride in serving hot beverages of high quality. The bar manager (Caleb, 2019), bragged about serving great breakfast and juices and mentioned that non-alcoholic beverages are one of the streams that the bar banks on. (Caleb, 2019) mentioned this non-alcoholic beverage trend as cost effective in the sense that as a food bar they cater for all age groups and non-alcoholic beverages can be sold at any time.

2.3 Beer trend

Down South adopted beer trend to provide their guests with the experience they are looking for. Down South serves draft beer, lagers and lite beer on tap, the establishment also serves bottled beers. This gives the consumers a wide range to choose from within the beer range. Serving beer on tap was highlighted as cost effective that there are no losses concerning deposits, packaging fees and breakage.

(Figure 3 .Shows Beer on tap at Down South)

2.4Spirit trends

A wide variety of spirits and cocktails are very popular at Down South. Common cocktails of the down south are the cosmopolitan, Pina colada, margarita, mojito, the long island tea and some of the house’s special cocktails like cucumber and mint gin and tonic, mango gin and tonic and other specialities. Spirits are also served as shots. Vodka, straight gin, brandy, bourbon and other spirits are common at Down South. Spirits have gained popularity worldwide and cocktails are back in the trend. (Caleb, 2019) highlighted the spirit trend as cost effective in the sense that they carter for their guests that prefer spirits. The shots are priced wisely to make sure the bar operated within the budget that allows them to make profits from them.

2.5 Wine trend

Down South serves wine by glass. Wine by the glass is becoming popular in the hospitality industry. Serving wine caters for that population of guests who prefer this particular service. Serving wine by the glass is cost effective in the sense e that wine served by the glass is priced as the establishment finds fit for them and wine is also served to the dinners who will be celebrating different occasions or just looking for a good time .Serving wine has been cost effective to the bar because it made the bar accommodate different preferences of the guest.

After all this have been noted, it is evidently shows that the international beverage trends adopted by the Down south are cost effective since they can accommodate almost anyone at the establishment.

2. Discuss the rituals and procedures associated with the following:

3.1 Service of coffee

The Leopard bar serves different coffee and these include, expresso, Cappuccino, mocha, latte among others. During the interview (Dylan, 2019) highlighted that when they are making coffee, which he sometimes personally does, The Leopard makes fresh coffee for every guest they do not serve coffee that is left over. They make sure the coffee maker is clean and use the correct pitcher for the coffee, let it all filter through then serve. When he mentioned this procedure, the researcher could relate to (Roland Cichy, 2010) procedure in coffee service that suggests that one should allow water to pass through the ground coffee before serving. The Leopard bar serves coffee with coffee mugs, a milk jug when required and give their guest options for sugar, sweeteners and honey to choose from.

On the other hand, Down South also serves coffee in coffee mugs, (Caleb, 2019) mentioned that there are not much procedures that they do rather than making sure the coffee maker is lean and prepare the coffee fresh, hot and as good as it can be.

3.2 Service of tea.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Individual Research AssignmentStudent name Natasha and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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