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India need been in the middle of a incredible social political and Essay

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India need been in the middle of a incredible social, political and economic change ever since reforms were introduced in various spheres of activity. The country has greater confidence to take on the competition from developed countries and has attracted global investors in ever increasing measure. The Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in India. The sector has made significant contributions in terms of forex earnings and employment and is one of the mainstays of the economy. Indian Textile Industry occupies a very important place in the economic life of India. The Indian textile industry is one of the largest in the world with a massive raw material and textiles manufacturing base. Our economy may be generally subject to those material manufacturing and exchange. expansion with different real commercial enterprises. Something like 27% of the foreign exchange earnings are on account of export of textiles and clothing alone. The textiles and clothing sector contributes about 14% to the industrial production and 3% to the gross domestic product of the country. Around 8% of the aggregate extract income accumulation will be contributed by the Material business. To such an extent so, those material business accounts to concerning illustration extensive as 21% of the downright. Occupation produced in the economy.

The records of textile is almost as old as that of human civilization and as time movements on the records of textile has further enriched itself. In the 6th and 7th century BC, the oldest recorded indication of using fiber comes with the discovery of flax and wool material on the excavation of Swiss lake population. In India the culture of silk was introduced in400AD, at the same time as spinning of cotton stains returned to 3000BC. In China, the invention and consequent improvement of sericulture and spin silk strategies were given initiated at 2640 BC even as in Egypt the artwork of spinning linen and weaving advanced in 3400 BC. The discovery of machines and their giant application in processing natural fibers was a direct final results of the commercial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. The discoveries of diverse artificial fibers like nylon created a much wider market for textile products and step by step brought about the discovery of recent and progressed assets of herbal fiber. The development of transportation and communication facilities facilitated the direction of transaction of localized abilities and textile artwork among diverse international locations.


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• On the payday, the level of absenteeism increment though the non-appearance increment on remunerations or reward instalment.

• The more youthful workers are not on time because of a few social affairs, back to main residence and some close to home projects.

• The elevation is high after the payment towards the absenteeism, at the view of some occasions, family pacification-commitments.

• Non-appearance at the purpose of everything thought happens exceedingly with worker underneath twenty five- years of old- more than 40.

• The non-appearance happens on the day time contrasted with the night day.

• In India, absenteeism is more in April-May and September- October months due to harvesting and sowing reasons. Industrial workers temporarily shift to agricultural work during these month.

Causes of absenteeism:

o Illness and accident

o Lack of job satisfaction

o Poor working environment

o Poor supervision and inadequate leadership

o Low level of staff motivation

o Workload and stress

o Income protection plan

o Boredom on the job

Effects of employee absenteeism:

In a majority of organizations, workers are interconnected and depend on one another to get a job done, making the impacts of absenteeism widespread. The effects of absenteeism are not only felt by the organization as well as by the representatives. Different employees should work harder during the absence of a co-worker; in the event that worker is significant to the work process, the absenteeism can significantly disturb a task. The absent employee may feel detached, particularly on the off chance that the individual in question relies upon work for social cooperation. If customers depend on that employee — or on a rapid response that is missing because of staff short handedness — the customer may be disappointed or frustrated and leave the business as a result of employee absence.

The effects of absenteeism on a business are self-evident. The labourers who appear for work should work harder to guarantee the venture is done in a similar measure of time. On the off chance that the missing representative is critical to the work process, regardless of whether in view of a specific ability or data, at the point work will be disturbed and the venture might be difficult to finish.

This costs the business cash and causes a lot of worry for the organizational all in all, particularly if absenteeism is a continuous issue.

For the customer, the results of absenteeism may also bring about clients leaving the enterprise and locating a brand new one to frequent. This may be due to the fact the absent employee changed into that purchaser’s touch and, without him or her present, the client may additionally sense uncomfortable or now not get the essential stage of carrier. If a client expects a short reaction but is asked to attend an unusually long time due to the fact different personnel are overlaying their very own customers and those of the absent worker, that customer additionally may also pass over of frustration with the behind schedule reaction.

Costs of absenteeism:

• Lost productivity of the absent employee

• Overtime for other employees to fill in

• Any temporary help costs incurred

• Decreased overall productivity of those employees

• Possible loss of business or dissatisfied customers

• Problems with employee morale

Methods of reducing absenteeism:

Every organization faces an issue of employee absenteeism which radically influences the probability of the organization. At the point when an employee takes leaves his activity must be relegated to another employee or maybe the project has to be frozen. Employee absences carry a heavy cost for managers.

Many employers do not measure the large cost associate with employee absenteeism. Every HR manager, entrepreneurs and administrators need to understand how to manage absenteeism.

? Several methods have been used to combat absenteeism, with varying degrees of success.

? First step in reducing absenteeism make accurate records of employee attendance and calculate absenteeism rate at regular intervals to identify each employees pattern of attendance.

? After analysis the record make counselled by employee have excessive absenteeism and discover causes of absenteeism and eliminate those causes.

? Any absenteeism rate of 4% is excessive and should signal the need for counselling.

? The manager should establish a formal and procedure to excuse of absent from work this procedure must be document.

? Another method for reducing employees illness absence through provide free health care program.

? Incisor safety work environment.

? Increase motivation on the staff.

? Increase self-esteem.

? Resolve the staff conflicts.

? Increase norm of cooperation between the staff.

? Safety and accidental prevention programs.

? Reward good attendance

? Punishment for excessive, inappropriate absence.

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